Huddah Monroe’s rumoured troubles in Dubai remind me of famous drug mule socialite who landed in Ghanaian jail

Image: Star Gal Huddah Monroe

Before getting into Huddah Monroe and her problems courtesy of the Yahoo Boys she got herself involved with, allow me to recap because to be honest, I had no idea who this socialite was until a mentor of mine enlightened me.

Alaa Alaaaar! KoT refuse to keep calm after learning why Huddah is stuck in Dubai

So apparently back in the day (I think I was in primary school back then) Ghafla was big on “promoting stardom and fighting boredom”.

Huddah Monroe on a yatch

And while they were busy supporting the launch of Huddah Monroe and Vera Shikwekwe Sidika’s rise to becoming trollops, another socialite came onto the scene and her name was Pesh.

After socialite Pesh, Yet another Kenyan model is arrested trying to smuggle cocaine into Nigeria

She was built in Shikwekwe’s mould of being a well-endowed woman with a huge derriere. And she had a meteoric rise to fame.

Socialite Huddah Monroe

Then she started hanging out with shady Nigerian businessmen -doesn’t that sound similar to Huddah Monroe’s journey? She was the life of the party and always had the bottle service.

Friend narrates how curvaceous Kenyan socialite Pesh ended up serving 10 years in a Ghanaian prison

And she ended up paying the price. She wound up getting pulled into the drug trade and she is currently a guest of the state in ghana. Yup, Pesh is currently incarcerated in Ghana after she was caught at the airport trying to traffic drugs.

Huddah Monroe´s man funded her b*ob job

Huddah Monroe should have paid attention to this nonsense. She took very long to get caught up in Hush Pappi and his associates’ nonsense. But the bell has finally tolled for her and she is rumoured to be under house arrest in Dubai.

Huddah Monroe gives dating advice for low value women

Only time will tell if the price she will be asked to pay for trolloping with Yahoo Boys will be as steep as her compatriots but I know I am going to be here to form an opinion on Huddah Monroe’s situation as it unfolds.

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