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Huddah is right about dating rich men

September 16, 2022 at 13:22
Huddah is right about dating rich men

Huddah Monroe is like that broken clock: it is useless save for twice a day. And with that said, I must admit that on this one she is right on the money.

Huddah Monroe gives dating advice for low value women

You see, the international trollop recently decided to tell all the women who dream about dating and marrying a rich, high networth man who will be their prince charming the following:

”Rich men have no time to love you. Lol! It’s all about choices. What rocks your boat? Need for money or need for love?”

Before we go further into why I agree with Huddah, I would be remiss to not point out that there is a difference between a high networth man (rich/ wealthy man) and a high value man and if you need an indication of the same, look to your rich kid friend who has to buy affection.

Huddah Monroe doesn’t want to be held accountable for her thottery

Now let us proceed. Madam Monroe is known to have slept with men for money. She herself made those admissions saying she was done. Whether or not she is done is a matter for her and her gynecologist.

Her past lifestyle and career has put her in the vicinity of both high networth and high value men. Some of them simply used and discarded her, others probably fell inlove with her. The wealthy men who are simps that is. But at the end of the day, unless they inherited their wealth, they have to keep managing and growing it which means they are busy.

Huddah Monroe reveals millions she has been minting from her X-rated Onlyfans online account

The same can be said about the high value men Huddah Monroe was with. They focus on their mission. Either way, they do not have alot of time to waste on sex and women. You either fit into their life or they are on to the next one.

Star Gal Huddah Monroe

That is something alot of socialites and “influencers” aren’t accustomed to dealing with actually high networth nor high value men. That is why madam Boss and Boss Babes come back after being used and they are discarded until the next man with a fetish for them and their bodies hits them up.

Monkey business: Huddah Monroe playing herself by attacking Joe Muchiri

And what if you’re not a bimbo? What if you’re a normal, balanced girl who wants a high value man? Well, make peace with the fact that you’re going to only ever going to share him with his mission and his businesses or career.
Huddah Monroe is not wrong. The type of men who are powerful have to maintain their power. Success after all is owned by no one and rent (the hard-work you put in to grow it) is due every morning.

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