Is Akothee Depressed?

Akothee has been undergoing a sporadic period of ups and downs all by herself. To begin with, the entrepreneur has been at loggerheads with her relatives. Her most closest rival is her sister.

They are both planning weddings and none will attend the other’s nuptial. The other reason for Akothee not being in a good relationship with her family is financial matters.

”Since I stopped dishing out money and attending to family problems apart from my parents and grandparents, I am hardly loved.

My family has no idea of my wealth nor my whereabouts, even if I die today, they have no idea of whom is handling my will or bill’s, they are guests in my life,” Akothee wrote in part.

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Akothee Depressed

Akothee with lover

But this is not the reason for her conspicuous silence. Akothee unveiled her mzungu boyfriend and declared her undying love for him. But recently, the singer hasn’t been posting him on her social media.

Instead, Akothee has been making posts insinuating that she’s at her worst.

From what she has been posting, we can deduce that Akothee is definitely undergoing some hardship; most likely being dumped by her mzungu boyfriend. But this is not the first time Akothee is getting dumped by a white guy. It’s high time she gets used to it. But this is why we can conclude she’s definitely undergoing depression,

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