It’s too soon for Rekless to leave Ethic Entertainment

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Rekless is said to be mulling over the thought of leaving his group, Ethic Entertainment but according to some quarters, the decision has already been made. And while it is simply geometric progression for him aswell as other Ethic members to want to explore other avenues of their careers, they could always try their hand at solo projects but still remain a group.

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But even that isn’t a biggie, Rekless could actually eat his cake and still have it. However, from the looks of things, he might be considering doing things on a level of permanency. So what advice would I be looking to give him? Well, it all boils down to the fact that Ethic Entertainment are still a big deal and they can actually go on from dominating the local Gengeton scene and finally ascend to superstardom across East Africa.

Rekless and his new woman(?)

Whatever is cool in Kenya soon becomes cool in Uganda, Tanzania and the greater East African region so Ethic who are not yet at the peak of their ascendancy work better as a unit. And Rekless is their Quavo. Actually, that was a brilliant example I just thought of. Look at the Migos. They decided to go their own way in everything but name and Quavo decided to focus heavily on his personal career.

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Quavo who is a stand-in for Rekless, did well as a solo artist. Offset was propped up by his social genius and the abortive relationship with Cardi B. Takeoff had an album that doesn’t feature in any hip-hop conversations. And what happened to Migos? The star is rapidly diminishing.

Ethic Entertainment
Gengetone boy band, Ethic

That is the fate that could befall Ethic Entertainment. My argument is predicated on the line, the infinitely wise words from Kanye “Bonkers” West when he said,

Ethic Entertainment is nothing without Rekless

“Don’t leave when you’re hot/ It’s how Mase screwed up”

Rekless needs to contain his ambition fo the greater good. He should learn from Camp Mulla. he needs to understand that while he is a phenomenal artist, he is part of a phenomenal collective. And everyone in Ethic Entertainment is actually brilliant. Sure, society tends to pick on them by focusing on their lyrics and blowing things out of proportion but they have the winning formula.


Ethic is still destined for greatness if they keep churning out bangers. They are destined for awards if they keep churning out the unique take on Kenyan music. Music that completely shifted the culture here in Kenya. The literally shifted the culture and not many artists can claim to have done so there is clearly more in store for them.

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