Jalang’o should now chase independent media pursuits

Jalang’o has a brand that is one of the biggest within Kenya’s entertainment and media landscapes. He is a comedian, events MC, radio personality and these different hats he wears are a great indicator of the number of jobs Jalang’o could potentially work.

Jalang’o quits Milele FM

He was recently laid off by Mediamax who let go of all their members of staff working in their K24 newsroom and a large number of people working in their other media companies such as Milele FM.


It was reported that the staff who were affected by the termination of their employment were informed via SMS and they were asked to go meet up with the Mediamax HR. Jalang’o was one of those affected and he revealed that he and the company did not reach a compromise so he opted to walk away.

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But you shouldn’t shed a tear for Jalang’o is you are a fan of his nor should you rejoice at his downfall if you are a hater of his. Why? For starters, it has already been revealed that he received 6 job offers already.


Add to that the fact that Jalang’o just needs to pursue his vision for now and build for himself a huge digital print. You see, Jalang’o has already put down the foundation stones for exactly that.

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He has a YouTube account that is growing at a phenomenal rate. If he can build that even further when he is ready to get back on the radio or even on TV, he can use that to negotiate for himself an obese deal. Or maybe he could just remain independent and become something like DJ Akademiks abroad.


Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain, Jalang’o will be fine regardless of what he decides to do.


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