Kennedy Rapudo has made single mothers and trollops delusional

Image: Socialite Amber Ray with Kennedy

Kennedy Rapudo who has not only decided to marry Amber Ray but has also put a bun in the oven and as I pointed out yesterday all the true love’s weather current former such as the likes of Kamene Goro are over the moon.

Kennedy Rapudo Did What Jimal Could Not

For some reason this beta male decided to make an honest wife out of an infamous trollop and Kenyan women have taken this as a sign from their creator that they too have a prince charming waiting in tin foil to slay the dragon and then sweep them off their feet.

I do not begrudge Kennedy Rapudo for his decision because at the end of the day he is going to be a case study for the rest of Kenyan men who are watching keenly to see whether you can make a heaux housewife but it must be said that the effects of his decision are going to be dire.

Amber Ray should have waited before starting a family with Kennedy Rapudo

It started off with Kamene celebrating and moved on to the likes of Carol Sonnie taking to her Instagram stories and talking about how lucky her husband will be before shaking her rump for the camera.

Indeed this is a small view of just how messed up what they have done truly is. I can guarantee you now that seated in some office is a single who now believes that amber’s outlier scenario is her destiny. And so she’s about to make some Kenyan simp jump through the hoops.

Kennedy Rapudo is about to become an example for all Kenyan men

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is never truly appreciated: In this case, we have a celebrity single mother who despite her advanced age is still conventionally attractive and clearly fertile agro can give her new man scions.

That isn’t the case for your unhappy, bitter feminist sister who despite being 40 still thinks she’s going to land a wealthy man and so she keeps hitting the club every weekend instead of focusing on a poor neglected child.

Why Kamene Goro is excited about Amber Ray’s happily ever after

Kennedy Rapudo is going to be the subject of so many prayer requests as more and more women rush to the pulpit to ask their pastor to pray that they may find a man as stupid as him who would cherish them despite them being used goods.

Amber Ray

Ultimately this is going to be a fart in the wind as this too shall pass but the delusions he has created a going to be a monster for most men to have to deal with and at the end of the day if my prediction is right and their relationship winds up being a short-lived affair he’s going to be an example of what masculine men are not.

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