Kenyan men do not deserve a wife like Size 8

Image: DJ Mo and Size 8

Dj Mo, Size 8’s husband, is going to play the role of the average Kenyan husband today. And what the stand-in we have because he has the low IQ that is the average of Kenyan blue pill fools who rush to marry their crush without giving any thought to how marriages actually play out.

“God reconciled our relationship” Size 8 steps in to save cheating husband’s image

Size 8 at this point would be playing the role pf portraying the old school wholesome wife who despite everything does her number one duty; protecting and preserving her idiot husband’s public image. You see, in today’s world, many a woman who has suffered the level of humiliation that Dj Mo has put Size 8 through wouldn’t even think of staying. Perish the thought. They would rather move on and start life afresh as single mothers who then routinely intimidate weak simps and white-knighting idiots every Fathers’ Day with nonsense about how they are long-suffering as a result of evil men (forgetting their role in creating the situation.

Size 8
Gospel singer, Size 8

And on that note, I should be clear that this is not one of those articles seeking to absolve the feminine imperative of any responsibility. No, Size 8 and DJ Mo both contributed to the nonsense cake they now have to eat. However, Size 8 is doing her best to cover her idiot man’s shame.

Unless Size 8 and DJ Mo address these two issues, infidelity will become a part of their marriage

And perhaps that is simply what one signs on for when you decide to date and/ or marry an idiot man but Çest la vie. And so the question must be asked, does DJ Mo really deserve his wife? Do Kenyan men really deserve such long-suffering women? well, yes. But only if they are as high value as DJ Mo. That is the only reason why Size 8 has decided to continue living with a man dumb enough to share actual dick-pics on platforms that can easily be screenshot. A man idiotic enough to trust that a clandestine lover, a Paramore has his best interests at heart. Dj Mo is the clown who even decided to discuss his wife’s badminton skills for us all to know -and apparently, she is as exciting as dunking his nads in yoghurt.

Size 8 and Dj Mo
DJ Mo and Size 8’s shaky marriage

Anyway, women like Size 8 truly are a gem. DJ Mo could stand to lose his lucrative endorsements if she decided to leave him and air him out like Maureen Waititu did to her former beau and partner, Frankie Just Gym It. If anything, a contrast of the two females and their approaches to their marriages are the stuff of a great article that I will look into later. But all in all, a man who lacks the common sense to protect his woman from the level of scrutiny that his infidelity will open her to, a man who lacks the mental acumen to realize he shouldn’t humiliate his wife in his pursuit of carnal excitement definitely doesn’t deserve such understanding women but that is precisely who they will get because in this life, certain truth are inalienable such as dumb chodes and faithful women.

We were right, DJ Mo and Size 8 shouldn’t have gone the reality TV route


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