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Kenyan socialites lure girls into prostitution and other dumb stories

June 20, 2020 at 11:11
Vera Shikwekwe Sidika

I was minding my own business when I came across a title declaring that Kenyan socialites lure girls into prostitution. In my mind, I read it by its other title; “Water is wet”.

Kenyan socialites brutally exposed for luring young girls into prostitution (Details)

Kenyan socialites, it was alleged, have been recruiting young, impressionable Kenyan ladies into the oldest profession in the world. A microblogger by the name Aoko Atieno put up a Facebook post that claimed as much. Problem is, we already knew this.

Vare Sidika Yommy Jones

You see, Kenyan socialites is the collective term used to describe Kenyan high-class hookers. That is why we have seen them get exposed whenever they take international trips to Dubai or Nigeria. They either end up becoming drug mules or they videotape themselves running on the streets of Dubai because they are being chased by a client turned boyfriend who is irate about them receiving late-night calls.

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You see, what is the natural progression for a Kenyan socialite? Age. They are now no longer attractive enough to attract high paying clients. Add to this the fact that they have already circulated around the circuit. So what is left to these women, these Kenyan socialites, who have only known the sale of their bodies?

Kenyan socialite Huddah

Boss chick Huddah

That is really an easy one to answer. They already have the contacts of these high paying Johns. And young lasses in a shithole like Kenya are a dime a dozen. To the extent that they would willingly get involved in the sale of their own flesh given the full details of the transaction. And so they do.

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All these upcoming “divas” and “boss babes” who are willing to sell everything short of their p-sleeve on Club Covid. So given this simple truth, you can imagine just how many women would be happy to get that phone call from one of these so-called “more established and famous” Kenyan socialites.

Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka

And so now you have the making of a great business and you’re busy preaching a holier than thou take on life? Here is a lass with no connections but who is looking to keep things on the low as she travels to-and-fro Dubai or Nigeria’s Victoria Island. And she meets a lady who is well put together, and promising to give her access to wealthy Johns.

I am pretty sure if you throw a rock in any of the four cardinal directions you will hit a lady who would take such an offer. So as I said at the beginning, water is wet.

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