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King Alami Reacts After Break-Up With Notiflow (Screenshot)

April 26, 2022 at 09:37
King Alami Reacts After Break-Up With Notiflow (Screenshot)

The break-up between Notiflow & her girlfriend King Alami has roped in talks after the rapper denounced Alami’s cheating behaviour. Alami was alleged to be an escort and slept around with numerous people; a behaviour which Notiflow isn’t ready to tolerate.

But considering this is not their first break-up, the two might reconcile and get back together. But it’ll definitely take time for healing if the allegations made against Alami are true. They’ve shared endless gushes, deluxe gifts and sweet messages after commencing their relationship.

Notiflow recently bought a brand new car for Alami on her birthday, to celebrate her for the undying love she never experienced with men she dated.

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The big question was whether she took back her car after the break-up. On her Insta stories, she claimed she never re-possessed it.

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Alami’s Reaction

Well, Alami is good in making apologies and knows how to treat her girl. The last time they broke up, she manipulated Notiflow by writing some sweet apology message and they re-kindled their love. This time, I bet she’ll do the same. She has shown interest in getting back with Notiflow through her Instagram stories; where she admitted having a picture of Notiflow in her room.

It’s only a matter of time before they reconcile and get back together.


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