No one respects Bahati as a man and it’s Diana Marua’s fault

Bahati is an orphan and I cannot blame him for not having learnt the importance of vetting his life partner/ wife from the men around him. As a result of the trauma of being born and not experiencing love from a family, a lot of orphans grow up to tolerate bullshit in their relationships with their spouses because they do not want to break up their own families.

Bahati and Diana Marua share new details about their upcoming royal wedding

Bahati, however, made something of himself and love him or hate him, you have to admit that the far he has lifted himself from poverty is commendable. And once he had made himself a star thanks to his gospel music and the fact that he knew to align himself with the gatekeepers, he began to attract female attention.
Of all the women who caught his eye, for some reason he decided to marry Diana Marua.

Diana Marua and Bahati

You see, men usually value youth when it comes to choosing a mate. It is an evolved instinct that leads us to make this decision because the younger a woman is, the higher the chances of her conceiving and the higher the probability she and the child will survive childbirth. Make no mistake about it, modern medicine is a miracle! The most dangerous endeavour women undertake is in birthing forth the next generation and modern medicine has made it a much less risky undertaking.
Bahati bucked his survival instinct by marrying a much older woman but he can be excused for doing so thanks to modern medicine.

“Huyu hawezi toshea kwa bedsitter!” Bahati warns young men lusting after his wife

Diana Marua though, was the beneficiary of the fact that Bahati didn’t know to vet his partner. That is why Diana Marua, who has a storied relationship history, managed to land Bahati and convince him she is his best bet at starting a family.

Bahati and Diana Marua pose
Celebrity couple, Diana Marua and Bahati

Think about it. Every time Diana Marua opens her mouth to discuss relationships, the internet provides receipts exposing her as a virtue-signalling hypocrite. Case in point would be the very recent social media gaffe when she opened up about Jalang’o’s business. Incase you have been living in a swamp somewhere in Samburu and only resurfaced today morning, I am referring to the fact that Jalas was exposed by popular micro-blogger, Edgar Obare and he was revealed to be a fisi. One would think common sense would compel Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife to maintain sharap about the topic given her past but nah, she had to turn on her “Twitter fingers”.

I have always wanted to be someone’s wife- Diana Marua screams after hitting 30 years

This virtue signalling tweet from Bahati’s wife earned the ire of many Kenyans on Twitter who came fast and heavy with photos of her hanging out with the same men in Jalang’o’s “FBoy’s Club” that were exposed as having been paying for sex…

And if you think Diana Marua’s past is the only way she humiliates Bahati, you are sorely mistaken! She recently revealed that Bahati recycles his panties. Apparently he will wear his underpants twice or three times before cleaning them…
And this last revelation from Diana Marua brings us full circle to the moral of the story.

Mother of 2, Diana Marua

Bahati is a popular gospel artist. His position has led to him being loved and reviled in equal measure. But no one respects Bahati as a man and this is all down to his partner, his mate, his wife Diana Marua.
Whenever their marriage is discussed, it is as a joke. Whenever Bahati attempts to protect it from blunt, truth slinging assholes like me, he gets mocked.

And you know, sure when they are on their reality show they portray a united front but Diana Marua’s history of multiple high-value men hints at a damaged and greatly reduced ability to pair bond successfully and I would go as far as to set a timer on how long their relationship will last.

Also, Diana Marua in her past showed a penchant for dating high-status men. Yaani, celebrities are her cup of tea. That puts added pressure on Bahati to remain relevant so he doesn’t lose his status. This in part explains all the publicity stunts he engages in.

Why is Bahati so desperate for attention?

Add to this Diana Marua’s penchant for discussing their marital issues publicly. There is a West African proverb, No man is a hero to how own wife. But what about when the man’s wife attempts to constantly undress him in public? That is not the same ball game and it is a huge contributor to how people perceive Bahati. This particular point boils down to leadership. And in that regard, Diana marua has refused to recognize Bahati as the leader of their household and honour him as such.

Bahati and Diana Marua on the cover of Parents
Celebirty couple, Diana Marua and Bahati grace the cover of 2019´s main issue of the Parents magazine

But it’s not all doom and gloom, you see, Bahati should really just get in touch with his mentor DJ Mo and ask him to train him on how to lead, how to protect and how to select a mate. Size 8 can train Diana marua on how to STFU on social media but more importantly, how to uphold the honour of her man. Diana marua cannot change what happened in the past but she can very well mitigate how often it gets thrown in Bahati’s face.
Let this sink in, the only reason the fact that she is multiple men’s bed notches is being brought up is that she doesn’t know how to let sleeping dogs lie. Translate this to her home and hearth and you will see why Bahati needs to get Size 8 to mentor her real soon or else it’s curtains for their marriage.

And Bahati should make no mistake about this being a grave concern. As it is said, Caesar’s wife must be above reproach.


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