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Otile Brown has invested in an image consultant and we love it

February 10, 2021 at 12:57
Otile Brown has invested in an image consultant and we love it

Otile Brown is clearly one of if not the best dressed Kenyan celebrity. He has invested in his brand after realizing that his career depends on more than him just being talented as he would need more for him to stand out from the crowded field of artists and crooners.

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This introduction to the subject matter then leads to a follow-up question; what is a celeb? Well, when we are talking about music artists, it starts with the talent and craft of making music. Otile Brown has this covered as he is a very talented crooner.

Otile Brown

Otile Brown style

From there, the image becomes an important differentiated. Otile Brown started by hitting the gym and though his body won’t win him any IFBB Pro competitions, he is better off than 80% of the general male population and about 90% of the male entertainers.

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From here, he began to invest in his wardrobe. And to help him achieve both these goals, he turned to professionals. Otile turned to a professional personal trainer to help him achieve the body type he wanted and he turned to a professional image consultant to help him.

Otile Brown

Even when Otile Brown goes casual, he keeps it dapper

And it is working wonders for him. Otile Brown can easily be said to be Kenya’s biggest male star (not in a group) and something of a sex symbol. He can compare his popularity to that of Diamond Platnumz from across the border.

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And he did something smart, seeing that most Kenyan artists prefer urban styling, he has tried to push himself into a more gentleman style and he has made that his niche which helps Otile Brown stamp himself further as your girlfriend’s favourite artist.

Otile Brown

Just In Love CEO, Otile Brown when he tried a new hairstyle

And it is clearly bearing results. Otile Brown has managed to grow his social media following immensely as those photos and videos feed the delusions and fantasies of Kenyan women and this has resulted in his songs being well received.

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What is an interesting proof of this is the fact that on any given day, when you’re out at a club, you will realize that whenever his songs start playing, it is women who go crazy for this sort of music and they usually know the song so well, they sing along word for word. Indeed, 2020 really shafted his career because Otile Brown would have been much bigger.

Otile Brown

Otile Brown keeping it simple in black

Otile Brown even tried to launch a sartorial business to get men to dress like him but his prices were ludicrously out of the reach for most Kenyan men but I would actually tell Kenyan men to emulate him and actually pay attention to their style because I cannot think of any situation in which dressing better will not be rewarding except ofcourse, when you meet robbers.

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