Paula Kajala opts for marriage after dropping out of school

Word and photos making round on social media have confirmed that Paula Kajala is now a married woman to a certain tycoon in Bongo…..and surprisingly – the Islamic wedding was kept low key until it was finalized before photos were released online.

Paula Kajala weds lover

From what many blogs are reporting is that Paula Kajala’s new husband remains a mystery but many suspect he is a well known tycoon who can give the young lady and her mother a good life hence the hurried wedding.

Well, as you may have heard before – Paula and her mother Kajala are known ‘gold diggers’ (not my words) who allegedly hunt for wealthy men….which explains the fo and fro trips to Dubai…her relationship with Rayvanny then Juma Jux, Fred Vunjabei and now….another tycoon.

Paula Kajala off the market

Low key wedding

With the photos shared online – there are those who assumed they’re from a film or even a photoshoot….but after Kajala was seen in one alongside ths bride – that is Paula Kajala – this became obvious that the wedding is real.

Kajala over the moon as daughter weds tycoon

Media personality Mwikaju also confirmed the story about Paula Kajala’s marriage is true but instead of congratulating the young lady and her husband – Mwijaku instead threw shade.

Sharing his thoughts on the said marriage – Mwijaku through his page wrote:

Mikosi mingine mnajitakiaga wenyewe mtoto hata Shuler hajamaliza una mhusisha na zinaa ya ukubwani. AKIOLEWA na KUDUMU kwenye NDOA uniite NGURUWE PORI nimekaa paleness CMG natangaza kipindi.

Okay….i know it sounds mean and personal especially coming from a man….but truth is, Mwijaku has a point.

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