Pierra Makena April Fools engagement gag reveals where her heart lies

Pierra Makena has decided to try and make fools of us by announcing her engagement on the day of fools. Thing is though, it was pretty easy to see right through the ruse because she has not spoken about having a special someone.

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So to spring this out of the blue was an obvious gag. But what is not so obvious to many is the fact that it shows exactly where her head is at when it comes to her life and her view on relationships.

Pierra Makena
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Pierra Makena wants a guy. She wants someone she can grow old with and also wants someone who would be there for her through life’s ups and downs. The funny thing about all this, however, is that if you simply read her words, you would think single motherhood is all she applies herself to and is the only calling of her life.

Pierra Makena is being disingenuous about single motherhood

But nature is not a respecter of political correctness. And as human beings, the vast majority of us (especially women) were designed to pair-bond and hopefully do so for life. This is actually begun with civilisation. But we won’t get too far deep into social science.

Pierra Makena
Pierra Makena joked about being engaged on April Fool’s day

You see, whether or not her conscious mind has had the opportunity to process what her subconscious is pushing but Pierra Makena knows that at her advanced stage, she is probably not what a lot of men in their prime want. Add to that the fact that she has a child from another man and you begin to see that the hurdle of finding love is stacked so high against her -that is ofcourse, unless she accepts to be a second wife.

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And yet, she sits and dreams big for her future and whenever she does, I guarantee you the biggest nightmare for her is what happens when her daughter is grown and has left the nest. That terrifies her and we could stand here and debate this but the fact that falling marriage rates are coinciding with falling happiness index for women and an increase in antidepressant drugs being prescribed for women and you can simply go argue with your toilet bowl.

Pierra Makena


Be sure to check out those sources before spewing ignorant feminist views. But back to the matter at hand:

Pierra Makena is also aware that her audience which is also considerably made up of other single mothers other than thirsty men, would be happy to find out she is engaged as it would give them hope for their own lives. So their hope is the best thing to spoof on. Also, why wouldn’t she go for this? She gets to find out how many of her friends are really going to be happy for her if she fulfills this one thing she clearly cares a lot for versus those who would not be too happy…

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Whatever the case may be, she has now told the world she is desperate to find a husband.

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