Pritty Vishy is delusional thinking she made herself a star

Pritty Vishy is pretty delusional about a variety of things but the one we are going to focus on today is the fact that she is a star by her own right. This is a fact she stated on her social media in response to a fan who asked her to stop dissing Stevo Simple Boy.

She is a simple case of modern Nairobi girls; people chock-full of delusions of grandeur who overestimate their worth. According to her, she is a star based on her own power but the truth is, she is the flavour of the month and will fade away because she has no talents to boast about nor monetize.

Pritty Vishy was a none entity before we knew about her as Stevo’s girlfriend. If it weren’t for our obsession with Stevo Simple Boy and his interesting… Uhm… Music, then we would never have bothered with her.

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And yet, how does she show her gratitude to him for elevating her from ignominy? She constantly dunks on him. Yup, she shows her gratitude by constantly taking a dump on the man and his relationship and then acts like we are meant to ignore the slights she sent his way because she is a victim of constant cyberbullying.

Stevo na waresh

It’s almost like this fact excuses all her crappy behaviour towards the man who made her. And the fans are hip to the fact! And they will not allow Pritty Vishy to forget the man who made her nor the fact that we all know.

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But that is the nature of the entertainment business. People are made simply due to their proximity to stars and when that happens, other parasites come to feed off their instant fame and success. That is why we are even discussing the relationship between her and Madini Classic.

Tis but the cycle of life for Kenyan celebrities. But I do hope that Pritty Vishy is making hay while the sun is out on her skin because she shan’t be sunkissed for too long.

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