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Samidoh’s failure: Karen Nyamu is what you get when your husband is weak

March 03, 2021 at 09:00
Samidoh's failure: Karen Nyamu is what you get when your husband is weak

Karen Nyamu has been the talk of the town ever since she revealed that she and Samidoh were expecting a child together. After that, it became clear to all that they were actually more than just co-parents, she was now in effect his second wife.

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Public sympathy was poured out to his first wife whom many felt was unfairly being subjected to the humiliation of her husband’s affair coming to light and his attempt to clear his name by settling down with his affair partner.

Karen Nyamu

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One is clear though, we have no idea how Samidoh, Karen Nyamu and his wife, Edday Nderitu are actually doing and whether or not they are one big happy family but at the end of the day, things seem pretty much to be pointing towards that reality.

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Anyway, while I am entirely in support of polygamy and polygyny in particular, I do not think Samidoh has any business being a polygamist. What I have gleaned of his personal life is something that has cast an immense shadow of doubt as to whether he can actually lead his household.


Samidoh and Karen Nyamu’s infant son

Why, pray tell, am I saying this? Well because he seems to be incapable of telling his wives to keep their drama off social media. Karen Nyamu seems to enjoy playing the villain in alot of the interactions she has with not only her co-wife; her senior wife, but also Samidoh’s fans who for some erroneous reason believe she is the reason he originally strayed from his marriage.

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You see, if Samidoh was a strong leader, Karen Nyamu wouldn’t be bullying his first wife. If he were an impartial administrator, his wife Edday wouldn’t be playing the gallery for sympathy and over-sharing bedroom matters.

Samidoh, Karen Nyamu

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

Samidoh seems not to have any guidance from some mentors or older male relatives regarding how to conduct a polygamous household. That is why he doesn’t reprimand Karen Nyamu when she begins harassing her co-wife. If indeed he does, then it explains why she simply ignores him.

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If he had an example of a successful polygamous marriage to learn from, perhaps when Edday got into an accident, we wouldn’t have seen her co-wife mock her. Then again, when youre a weak spined husband and patriarch, you invite indiscipline and outright disrespect from your partners.

And Samidoh needs to be reminded why this is toxic. He is currently a young man who can reign in the shenanigans of his children but as he grows older, he will lose that ability as the children become bigger and stronger. The animus their mothers have for each other will play out because the internet never forgets and they will have a firsthand account of everything their mothers were subjected to or subjected each other to.

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