Shakib not letting anyone get in his way with Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan recently left many concluding her relationship with Shakib might be facing issues – that is judging from a post she shared on snapchat talking about how once betrayed or lied to – trust becomes an issue.

I mean with that kind of post what else would have fans or blogs and entertainment platform thought? Of course they would all think Zari Hassan is telling us something without being direct, right?

However turns out that we over calculated the post now that Shakib has come out to defend himself and his relationship with Zari Hassan. As seen on his social medias, Shakib shared what looks like a family portrait of him with Tiffah, Nillan and Zari’s second born son….and to caption – he used Drake’s forever hit song as the background music reminding us everything he has….he worked hard for it and unlike many think….nothing was ever handed to him on a silver platter.

Shakib planning future with Zari Hassan

Well, having him share photos in the company of the kids means his relationship with Zari is serious…i mean, women dont go introducing their kids to every Tom, Dick and Harry meaning Shakib has earned his seat in her home and heart.

I also remember right before Christmas, Shakib had introduced Zari to his parents as the woman he desires to marry….not forgetting that he approached her dad for her hand in marriage – which also means the two have been serious about settling down.

So why the post on trust issues? Well i am thinking Zari Hassan has been missing in action for a while now and inorder to get the attention she wants…..what better way than create a buzz around her relationship since many have been saying it wont last long.

And look….everyone is talking about Ms Hassan and her bae. If you ask me, they did well.

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