Shakilla needs to drop that attitude & learn a thing or two from the likes of Kibanja

Shakilla recently revealed she will be venturing into adult films because that is where the money is. To prove she was serious about her plans, the 21 year old accompanied her post with a very controversial photo leaving us pretty much convinced.

However if you ask me, porn should have been her last option because socialites out here prefer packaging themselves as classy women with low key profiles – a move that has helped a few bag wealthy boyfriend’s supporting their lavish lifestyles….which is why i feel Shakilla should have tried before engaging with multipartners on camera just to make some cash.

I mean look at her agemates i.e Kibanja who completely changed her old ways and is now a manifesting queen speaking her dreams into reality. If i am not wrong, the young lass was recently linked to a certain politician said to be financing her lifestye….and whether true or not….at least she has her life together and on the low.

Keeping up with American reality shows

With all that beauty and curves – it’s definitely a waste to see Shakilla cannot differentiate reality from western reality shows which she clearly gets her inspirations from.

I say this because as much as the porn industry pays well- it remains illegal in kenya – unless she wants to do this abroad….keeping in mind that Nigeria is still in Africa….so where its either Europe or Yues.


But incase that doesnt work out for her, lets hope she borrows a leaf from the likes of Kibanja, Kabinga, Juddy Jay, Huddah who use both their beauties and brains to bag wealthy boyfriends….cause honestly i can promise her porn wont work out. Atafute mubaba na akili not nudes. Ask Georgina Njenga.

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