Size 8: DJ Mo’s side chic proves women are their own worst enemy

Image: Gospel celebrity couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo

I was just minding my own business, not thinking about DJ Mo and Size 8 when I came to a rather enlightened realization: women are their own worst enemies. You see, DJ Mo is said to have cheated on Size 8. There are plenty of reasons why a man would cheat on his wife. Chief of which could be the fact that Size 8 no longer takes care of herself. You see, she gave DJ Mo the opportunity to have progeny and that changes a woman’s body. Especially since she gave the man 2 children to continue his lineage and they reportedly lost one.

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The problem with most Kenyan women is that they get children and stop trying to look arousing to their partners. Unlike Corazon Kwambokwho has been putting in the work to remain sexy for her man Frankie, perhaps that is why DJ Mo decided to cheat with an unattractive woman who has a banging body. Whatever the case may be, he cheated and now they have to deal with the ramifications as a couple and as a family after the affair partner decided to leak all the details to Edgar Obare.

DJ Mo and Size 8
Feuding couple, DJ Mo and Size 8

Or perhaps it is simply the boredom that usually sets in after a man has had enough of his woman. He has eaten her fruit of the loom in every bedroom in the house, every nook and cranny in the places they have visited and every position conceivable to man. So what happens with a couple that is at this point? Society doesn’t really discuss such matters. Society doesn’t really address such matters pragmatically with most pastors, imams, counsellors and in-laws instead giving bullshit solutions that serve to do nothing other than encouraging wayward parties to cheat and keep things hidden.

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However, there is one truth that though it remains unstated, it remains uncontestable: DJ Mo did not leak the information. Let that sink in, DJ Mo cheated but he tried to keep things hidden. Sure, he acted like a complete ninny but he tried as well as can be expected from some low IQ  nitwit, but he tried.

DJ Mo's wife and his side chic

The real enemy here is his affair partner. It was she, a fellow woman who decided to humiliate Size 8 by proxy as she attempted to make a name for herself through Edgar Obare and the fact that DJ Mo found her sexually arousing.

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A woman decided that rather than reach out to Size 8 quietly and try to enlighten her about her husband’s activities, she chose to shock Kenyans with information that would completely destroy a lesser woman but Size 8 has mettle not common to most.

Dj Mo and Size 8
DJ Mo and Size 8’s shaky marriage

A woman decided to humiliate Size 8 by not only revealing that they did indeed have conversations about her with DJ Mo and he was not happy about her and her sexual prowess. Why would she have to reveal that fact? How does it further her cause? How did revealing what DJ Mo said about his wife do anything to further her narrative? She already had screenshots of DJ Mo showing her his junk so her revelation did nothing but serve to spite Size 8.

Women are indeed their own worst enemy. Let that sink in.

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