Singer Vivianne brutally attacked after her unfiltered mean remarks on Internet sensation Azziad Nasenya (Video)

Masses are tired of the commonly adopted stereotype that before your star shines, you need exposure and if you can offer it for free, then the better.

A phrase that has been used on those green in the field or those upcoming talents and that has become one too many an abused statement in the public sphere by the ‘seniors’ against their ‘juniors’.

The time for that is probably gone and with the age of the Internet any skill can be self-taught and sharped through maximum Internet use. Azziad Nasenya has become a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry, one of the most sought after young influencer and personality the country has birthed.

Online sensation, Azziad Nasenya

After fame struck through Femi One and Mejja’s Utawezana track, Azziad’s flag rose higher and after realizing her unmatched worth, she had her rate card set her standards in the entertainment industry.

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So now recently, after Vivian and Stivo Simple Boy’s new track Simpo Simpo premiered, the songbird reached out to Azziad to help promote her song but what ensued, left some bitter taste in the singer’s mouth.

Simpo Simpo hitmakers, Vivianne and Stivo Simple Boy

The ongoing beef

During a recent Insta Live interview with Jamal Gaddafi, Vivianne bashed the TikTok sensation for being too proud despite her young experience in the industry, for asking that she gets paid before she can promote the new jam.

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Young boss Lady, Azziad Nasenya

Pretty unimpressed with the dancer, Vivianne remarked;

I was a little bit surprised by her response because she came just the other day, our song is doing well but she did not even bother to dance to the music.

Mixed reactions

The short minute clip has since gone viral on our inter-webs, Kenyans torn apart between who is to blame, who should be defended and who should be thrown stones at. But for a better percentage, Vivianne is on the receiving end;