Give it to me! Stivo Simple Boy shoots his shot at Betty Kyallo

Musician Stevo Simple Boy has expressed his belief in his ability to offer comfort to media personality Betty Kyallo during what he perceives as a period of heartbreak for her.

Over the weekend, Betty Kyallo shared introspective thoughts on social media, hinting at personal challenges that stirred concern among her followers.

While on holiday at the Coast with her mother, Betty penned a reflective message, acknowledging the tumultuous nature of recent months but expressing gratitude for finding solace in living one day at a time.

“I’ve gone through everything the last couple of months… well, I think just like everyone. It’s been extreme highs and extreme lows, but I always tried to keep my head above the water,” Kyallo shared.

She highlighted the value of being present for oneself and loved ones, stressing the significance of embracing life’s unpredictability.

“I’ve been thrown off balance and every other thing in between but today I’m happy. What I’ve learned in the last couple of months is that you don’t have to figure everything out. Just try and be present for yourself and whoever matters,” she shared.

Betty also expressed self-confidence and pride in her appearance, stating:

“Damn, I also look so damn good. Geez UNAPOLOGETIC.”

Despite the support from well-wishers, the mother of one revealed that her comments had prompted numerous messages from men offering comfort, indicative of the concern surrounding her well-being.

Stevo Simple Boy has now taken to social media to address the situation, condemning those responsible for causing Betty distress before offering his own unique form of solace.

“Men who have hurt Betty Kyallo, what is your problem? I am in Singoli, and if you give me a chance, I will not let you suffer like Pastor Makenzie. I will keep you as the secret of the earth and heaven. I know things will be ‘LOMBO LOMBO’ without ‘Sinza Sinza,’ right?! Kisses,” Stivo said.

Betty Kyallo is yet to respond.

Stivo Simple Boy Depressed After Learning That His Wife Is Pregnant For Another Man

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy’s marriage with Grace Atieno appears to be strained following revelations that she is pregnant, allegedly with another man’s child. Sources close to the couple report that Stevo has been struggling with depression since learning of the pregnancy.

“He’s been deeply affected,” revealed a confidante. “He’s been contemplating his next steps and feeling understandably hurt by the situation.”

Adding fuel to the fire is a leaked audio clip in which Stevo seemingly denies paternity. “We weren’t together after my dad’s funeral,” he’s heard saying. “She came back already pregnant.”

Grace Atieno has remained largely silent on the matter, but acknowledged a shift in their relationship, promising to share her perspective in the new year.

This news casts a shadow over the couple’s previously seemingly happy union. Only time will tell if they can navigate this sensitive situation and mend their rift.

Stevo Simple Boy Claims Vera Sidika Was In His DM, But He Didn’t Respond To Her

Kenyan singer Stivo Simple Boy has cast doubt on the recent breakup announcement of celebrity couple Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo.

In an interview with Maradio FM, Stivo argued that the highly publicised split was not genuine and was simply a calculated move for business promotion.

“People should know, and I would like to disclose that there are some gimmicks for business. In this breakup story, I can say it’s all about business. They are still together and I am sure about it,” he said.

The Freshi Barida singer added that he views Vera as a sister and is not interested in her romantically. He also shared that the socialite had reached out to him in the past for a business collaboration, but he did not respond.

“Vera is my sister. There was a time she inboxed me, but I didn’t respond to her. She wanted us to meet and see if we could do business,” he said.

Stivo’s comments come after Vera and Brown Mauzo announced their breakup on social media last week. The couple, who have been together for four years, said they had decided to go their separate ways “amicably”.

However, Stivo’s claims have sparked speculation that the breakup may not be as final as it seems. Some fans have accused the couple of faking their split in order to drum up publicity for their upcoming projects.

Vera and Brown Mauzo have not yet responded to Stivo’s comments.

It remains to be seen whether the couple’s breakup is genuine or a publicity stunt. However, Stivo’s claims have certainly cast doubt on the situation.

Stivo Simple Boy Challenges Tanzanian Rappers To A Rap Battle

Kenyan rapper Stivo Simple Boy has challenged Tanzanian rappers to a rap battle, saying he is ready to take them all on. The “Mihadarati” hitmaker made the challenge on his Instagram stories, saying that he is the best rapper in East Africa and that he is not afraid of anyone.

“Naskia mna vita na sisi marapper wa Kenya kabla hamjamfikia @khaligraph jones the Og Kwanza mpitie kwangu niwape ngumi nyeusi michano ya kizagazaga oya @bando_tz kweli Una bandle za vita na ivi @younglunya_tzs umevaa mshipi vizuri @ni_nqesh ebu tusichokeshe @khaliqraph jones ebu mjibu trosa_ree,” he wrote.

Simple Boy’s challenge comes in the wake of a rap feud between Kenyan and Tanzanian rappers. The feud was ignited when Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones challenged Tanzanian musicians to a rap battle. Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree responded to the challenge with a diss track, in which she called herself the best rapper in Africa.

Simple Boy’s challenge has been met with mixed reactions. Some people believe that he is simply trying to stir up controversy, while others believe that he is serious about the challenge. Only time will tell if Simple Boy will get his wish and face off against Tanzanian rappers in a rap battle.

Stevo Simple Boy Returns to YouTube After Resolving Conflicts with Former Management

Kibera-based artiste Stephen Otieno Adera, popularly known as Stevo Simple Boy, has returned to his digital platforms, including YouTube, after resolving conflicts with his former management.

In a recent press statement, the singer expressed his gratitude that the issues between him and his previous management have been successfully resolved. He said that he is relieved to have regained control over his online presence.

Stevo Simple Boy also thanked his former manager, Chingiboy Mstado, for facilitating the process. He said that he is excited to start fresh and reconnect with his audience through his digital platforms.

The artiste’s relationship with his former record label, MIB (Men In Business), came under scrutiny when the label terminated his music contract in June. The move was attributed to unresolved disagreements between the parties.

The fallout was brought to public attention when Stevo’s wife, Grace Atieno, disclosed his financial struggles in an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya. She revealed that many people mistakenly assumed Stevo managed his own TikTok and Instagram accounts. She also highlighted the challenges of reaching out to him and the misconceptions surrounding his financial situation.

MIB officially announced the termination of Stevo Simple Boy’s music contract on July 31, citing irreconcilable differences. The label asserted its commitment to a legal and orderly termination process.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, MIB addressed the allegations made by Stevo Simple Boy’s wife. The label clarified that its decision was not solely prompted by these allegations, emphasizing its desire to provide the artiste with the freedom to shape a prosperous future.

Despite the controversies surrounding the termination, MIB remained focused on granting Stevo Simple Boy the autonomy he needed.

Stevo Simple Boy Looks Forward to Renewed Success

Stevo Simple Boy is now looking forward to a renewed success on his digital platforms. He has announced that he will be meeting his fans on YouTube tomorrow at 10am.

The singer is confident that he can regain his popularity and continue to make music that people love. He is grateful for the support of his fans and is excited to start this new chapter in his career.

Stivo Simple Boy Rejoices After Regaining Control Of His Social Media Account

Singer Stivo Simple Boy is overjoyed after regaining control of his social media account from his former management. The artiste shared a video of himself jubilating over the news, in which he can be seen raising his hands in celebration and exclaiming, “Account imerudi! Account imerudi! Account!” (My account is back!)

The video, which was shared on Twitter by Edgar Obare, shows Stivo Simple Boy to be on cloud nine after finally getting his account back. The account had been previously held by his former management, despite their split. Obare captioned the video,

“Stivo Simple Boy is on cloud 9 after getting his account back from his former management.”

Stivo Simple Boy’s fans were also thrilled by the news. They took to Twitter to congratulate him and express their support. One fan wrote, “Welcome back to your account, Stivo! We missed you!” Another fan said, “I’m so happy for you, Stivo! This is a big win.”

Stivo Simple Boy’s regaining of control of his social media account is a major victory for him. It allows him to communicate directly with his fans and to control his own online presence. It is also a sign that he is moving on from his former management and is ready to pursue his own career path.

Stivo Simple Boy Opens Up On Having A Huge Crush On Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze

Stivo Simple Boy, the songwriter of Freshi Barida, has revealed that he has a crush on upcoming singer Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze. In an interview, Stivo said that he would love to have Kaveve as his wife. This is despite the fact that he is still married to Grace Atieno, a woman he moved in with after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy.

Stivo added that he would take good care of Kaveve and make her a happy wife if she agrees to marry him. His revelation comes just a month after his wife Grace sent a stern warning to his ex-girlfriend Pritty, asking her to stay away from her man.

“Mimi ni Mondi wa Kenya. Kuna mwanadada pale naona amenivutia sana anaitwa Kaveve Kazoze. Kama ako single mwambie namtamani. Nataka aje awe mke wangu, na mambo ikuwe freshi,” he said.

Stivo Simple Boy says he would take good care of Kaveve and make her a happy wife. His revelation comes after his wife Grace sent a warning to his ex-girlfriend Pritty.

Stivo Simple Boy Explains Why He’s Broke

In an interview with a local TV station, the artiste revealed that he had made the decision to sacrifice his own luxury in order to build his mother a house and dig a well for her.

Stivo Simple Boy emphasized the importance of prioritizing essential needs over extravagant expenses.

“There are two things,” he said. “Would you buy land or buy a car? A car is very costly, so I decided to build my mother a house in the countryside and dig a well for her.”

The musician also candidly admitted that his timidness and naivety in the past had played a role in his financial struggles.

“I was too shy to ask for money,” he said. “I was also too trusting of people, and I ended up being taken advantage of.”

Stivo Simple Boy’s story is a reminder that even those who achieve success can still face financial challenges.

However, his decision to prioritize his mother’s needs over his own is a testament to his character and his commitment to family.

Stivo Simple Boy Explains How He Lost A Huge Deal Because Of His Previous Management

Renowned Kenyan musician Stivo Simple Boy has opened up about missing out on an opportunity to collaborate with Tanzanian superstar Harmonize. In an interview with Mseto East Africa, Simple Boy said that he was approached by Harmonize’s management team about a collaboration, but his then-management, Made in Africa, turned down the offer.

Simple Boy said that he was disappointed by the decision, as he was a big fan of Harmonize and would have loved to work with him. He also said that he believes the collaboration would have been a big success.

“I was really disappointed when I heard that the collaboration didn’t happen,” Simple Boy said. “I was a big fan of Harmonize, and I think the collaboration would have been a big success.”

Simple Boy is now managing his own music career, and he said that he would be open to working with Harmonize in the future.

“I’m now managing my own music career, and I would be open to working with Harmonize in the future,” Simple Boy said. “I think it would be a great collaboration.”

In addition to Harmonize, Simple Boy has also been offered collaborations with other major artists, including Eric Omondi and Mulamwah. He said that he is grateful for the support of his fellow celebrities, and he is excited to see what the future holds for his music career.

Stivo Simple Boy’s Plight

Simple Boy recently came out to ask for help after his music career hit a rough patch. He said that he was struggling to make ends meet, and he was worried about his future.

Since announcing his plight, Simple Boy has received a lot of support from his fans and fellow celebrities. Eric Omondi donated shopping to Simple Boy, and Mulamwah donated KSh 5,000 and offered to help Simple Boy collaborate with other artists to boost his YouTube subscription.

Simple Boy is grateful for the support he has received, and he said that he is determined to make a comeback in the music industry.

What’s Next for Stivo Simple Boy?

It is unclear what the future holds for Stivo Simple Boy, but he is determined to make a comeback in the music industry. He said that he is working on new music, and he is hopeful that he will be able to regain his popularity.

Simple Boy is also grateful for the support he has received from his fans and fellow celebrities, and he said that he is determined to repay their support with his music.

Stivo Simple Boy rebuffs poverty allegations

Stevo Simple Boy is disclosing to his audience his list of extreme requirements (rider) in order to schedule a performance.

It would be fascinating to have a comprehensive one-page list of everything required to make sure he likes his shows. This appears to be for a performance in Diani the following month.

“Diani mpo tayari tikiti zipo tayari za ndege Ivi mpo tayari kwa siku kubwa 8th July ????????????????????????????????…. YAHWE LINK KWENYE BIO Ivi tutapambana Sana mungu yupo Ivi dj wangu upo gudi.”

His performance rider included the following stipulations:

“Flight for two, Two SUVs, a security escort, and four bouncers. Two executive rooms, 6 bottles of water per day, a standard bathroom, wifi, and a TV.”

Stivo Simple Boy Releases Song Criticizing Fake Preachers

Budding musician Stivo Simple Boy has released a new song titled “Makasisi” that criticizes fake preachers in Kenya. The song comes weeks after the deaths of pastor Paul Mackenzie and Shakahola, two people who were allegedly killed by their pastors.

The song starts with the sound of the Shakahola woman who was rescued by the police while hiding and fasting. Her audio crying “Yesu, waangalie watu wako wananiua Baba, wananiua”, has now gone viral with Kenyans using it to elaborate different funny and serious situations they’re going through.

Simple Boy’s new tune comes across as intercessory as he asks God to forgive Kenyans for believing in false prophets. He calls out fake pastors for “dirtying” the gospel and taking advantage of the gospel by enriching themselves at the expense of the congregants.

The song has been well-received by Kenyans, with many people praising Simple Boy for speaking out against fake preachers. The song has also been shared widely on social media, with many people using it to express their frustration with the state of religion in Kenya.

Here are some of the comments from Kenyans on social media:

  • “This song is a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone is speaking out against the fake pastors who are ruining our country.”
  • “Simple Boy is a real one. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, even if it means going against the grain.”
  • “This song is so powerful. It’s a wake-up call for Kenyans to stop being fooled by fake preachers.”

Stivo Simple Boy’s song “Makasisi” is a powerful indictment of fake preachers in Kenya. The song is sure to spark a much-needed conversation about the state of religion in Kenya.

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Stevo Simple Boy finally builds parents a home after bagging half a million deal

Stevo Simple is one happy man now that his parents have a roof over their heads after he build them a new home after receiving half a million from popular betting company.

Stivo Simple boy


The singer who has lately been making headlines for his music not forgetting former relationship with Pritty Vishy revealed this while on an interview with Mwafreeka on Ikonini podcast.

According to Stevo, the betting company paid him the huge amount to which he decided to do something small for his parents now that things are looking up. Well looking at his previous lifestyle you can understand why it has taken him that long – but it’s better late than never, right?

Anyway speaking to Mwafreeka about this project, Stevo confirmed his former management Made in Kibera paid him the said cash following the agreement they had with the betting company. He said;

Walinipea half a million. (Yes they paid me)

When asked whether his management gave him the full amount, Stevo said;

Eeh nilishika alafu nikajengea wazazi nyumba ushago. (Yes they gave me half a million and I used it to build my parents a home)

 Stevo Simple Boy’s management

The new development comes months after he quit his first management claiming they had stolen Ksh 500,000 – and from the latest news looks like he changed the tune.

Anyway now that he already moved to Men In Business who are currently managing him; we’ve not only seen Stevo bag good collaboration but have seen him go international with one of South Africa’s top artists, Ntosh Gazi. See God.

Watch the clip below courtesy of Ikonini podcast.


Pritty Vishy embraces her plus size figure displays acres of skin with bikini photos

Stevo Simple Boy’s ex girlfriend is living life to the fullest courtesy of her team and after landing several online deals – Pritty Vishy recently took a short vacation to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Thanks to new photos shared on her page, we can confirm the lady is currently vacationing in the coast region; and because of the hit temperatures and high humidity at the coastal area, Pritty for the first time got to display what her mama gave her.

Blessings on Blessings! Stevo Simple Boy goes international with major hit ‘Haiwezi’ (Video)

As seen on the photos, the lady stepped out in a floral bikini which she accessorized using a coverup – but being a plus size girl – the cover up didn’t do much in terms of hiding the flesh.

Big girl turning heads

It’s no secret that Pritty Vishy is a plus size (something fans used to tease Stevo with) and having stepped out in the bikini not only gave her male fans a reason to lust but to slide in her DM.

Also we cannot forget the positive vibes Pritty Vishy is giving plus size girls with the new photos hence encouraging other women to do the same. Anyway below are the hot photos taken from Vishy’s latest vacation.

Alaaar! Stivo Simple boy accuses ex of bedding over 50 men (Video)

Rapper Stivo Simple boy is out here serving tea and the sad part is that – things are getting too personal or rather – getting out of hand.

Well, I don’t know whether you go around telling people about your exes body count – but Stivo does. The freshi baridi hitmaker recently had a candid interview with Oga Obinna where he talked about his life, career and of course – his past relationship.

Stivo with Oga Obinna

As usual we all wanted to hear what he says about Pritty Vishy the woman he had dated for months after years of being single. Yes, Stivo was single for a long time and I know this because after his first hit ‘Mihadarati’ he went on different interviews where he said he was a single man.

However in 2021 we all met Pritty Vishy – the woman that rooted for his success and even exposed his management for using him. Well, despite playing wife….things didn’t end so well for Pritty Vishy. So now I’m assuming she won’t be taking up such roles in future.

Stivo’s management doing the most

Now that he is no longer with the lady, looks like his management has him exposing each and every dirt he has on his ex. Okay, maybe not his management but then again aren’t they the same people who approve what he can and can’t say during interviews?

Anyway speaking about his ex with Oga Obinna – the singer revealed he was aware of how generous Pritty Vishy was when it comes to men. Apparently despite being with her, he already knew that his ex had been involved with over 50 guys. Alaaaar.

Nilikuwa najua hizo mambo zake, si ati sikuwa najua. But what I want ni ashikilie tu mtu mmoja.

When asked by Obinna how men many he knew from her past, Stivo revealed;

Wengi. More than 50. Nilinyamazia tu.

Weuh! Inside Stivo Simple boy’s bedsitter before fame & new money

Stivo Simple Boy never had it easy while growing up and things actually got worse for him after coming to the city – hoping to better his future and that of the next generation.

However the city life wasn’t as easy as he thought. That’s because getting a job needs connections which he didn’t have hence forcing him to look for alternatives just to survive.

Stivo simple boy

Im guessing this is how he ended up venturing into music and after his Mihadarati hitsong, Stivo finally got his breakthrough. Just to show how far he has come – the freshi baridi hitmaker recently shared a video showing his bedsitter to the world – and honestly – Stivo is slowly making progress.

Speaking about this particular bedsitter, the singer wrote;

Maisha yangu kayole before mambo ikue freshi barida… Before nihame… Nashukuru Sana wakenya kwa kunisapoti Sana maisha imeanza kubadika mzidi kunisapoti mungu awabariki Sana…

Pritty Vishy’s efforts in improving Stivo’s life

This new developments come months after Stivo’s ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy exposed his previous management for using Stivo’s money to enrich themselves.

The young lady who has been making headlines ever since Stivo dumped her once came out guns blazing as she accused his management of theft and negligence saying;

Last year December alihamishwa akapelewa kwa bedsitter na the management akapelekwa Kayole from Kibera. Unajua kulikuwa nakesi zilikuwa zimetokea fans wake wakiuliza mbona Stivo siple boy life yake haijachange ata after akuwe celebrity. Hiyo place anaishi haiku sawa but wake atasema to iko poa juu hakuna kitu anaweza fanya ama kusema,


Hiyo management ilikuwa inataka akae place hakuna mtu namcorrupt na kumwambia that hii si poa. Yeye anabelive place you iko comfortable akisema that that watu huanza from somewhere na anaona vile alitoka kibera akaenda kayole amemake a big step.

But now that he is under mib Africa management – life imekuwa freshi baridi.

Stivo Simple Boy back with girlfriend after breakup

About a month ago Stivo Simple Boy and girlfriend Pritty broke up following personal reasons; but according to rumors shared online –  it’s alleged that Stivo’s management is the reason why the love birds broke up.

Stivo Simple boy

The managed pulled the relationship plug off after Pritty reached out to several media outlets, informing them on how the management was robbing the naive singer.

From her exposè, we also learnt that Stivo’s money often benefits those ‘claiming’ to be his management; yet he gets nothing and can’t even afford his own place.

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But again, this is Kenya where street-smart people make use of any opportunity presented to them – even if it means using (Literally) someone for their own benefit.

Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend: Pritty

Back like they never left

Anyway having parted ways about a month ago, Pritty has confirmed to be back with Stivo Simple boy who she adores. Speaking about the rekindled love, Pritty blamed Stivo’s managers for pushing him to leave her; but forgives him since she knows how easy it is for him to be controlled.

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We had messed up, but we are back together. It’s very easy for him to be brainwashed, I have had to train him on how to do things. He is a very humble guy.

But unlike befirentwhen they used to live in the same neighborhood in Kibra, Pritty made it know that they’re now in a ‘long distance’ relationship since Stivo moved to Kayole.

Yes tumerudiana but I can’t live with him. I want him to come for me kwetu si mimi nijipeleke.

Stivo Simpleboy’s mother exposes management for exploiting her son, says there robbing him blind

Rumor has had it for months that Stivo Simple Boy’s manager(s) have been stealing from the singer – which explains his stunt growth in terms of finances. I mean, with his first hit song, Vijana tuache mihadarati one would have thought the money he made would change his lifestyle – but unfortunately he remains struggling to date.

Singer Stivo Simple Boy

Well, from what we understand is that the managers have been bagging 99% of the profits leaving him with 1%.  This was also confirmed by girlfriend Pritty who recently held a candid interview exposing Stivo simple’s management.

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According to Pritty, her man – Stivo Simple is not in any position to make demands since his finances are handled for him. And being one without knowledge of how the entertainment industry works – his management ends up using him for their own benefit.

Mother in law steps in

With the pandemic affecting the economy Stivo Simple boy’s mother in law (Pritty’s mum) has also come out to air her concern on how her son is getting robbed while everyone is watching.

Simple boy

Pritty’s mum went on to reveal that at some point she had to take in Stivo since he couldn’t even afford rent. She went on to add that this generous move almost cost her marriage with Pritty’s step dad who allegedly wanted him thrown out since he wasn’t helping them out with the bills.

I was the one supporting him, even Purity’s stepfather was saying I kick him out. I told him ‘you never know, God might be using this boy to save us, his people have abandoned him, how can we leave him?

Anyway speaking to Stivo, the mum in law said;

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Simpleboy, wherever you are…if your management is telling you to say this and this… Just remember where they are from because I know your background. If you listen to this, remember what you say.

Having known him since he was a young boy (hence the title ‘mum’) Pritty’s mother made it known that the guy isn’t the type to create a story to earn people’s sympathy. To her, Stivo is a truthful man who had a tough background – and seeing people use him isn’t fair.

I hear many people faking stories, but I know Simpleboy’s background, I can tell you where he has come from and where he is now.

New photo of Stivo Simple Boy’s alleged girlfriend emerges online (Photo)

Having dropped a song just a few days to Christmas singer cum rapper Stivo Simple boy continues to prove that he will not be giving up on his career anytime soon.

Well, so far his music hasn’t been doing so well like before, but we blame it on the pandemic which affected most artists around the world.

Stivo simple boy

Anyway despite the challenges, Stivo Simplw continues to chase his side hustles to help provide for himself and girlfriend, Pritty. Yes, kama uko single Stivo akona wake!

Stivo’s girlfriend

We say this thanks to a new video shared on tiktok of Stivo Simple boy having a playful conversation with his alleged girlfriend. From the video we hear he lady joke about Stivo buying her underwear – as she encourages him not to give up as one day things will look up for them. Pritty says;

Stivo Simple Boy

 Amen, atafungua…ndio ata siku moja uninunulie suruali,”

To which Stivo jokingly responds saying;

Kwenda uko

Probably because of how shy he is – but again, that must have been one awkward statement especially on camera, right?

Anyway checkout photo of Stivo’s alleged girlfriend, Ms Pritty.

Stivo Simple boy’s girlfriend, Pritty

Alaar! Stivo Simple boy speaks after manager is accused of exploiting him

Word making rounds on social media is Singer Stivo Simple boy has been receiving peanuts from his manager, Geoffrey Oyoo, while he pockets the rest of the singer’s earnings.

This was revealed on Twitter by one KoT Inspecta who shared a couple of posts explaining how Stivo Simple Boy is exploited by his management. In one of the long posts, the KoT inspecta wrote;

Stivo Simple

So it is like Stivo akiitwa show alipwe kitu ka Sh 70k, anapewa only Sh 2k. Naskia anaishi kwa nyumba ya matope Kibera

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Stivo hardly manages to eat lunch. He stays with his sister, iron sh*t house which they struggle to pay rent.

Stivo Simple boy speaks

With the stories making rounds on most tabloids, Stivo Simple boy has come forth to set the record straight; and according to him – these are just cooked lies to paint his manager the wrong way. He said;

 I was surprised to see those allegations on Twitter. They are not true as I have never been exploited by my manager. The person who started that conversation must be trying to chase clout with my name.

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Manager speaks

Speaking about the same, his manager Mr Oyoo termed the allegations as malicious and another tactic used to bring Stivo Simple boy down.

Distancing himself from the stories, Oyoo said;

I have seen the screenshots. It is unfortunate that we try every day to bring each other down. That is propaganda being advanced by those who were not ready for Simple Boy’s success. He came to the industry and has been giving the perceived bigshots a run for their money. They have to find a way to bring him down.

Ndo manake; Stivo Simple boy opens up about his new found love (Video)

We can bet that Stivo Simple boy is the most humble artist we have come across in a while; and the fact that he is real makes fans love him more.

For a while fans kept hoping that simple boy bags a real chick who will love him for him; and not the fame and money he has been making in the music industry.

Vivianne and Stivo Simple Boy

Unfortunately this didn’t happen as fast as we had hoped; and according to Stivo Simple boy – he also needed time to pick the right person; and 2 years since becoming a celebrity – the Kibera singer has finally found love. Fridah.

Simple boy revealed this through a candid interview with Churchill; where he narrated how he met the new lady in his life – not forgetting to mention how happy he is.

Stivo simple boy

Simple boy finally meets girl

According to the singer, he spotted the simple girl in Kibera neighborhood; and after realizing that his heart had picked – he then started to make his moves and finally – he bagged the babe!

Stivo simple boy with Churchill

  Saa hii kuna ule mmoja. Bado tunaongea.

When asked how he met her (Fridah) Simple boy went on to add;

I met her on the road and approached her. I told her ‘nimekuzimia na tena nimekudata’. We exchanged numbers.

Apart from just dating, Simple boy also revealed that he has plans of settling down in the near future or right after the pandemic.

‘Watu Walisema Nakaa Nyati’- Stivo Simple Boy Explains Origin Of His Slang ‘Inauma But Itabidi Uzoee’

Musician Stivo Simple Boy has disclosed the hardships he underwent before making it in the music industry. The ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker has been subject to cyber-bullying, but this hasn’t deterred him from pursuing his musical career.

His unique appearance has been criticized by most people, some even comparing him to different animals like buffalo and monkeys. The musician discloses that it’s due to this criticism that he came up with his slang ”inauma but itabidi uzoee”. Simple Boy had to get used to people criticizing him about his looks.

Stivo Simple Boy jumps into Junet Mohamed's defence, 'deconstructs' Moses  Kuria |
Stivo Simple Boy-Google

In an interview with Jessy, Stivo also disclosed he dropped out in class 8. This was due to lack of school fees. Afterwards, his parents allowed him to move from their rural home in Oyugis to Nairobi, with his brother.

He did various manual works including ‘mjengo’, becoming a watchman, among others.

Even though not most people believed he would not make it in music, including his family, Simple Boy held on and believed in himself. He’s now one of the most influential musicians.

Simple Boy’s story is inspirational. The fact that he didn’t give up even though most didn’t believe in him shows that self-belief is enough.

Singer Vivianne brutally attacked after her unfiltered mean remarks on Internet sensation Azziad Nasenya (Video)

Masses are tired of the commonly adopted stereotype that before your star shines, you need exposure and if you can offer it for free, then the better.

A phrase that has been used on those green in the field or those upcoming talents and that has become one too many an abused statement in the public sphere by the ‘seniors’ against their ‘juniors’.

The time for that is probably gone and with the age of the Internet any skill can be self-taught and sharped through maximum Internet use. Azziad Nasenya has become a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry, one of the most sought after young influencer and personality the country has birthed.

Online sensation, Azziad Nasenya

After fame struck through Femi One and Mejja’s Utawezana track, Azziad’s flag rose higher and after realizing her unmatched worth, she had her rate card set her standards in the entertainment industry.

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So now recently, after Vivian and Stivo Simple Boy’s new track Simpo Simpo premiered, the songbird reached out to Azziad to help promote her song but what ensued, left some bitter taste in the singer’s mouth.

Simpo Simpo hitmakers, Vivianne and Stivo Simple Boy

The ongoing beef

During a recent Insta Live interview with Jamal Gaddafi, Vivianne bashed the TikTok sensation for being too proud despite her young experience in the industry, for asking that she gets paid before she can promote the new jam.

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Young boss Lady, Azziad Nasenya

Pretty unimpressed with the dancer, Vivianne remarked;

I was a little bit surprised by her response because she came just the other day, our song is doing well but she did not even bother to dance to the music.

Mixed reactions

The short minute clip has since gone viral on our inter-webs, Kenyans torn apart between who is to blame, who should be defended and who should be thrown stones at. But for a better percentage, Vivianne is on the receiving end;

Strange reason Stivo Simple Boy’s parents never supported his music career (Video)

Popular urban rapper, Stivo Simple Boy never had his parents support while starting off his art despite the fame he has grown over time through music.

The young musician scaled the heights in the music industry soon after his Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati track hit the market and never looked back.

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He topped the charts with fans appreciating his unique rap skills, an artist who despite his unfavorable background was able to convince masses to stop abusing drugs because the end effect is almost fatal.

Talented rapper, Stivo Simple Boy

From the slums to the city, his music turned a sensation, humble but true to his lyrics.

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Rise to fame

This saw him land numerous gigs with his most paying being a show he staged at Kenyatta University that ran into thousands.

The highest I have even been paid was 50k for a show during Kenyatta Universitys freshers bash.

Fast-rising youthful Kenyan artist, Stivo Simple Boy

Money he ended up giving his parents to meet their basic needs especially regards access to water.

I used the sum to help my parents drill a borehole back upcountry because there is a scarcity of water there.

The very same music career his parents had deemed ´demonic´ was the very same one that was going to see his son scale heights and provide for them.

Kenyan singer Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed Wakilisha. Jegede in the musical film "Wakilisha" featuring The Allstars: Nameless, Jerry Ogalo, Big Pin, Daddy Andre, Stivo Simple Boy, Fundi Frank and Vdj Jones. Directed by Deska Torres.
Stivo Simple Boy

Further divulging to Jalang’o, that they eventually appreciated his career.

They are now proud of me. But when I started they were against my career because they believed music was demonic. Now, they appreciate my work.

His dream in music is yet to be fulfilled hoping to one day fly off to America and collaborate with Nicki Minaj.

If I work hard enough, God-willing I will fly to America for leisure and do a collabo with Nicki Minaj. I love her flow but I dont like what she sings.

Stivo Simple boy’s new look and what it means for his music career

Kibera-bred singer Stephen Otieno, better known as Stivo Simple Boy, has been the talk of the town after unveiling his new look which was a result of a dental procedure that he underwent to align his teeth.

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Taking to social media, the Mihadarati hit maker revealed that he was now feeling confident and would be able to smile in public.

“Guys, do you remember eight months ago I had braces installed to beautify my teeth? Today the treatment ended and I feel more confident. Au sio? Ndoo manaake,” Stivo Simple Boy posted.

Kenyan singer Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed Wakilisha. Jegede in the musical film "Wakilisha" featuring The Allstars: Nameless, Jerry Ogalo, Big Pin, Daddy Andre, Stivo Simple Boy, Fundi Frank and Vdj Jones. Directed by Deska Torres.
Stivo Simple Boy

His fans were quick to congratulate him on his new looks, some even claimed that their girlfriends were no longer safe because the singer would easily snatch them. The ladies could also not get enough of him.

I am really happy for Stivo Simple Boy. In my opinion, his new looks will have an impact, however small on his music career.

I know you are wondering what impact a dental procedure will have but allow me to explain. You see, he has been trolled day and and night for ‘being ugly’. Some people have even referred to him as a monkey.

At one point American singer Lil Duval mocked Stivo Simple Boy as a  a black smiley face emoji, a move that did not sit well with many Kenyans including rapper Octopizzo.

Stivo Simple Boy encourages Kenyans in 'We Shall Overcome'
Stivo Simple Boy

But now with this dental procedure, he is able to feel more confident and that means that his output will also be good since he no longer has to worry about his looks.

His live performances will also improve since he won’t be worried that people are thinking how ugly he is when he’s on stage.

Ladies will also start throwing themselves at him because of his smile and who knows, Stivo Simple Boy might just find one beautiful lass to settle down with.

Watch his latest jam dubbed Love Ya Mtaa below.

Chick magnet! Stivo Simple boy’s hot transformation might just land him a wife (Photo)

Stivo Simple has shared a new photo just a few hours after getting rid of his braces and boy does he look different! The singer who is popularly known for his Vijana tuache mihadarati hitsong has been rocking the braces for about 6 months now; and looking at the new photo it’s clear to see that he indeed needed to fix his teeth.

However now that this has been done, Stivo has come out looking quite different; don’t get me wrong but this singer totally looks more handsome with the new set of teeth!

As seen on the dental page ( that helped with the transformation they reintroduced the new Stivo saying;

Stivo’s new look

Meet the new @stivosimpleboy . We promised him a transformed smile and we have delivered it

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Fans drool over Simple boy

With the bright smile and of course catchy eyes, fans in the comment section could not help but admire how handsome Stivo looks! At least critics will not have much to say about Stivo; and what makes this better is the fact that the new look will boost his self esteem.

With the new changes already favoring him; we calso can’t help but wonder whether his management has any plans of releasing any new project. His last song Tuheshimu Ndoa was released in February and since then Stivo has been maintaining a low profile!

Stivo Simple Boy with braces


During one of his interviews the young man once revealed that he was saving himself for marriage; but with the new look already attracting comments from fine women, then Stivo might just get lucky!

Stivo Simple Boy encourages Kenyans in ‘We Shall Overcome’ (Video)

Kenyan singer Steven Otieno, better known as Stivo Simple Boy and famed for his Mihadarati hit has released a new jam alongside Byzzo The Baddest, Vaal and the Made In Kibera Band and it’s a big tune.

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The song titled We Shall Overcome is dedicated to people who are facing challenges, including those affected directly or indirectly by Corona virus which has led to the deaths of more than 20,000 people, that things will get better.

Byzzo The Baddest

The underlying message in this jam is that we should be brave as we face challenges and not let our problems kill our hopes for a brighter and better future. Put simply, it shall all come to pass just as it dawns after the dark.

I’m so in love with We Shall Overcome. I’ve listened to it a couple of times since it was released and every time I play it, I get the feeling that I am listening to it for the very first time and that is how you know a song is dope.

Although I’m a big fan of Stivo Simple Boy coupled with the fact that he had a dope verse on this jam, I must say that I was really impressed by the Made In Kibera Band more than anything. Their harmonies give me life.

Stivo Simple Boy

The way they sing, you feel like there is nothing that you can not conquer in this life and I look forward to listening to more songs from them.

Byzzo The Baddest also had a dope verse. This guy has a smooth and natural flow that will leave you with your finger stuck on the replay button.

The instrumentation on this jam is mellow and this allows you to digest the message that the artists are trying to pass through the song. I don’t really have much to say about the video seeing as it was recorded in a studio.

Watch We Shall Overcome below and tell us what you think. Enjoy.