Fans voice mixed feelings after new photo of Babu Owino praying on his knees emerges online

Babu Owino recently opened up revealing the traumatizing childhood he had back in the day; when he was still living with his mum and sibling in Nyalenda slums, Kisumu County.

According to the Embakasi East MP, his childhood was not only ruined by the police who constantly gave his Mum a hard time; but also the fact that he started taking Chang’aa while still quit young.

However despite growing under such circumstances Babu managed to make something out of himself; and as we speak, the boy from Nyalenda slums is now an MP – but sadly with a bad reputation.

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DJ Evolve (left) and MP Babu Owino (right)


For months now Babu Owino has become an enemy to most Kenyans who demand justice for DJ Evolve who was shot by the MP following a small argument.

Fortunately the incident was caught on camera; making it hard for Babu Owino to deny that he was the one who shot the young DJ. However till now Babu Owino remains free, something that angers Kenyans; who still find it hard to believe that Justice goes to the highest bidder in Kenya.

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Seeing that Kenyans on social media will not let this go; Babu Owino has since been working with his PR team and from the look of this the MP appears to be on a mission to win back all the fans he lost.

For this reason, this past weekend Babu attended a church service and thanks to the photographers he hired; they managed to get a photo that seems to be impressing Kenyans!

Well, being the first time he is seen praying on his knees; a few fans on social media now feel that he should be pardoned for his mistakes as he appears to have changed. Babu went on to caption the photo;

Babu Owino on his knees

God I’m a sinner may you forgive me of my sins.

But do you think the photo above proves Babu Owino is now a changed man?