Benzema reveals why he turned down Noti Flow despite being in a position to bed her (Video)

Gengetone artist from Ochungulo family, Benzema says he has no beef with Noti Flow despite the lady ruining his reputation on social media. Just a while back, the Noti Flow went on to accuse Benzema of trying to sleep with her without a protection.

The story did not however shock many since some fans had already concluded that the two had already been together. Could be there characters that pushed fans to assume but oh well; with projects like ngwatiology who wouldn’t think so?

However speaking on Jalang’o TV for the first time about his alleged relationship with Noti Flow; Benzema went on to share unknown details and for sure we are in shock!

Speculated lovers, Benzema and Noti Flow

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Benzema said No

Well turns out that Noti Flow and Benzema had been experiencing some spark; and both being naughty chances are that they would have ended up together.

However Benzema now claims that Noti Flow passed out during the recording of photo moto; and unlike what many know, he did not even think of sleeping with her.

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Just like the humble man he is says, Benzema says that he opted not to be with Noti Flow after learning her character. To him, there are several things that turn him off about the lady and her voice happens to be one.

Savage! Benzema claps back after Noti Flow potrayed him as a lazy reckless man!

Benzema who is part of the Ochungulo family found himself in a difficult position after Noti Flow exposed him just recently.

According to the sassy singer known for her ‘bad girl‘ lifestyle; she accused Benzema of being a reckless man who doesn’t use protection during sex.

To prove this the young lady accompanied her post with a screenshot showing Benzema confessing to never using protection. As much as this move was wrong, Noti Flow claims that she needed to clear her image; especially after many decided to link her to Benzema who is known for his ‘fisi’ ways.

On the caption Noti wrote;


The nigah fucks around without protection, I wasn’t about to risk getting pregnant for a deadbeat or worse still contract diseases lmao. I’m smarter than that ( & that’s why someone’s mad ???? So beat it y’all. Ima keep my clean healthy tight pu$$y for the nigah that actually deserves it lol.

Benzema responds

Having come across the post, Benzema has also decided to respond as seen on his IG page. However, unlike Noti Flo… Benzema did not give a detailed post explaining himself.

Infact the Gengetone singer did not seem bothered with whatever was said about him; making it easy for him to laugh off at Noti Flow’s accusations.

Through his Instagram page the singer went on to write saying;


Nani alisema sivaangi CD…?? I am a walking condom ???????? Link on my bio…

As seen on the post shared above, it’s clear to see that Alejandro was never really bothered since he alone knows the truth. We also can’t forget that this could be a move to promote the new song dropped by Ochungulo Family.

Fans in the comment section however wanted to know whether he is a reckless man risking his life for short term pleasure; yet many continue to suffer from sexually transmitted infections, if not unplanned pregnancies!

Anyway, let us see how far this drama will go especially now that the two are done with each other.