Karen Nyamu has every right to defend her relationship with Samidoh

Karen Nyamu has been receiving backlash since she announced her relationship with singer Samidoh. For some reason, she automatically became an enemy to goat wives who have branded her a home-wrecker but Karen being Karen….she remains committed and determined to have Samidoh in her life.

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

After visiting him in the US where he had several shows, many accused her of being insecure…but again you have to remember she went there after the Mugithii singer was linked to some curvaceous woman….which might actually explain why many claim Karen is an insecure person…she proved it, right?

Anyway barely a month since then, Karen Nyamu is back to engaging in online fights with her fans and asual…it was about Samidoh and her (Karen) being a husband snatcher.

Karen hitting back at fans means she will fight for her true love

Well thanks to a few screenshots shared online, one can see how Ms Nyamu’s ‘haters’ came at her reminding her that she stole someone’s husband and is shamelessly parading him online.

Okay…i didnt know grown human beings can be stolen from their spouses but responding to one who wrote;

Get a husband of your own and we will consider your moral authority to give your views…

To which Karen Nyamu responded saying;

Legendary Ke: the problem is you think i care

And another…

Well….we can’t say that Karen Nyamu deserves the hate she has been getting because at the end of the day….she too is human and maybe the haters should take it up with Samidoh, right?

Singer Mejja opens up about his little brother’s struggle with alcoholism

Singer Mejja jas always kept his family affairs off special media for almost a decade now….and unlike your other favorite celebrities – who enjoy parading everything on their social media pages to survive, Mejja has always said his family shouldn’t be dragged online for whatever reason even it means his career depends on it.

Genge rapper Mejja

However times are changing and for some reason Mejja is also sharing unknown details about his family and to our surprise – turns put he has other two younger brother who he helped back in the day when living in Majengo with his grandma, Khadija Rehema. Speaking on his background, Mejja said;

Mejja with mum

I lived with my mum, my grandmother helped take care of my two brothers before my mum became stable.”

Supporting brother through healing process

Well, speaking of his siblibgs…Mejja for the first time disclosed unknown details about a brother of his – who has been battling alcohol addiction and from what he says….thanks to his small bro, he now knows better than to judge or laught at someone battling an addiction.

Speaking about his brother, Mejja said;

Pressure came in and he started drinking so much I was husting and taking care of him to make sure he is ok. It was a lot

Adding that;

Amepunguza but through him, I have learnt not to judge people struggling with alcoholism. He is now able to control his drinking. He can hold a steady job but there are relapses.

And having learnt more about alcoholism through his brother’s experience Mejja says that;

Alcoholism is a disease. If you say you will cut them off you are endangering them. Be patient.

And now he couldnt be any more proud of the small steps his brother has been making through his healing process. However….it is no walk in the park.

Amber Ray relieved she lost her unborn baby with Jimal Rohosafi

Amber Ray is not filtering anything about her former relationship with Jimal Rohosafi. Actually she’s opened up so much that her followers no longer feel interested in the tea…I mean she’s already dated two guys since her breakup with Jimal…so yea, maybe it’s time she stopped discussing him.

Anyway before that, Amber Ray through her YT channel recently revealed she got pregnant for Jimal after he allegedly promised to marry her right after divorcing his first wife, Amira; and because Jimal had already revealed the divorce process was ongoing – Amber Ray felt the need to devote herself fully to him hence the pregnancy.

From what she says is that while dating Jimal Rohosafi, Amber Ray got pregnant but later on lost the pregnancy following stress and issues facing her relationship and her boyfriend’s wife acting out.

This guy came to me he told me that they are going through a divorce and he told me she was ok with it that’s why I was so comfortable even for us to post each other on social media. You know what, I even got pregnant for the guy.


And then that’s when everything came to light coz after that is when he posted the wife and the kids and I felt like no something is not right. Why would you post someone that you are going through a divorce with? I was going through a lot… people abusing me on social media and now am in this place am so confused about what is going on. But unfortunately or say fortunately I got a miscarriage.

Very Glad

Well seeing that some of the promises Jimal had made were based on lies, Amber Ray says she is glad to have lost their baby. Why? Well because looking at her life now, she can clearly see that handling single motherhood isnt something she is cut out for.

Probably because she got to know him from a personal level….and maybe Jimal Rohosafi isn’t a responsible father as he claims to be.

But somehow I feel like I prefer it went down that way coz I don’t think I will ever have any strength of being a single mother ever in my life. In the whole scenario, there is no way we could have ended up together. There is no way we could have stayed together you know coz it was wrong from the word go

“Loving you is easy” Emmy Kosgei celebrates 9th wedding anniversary with husband

Emmy Kosgei is happy to have clocked 9 years of nothing but happiness with husband, Anselm Madubuko. To mark the milestone, an excited Emmy Kosgei wrote down a beautiful message dedicated to husband on their special day.

Emmy Kosgei
Emmy Kosgei

As seen on the post, clearly Emmy Kosgei described her husband as an amazing man, supportive and above all easy to love. For the nine years their life has been blissful which is why she is not shy to celebrate him. She wrote;

Wow! How years just move fast ????on this very day i said YES to this amazing hubby of mine and started a journey together ❤️ since then we have been diding ???????? God has been good to us???????????? every day, every year has been so meaningful and memorable.. you are an amazing husband to your nubian queen,


you’ve treated me to nothing less than your queen and God’s best on and off the pulpit ❤️ So blessed to be your wifey my darling… so loving,caring, supportive, understanding, accommodative,humble, above all a God chaser,lover and prayerful man❤️ you have mentored me in my walk in christ & you have allowed me to express myself freely in my area of calling ..

Marriage works

Although there are those who have questions about the two – especially since they have no children together; Emmy Kosgei still insists having chosen to spend life with pastor Anselm Madubuko is the best decision she ever made.

I am so much better and grown since our paths merged????????❤️ so blessed to have you as my hubby,spiritual cover & my spiritual father,my pastor, my prophet,mentor, coach, the king over our kingdom ????❤️loving you is easy my love .. #happyanniversary to us! @amadubuko To many more #blessedyears ahead … #soblessed #madubukos #herself #himself #apostlegeneral #marriagesworks

Frankie Just Gym it stands by his truth about baby mamas, consoles men handling similar ‘toxic’ situations

Although Frankie Just Gym It has proven time and time again that he can be toxic, mmmh netizens got to witness it first hand thanks to an interview where he did exposing his baby mamas insecurities and issues to the world.

Well, not only did he paint these women as the problem in the relation but he betrayed their trust – leaving many talking on social media but then again, they chose him and he turned them to victims.

What’s more surprising is that Frankie remains unapologetic for what he did…like yea, he said what he said and he is not taking it back.

Former couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu with one of their sons

Frankie reacts to criticism

With everyone calling him out for bad mouthing his baby mamas, Frankie recently shared a post hinting

The further a society drifts from TRUTH the more it will hate those who speak it. I’d rather be hated for what I am and stand for than to be loved for what I am not. In order to confront hatred, we must learn to live in love and be able to resist the temptation of showing hate and acting in retaliation. Those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them back. That is when you destroy yourself.

And if you think Frankie Just Gym It owes anyone an explanation then I guess y’all will have to wait longer.

Anyway since he knows how it feels to handle such people, Frankie went on to console fellow baby daddies facing simlar issues saying;

Lastly, shoutout to all the men that go through it daily with no one to turn to. You’re NOT alone. ????

“Start working hard for your own money” Anerlisa Muigai message to thirsty broke male followers sliding into her DM

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has refused to take care of any man hoping they would slide into her life; and enjoy the money her parents have been making or she has been making for herself.

The lass this past weekend went on to share a detailed post where she called out the young broke men in her DM. According to Anerlisa – her DM messages would make one think that she was looking for husband contestants.

Billionaire Kenyan heiress Anerlisa Muigai

The Amount of people always ready to take over somebody else’s position is the reason why most relationships fail. If you go through my DM you would think I had a contestants for looking for a partner.

Marriage proposals

What however seems to disgust her more is that some of these men have been offering to marry her; yet they don’t even know her personally.

Tbt: Anerlisa weds Ben Pol

It’s really disgusting to also see people offering to marry me yet you don’t even know me personally. Reality is I am not looking for anybody and I AM NOT FREE!!!

F boys in the DM

Well, as for those who assumed that Anerlisa is ready to take in guys with good looks, probably healthy beards but no money; Anerlisa had this to say to them;

And to the 80%F boys in my DM. Try pull up your socks and start working hard for your money. Looking for independent women to take of you is really short term. Women too get tired of taking care of you!!!! If you know, you know.


See God! Comedian Njoro lands TV job weeks after leaving rehab

Comedian Njoro has landed a new job on KTN; where he will be hosting a show dubbed #Chama Show alongside Wendy Loyce. The excited comedian revealed this through his Instagram page where he made the announcement; leaving a section of his fans quite excited and prayerful about the new journey.

The good news comes barely 3 months after he was discharged from rehab following a few mental issues caused by stress. And judging from how most jobs were affected by the pandemic, I guess Njoro is not the only one battling mental illness around the world.

However unlike most who can handle the pressure life has been throwing their way; Mr Njoro may have needed professional help and through his determination – everything was able to get back to normal.


New milestone

Well, as seen on the latest post shared by comedian Njoro we now understand that the young father of two is now part of the KTN group. This is after landing a hosting job #Chama Show on KTN – and judging from how funny Njoro is then I bet this show will be quite lit. He wrote;

Njoro lands new job

Always trust in God ,when the time is right he makes it happen ..never ever give up. Join us every Sunday on KTN news. Glory to God ..

So far Njoro who has proven to be quite hard working; and seeing that he has already started making money moves means 2021 will definitely be a successful year for him.

ONE ON ONE: “Wimbo na page ya Shakilla inasaidia bachelors waeze kunyonga!” Miracle Baby responds to Shakilla’s latest song

We all live in a time and age where negative news sell more than the positive ones. People will want to know how much debt you are drowning in, which celebrity is cheating on their wives, who dumped who etcetra.

Just to sum it all up, we all enjoy the drama that we get to see everyday from the internet. Just recently, an upcoming female socialite, Shakilla has been hitting headlines, claiming to have slept with Ringtone, Victor Wanyama, Willy Paul, Masauti, Brown Mauzo, Khaligraph and Mombasa County Governor, Hassan Joho.


She however had to apologize to Khaligraph only and emphasized that that is as far as the apologies went. The 19 year old is not in the best of terms with Wilson Abubakar Radido, popularly known as Willy Paul. The two seem to be at loggerheads since the Ndovu artist claimed to have warmed his bed.

We have witnessed the Prakata hitmaker claiming that he was behind Shakilla’s arrest for trespassing his residence but she refuted the claims and said that she was set up. At this point, we do not know who is telling the truth.

Shakilla makes comeback at Willy Paul

The teen socialite clapped back at ‘Bwana Mkunaji’ who had recently compared her goodies to that of an elephant. “Bwana Mkunaji better listen, this thing is hotter than your pants. I’m the baddest elephant out here… ndovu…”

She also said that her song is hotter than Pozee’s tool. During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, Peter Mwangi, popularly known as Miracle Baby, gave us his views about the Shakilla’s new song.

“At least bachelors wakiangalia page ama wimbo ya Shakilla wanaeza nyonga nazo.” He also told us that he does not mind the song and he thinks that it is nice.

Peter Miracle Baby

Is Willy Paul going to talk about the new diss track? Is he going to also release a song in response to Shakilla’s? In all honesty, I am also curious to see what will happen next.

For now all we can do is sit back and see how the drama will unfold.

Watch the full interview below.


Photo flop! Catherine Kamau hilarious response after fans shame her for photoshopping IG picture to look slimmer

Catherine Kamau has now joined the list of celebrities using photoshop to look slimmer on social media; and unfortunately for her, fans could not overlook the fact that she also enjoys the fake life.

This is after the mother of 2 shared a photo parading her curves on girls night out. Dressed in a figure hugging outfit looks like Catherine hopped her she would pull the flat tummy, tinny waist look; but having given birth about 9 months ago… this did not work out so well for her.

Her detective fans quickly went on to point out the weird looking shape between her arm and the flower vase seen on the post. Seeing that fans had already seen this, the mother of two wrote;

Catherine Kamau

 Console yourselves na photo shop , videos loading , never been fake , never will be sis ????

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Peer pressure?

Well, giving birth transforms a woman’s body in an unexpected manner; and just like most mums, Kate Kamau also added the baby fat weight. This can clearly be seen in her latest photos shared on her Instagram page.

Fans troll Catherine Kamau

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However due to the pressures of looking perfect she ended up giving fans a reason to troll and mock her for preaching water and drinking wine. But hey, who said a little photoshop hurts?

Good genes; Betty Kyallo blesses fans with an adorable baby photo of herself 

Betty Kyallo has once again left her fans talking after unveiling a never seen before photo taken back when she was still a toddler!

The former news anchor who is currently venturing into various businesses in town; left her fans speechless with a not so clear photo taken just a few weeks after she was born. Through her Instagram page, Betty Kyallo went on to caption the photo saying;

Small Berry! Chubby bae-ty!

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Judging from how adorable she looks back then; then it is only right to say that Betty beauty is not from makeup as many having been saying for years. Just one glance at the photo and it obvious to see that this fine toddler was going to be trouble; and after 3 decades she continues to turn heads.

Betty Kyallo on her knees for daughter Ivanna

Fans wilding

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In the comment section some of her male fans went on to ask for her ‘hand’ now that the photo confirmed her beauty is in the genes. Others went on to praise her as usual – I mean, a celebrity like her gets all the love from fan, right?

Below is the adorable photo that has left some fans looking to give Betty baby number 2.

Betty Kyallo as a baby

Benzema reveals why he turned down Noti Flow despite being in a position to bed her (Video)

Gengetone artist from Ochungulo family, Benzema says he has no beef with Noti Flow despite the lady ruining his reputation on social media. Just a while back, the Noti Flow went on to accuse Benzema of trying to sleep with her without a protection.

The story did not however shock many since some fans had already concluded that the two had already been together. Could be there characters that pushed fans to assume but oh well; with projects like ngwatiology who wouldn’t think so?

However speaking on Jalang’o TV for the first time about his alleged relationship with Noti Flow; Benzema went on to share unknown details and for sure we are in shock!

Speculated lovers, Benzema and Noti Flow

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Benzema said No

Well turns out that Noti Flow and Benzema had been experiencing some spark; and both being naughty chances are that they would have ended up together.

However Benzema now claims that Noti Flow passed out during the recording of photo moto; and unlike what many know, he did not even think of sleeping with her.

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Just like the humble man he is says, Benzema says that he opted not to be with Noti Flow after learning her character. To him, there are several things that turn him off about the lady and her voice happens to be one.

Otile Browns reveals why fellow artists are to blame for the corrupt MCSK

Otile Brown has come out to support Willy Paul’s message where be blames the government for letting the MCSKK steal from artists. According to Willy Paul, the government should at least follow up on these officials; who continue benefiting from other people’s efforts.

So far Khaligraph Jones has been on the forefront fighting for what belongs to artists in Kenya; however most seem contented with the little they keep making hence making it hard to show serious this matter is.

Speaking to artists (musicians) in the country, singer Otile Brown has come forth blaming them for their pride and ignorance. According to Otile Brown the industry needs unity to help fight the corrupt officials; but most musicians in the industry prefer sideling themselves when such matters arise.

Khaligraph Jones’ no-nonsense look with daughter Amina Jones Ouko

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Time to take back control

Through his instagram page, Otile went on to open up about this issue in a detailed post; where he made it known that artists in the industry are the reason why MCSKK feels untouchable. He wrote;

Kwa wasani wanaodhani Willy Paul anazingua ni kwa sababu hizo hizozitafanya tubaki kuishi kwenye ma apartments na hit songs kama 100….

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He went on to encourage artists on the importance of standing together when such matters (theft from MCSKK) arise. He went on to write;

Tupunguze viburi na tue na umoja na tutafika mbali at least ikija kwenye issue kama hizi. Kila mtu nimwoga ata mimi pia muoga sana ila tukiwa naumoja itatupatia wepesi.

Otile Brown

Boy-child amechoka! City pastor’s warning towards women using layers of makeup to lure men into marriages

Man of God, Godfrey Migwi is fed up with how women are using makeup to dup men into marrying them! Of course the power of expensive makeup can easily transform a woman from looking like an average lady to a diva!

So far we have witnessed several shocking transformations; and this is definitely what seems to be upsetting the city pastor Godfrey Migwi who has seen couples end their marriage because of such  issues.

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Well, thanks to a new post shared on his social media pages; the pastor has vowed not to conduct any marriage if the groom has never seen his brides bare face. He went on to open up about this issue saying he will only agree to marry a couple; only if a man reveals he has seen his fiance without make up for 3 straight weeks.

Pastor Migwi blasts women for using too much make up

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I decree and declare as a called and ordained minister of the gospel by God’s grace of this generation; and as a licensed pastor in this nation through our constitution; that I will never officiate any wedding in the church if the man have not get the prevarage to see the bride face to face without makeups at least three weeks in their courtship.

Boy child under siege

Speaking on behalf of the boychild; pastor Migwi expressed the disappointment most men have been facing after marrying someone who doesn’t exist.

For this reason, it is about time the boy child started standing up for himself as they refuse to be lied to. The known pastor went on to conclude his post saying;

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And I urge other church ministers to follow suit; this is one of the most part of the reasons people divorce akioga unaona mtu mwingine mwenye hawafanani na yule wako ulioa unakua confused
#marriageworks #divorceAllover #counsellorDuty

But honestly with how women continue to master the art of face painting; we can’t help but wonder how many men are trapped in marriages with strangers. But again, makeup is life too!

Nana Owiti reveals how she ‘wifed herself’ way before rapper, King Kaka even proposed (Video)

Nikubaya! Yes, the ratio between men and women is currently 1:3 and the ladies out here are doing everything possible to settle down before hitting that big 3-0!

To prove times are hard, Nana Owiti who is married to King Kaka recently opened up revealing how she started taking care of King Kaka; way before she knew he would pick her as a lifetime partner.

Unlike the usual slay queens who would have been blinded by his fame and money, Nana took it upon herself to make sure King Kaka was comfortable.

King Kaka and wifey

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From her recent interview Switch Tv’s chatspot,  Nana revealed that washed, cleaned and cooked for her man. According to Nana, her reason for doing this was to see whether she could help build the relationship; by just not love but through actions!

Don’t be fooled

This seems to have worked for her but I can assure you that many have washed, cleaned; and pushed a man to becoming a better person but still ended up single. So somehow this becomes a gamble or bet inachomeka!

Co-parents, King Kaka and Sage

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Anyway three presenters admitted to having served their boyfriends or rather ‘wifed themselves;’ but Nana Owiti seems to be the only one who walked away with the prize!

If you remember well, about 6 years ago King Kaka was said to be involved with singer Sage and Nana Owiti. The two ladies got pregnant the same year and both welcomed baby girls; but through it all, King Kaka decided to settle with long term girlfriend, Nana.

Bitter or sweet? Lulu Hassan opens up about working with her hubby, Rashid Abdalla!

Citizen TV’s news anchor Lulu Hassan recently had a question and answer session with fans on social media. This was aimed at answering some of the burning questions most of her fans have had for a while now; but never got the chance to ask them.

As seen on her IG page, the mother of 3 went on to tell fans;

Ask me a question

To which one of her fans used this opportunity to find out how Lulu Hassan feels working with her husband.

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A question we r always asked. How is it 2 work with your spouse?

Lulu Hassan’s response

Of course this is a question we have been dying to have both Lulu Hassan and husband, Rashid Abdalla respond to! And finally it is here. Well unluckily for those who assumed the two get bored with each other since they both work at the same place; and still get to head home to each other!

Contrary to this, turns out that Lulu Hassan actually enjoys working with her husband. She revealed this while responding back to her fan. According to Lulu Hassan, working with her husband/children’s father is amazing and if I am not wrong, the lass would never trade this feeling for any other!

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The anchor responded;

The best feeling ever!

Lulu Hassan

Although these two appear to have what looks like a perfect marriage; we can assure you that all this is just photos you see! No marriage under the sun runs smoothly however how the couple chooses to handle their problems on and off social media is what matters!

However we can’t ignore the fact that these two continue to prove that marriages are a beautiful thing! No?

Yvonne Okwara makes TV comeback after undergoing successful surgery (Photo)

Yvonne Okwara has been missing in action for a few weeks; and now we understand that she had taken a medical leave.

In a detailed post shared on her instagram page, Yvonne opened up about a condition she had been battling and after trying different medications; her doctors opted for surgery in order to help get rid of the excruciating pain she had been experiencing.

Through her instagram page the lovely Yvonne came out clean about her condition; adding that she had been dealing with two slip discs in her lower spine. Unfortunately, the discs had been causing extreme pain for her entire body making it hard for her function normally.

The lovely Yvonne Okwara

The Citizen TV anchor narrated this through her page saying;

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Hey guys. It’s been a while. Missed y’all.. I’m alive and well! ???? But I needed to take a step back and look after my mind and body. I’ve been dealing with 2 slip discs in my lower spine. Which have caused excruciating, chronic pain for close to 2 years now.

Back like she never left

However having spent a few weeks taking care of herself from home, Ms Yvonne resumed work on August 6, 2020 leaving her fans all excited! Her timing may have been more than perfect especially since many had already started assuming that she lost her job!

About her illness, Okwara went on to say;

Citizen TVs Okwara

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One day I’ll write about what it’s like living with chronic pain. Every day. Putting on a brave face at work, with friends and how it changes your life, the mind and how exhausting and limiting it is. Always lurking in the background as you try to go about with your life.

But with a talent like hers, confidence and of course black beauty, we totally understand why her presence on TV had been missed dearly!


“She threw my things out” 24 year old funny man Flaqo narrates how he was dumped for being broke

Comedian Flaqo has been making headlines for months now thanks to his hilarious video. Just like most comedians, the 24 year old also happens to have a story to tell…and believe me, no one starts from the top!

Speaking during a recent interview on Carolina Hot Edition, the young man opened up about an incident where he was dumped for being broke. According to Flaqo, his then girlfriend had no patience in his career; and for some reason she felt that he wouldn’t go far.

He went on to add that despite his efforts to come up with good content; the person closest to him (girlfriend) was the first one to put him down with her harsh words. He went on to say;

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In my previous relationship, that time I was broke and there are chics who just don’t entertain broke guys. So that chic dumped because I was broke. Aliniambia ‘I’m tired of this upcoming stuff. You are always upcoming’ can you imagine she told me that.

Kicked out

Although Flaqo says he had not been living with his girlfriend; he happens to have left a few stuff at her house like normal couples do. However, having disappointed her with his promises that never came to pass; Flaqo says he one day came home to find his belongings had been thrown out.

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That was after nimemaliza shule so when I was going back to school, nikalipata she threw my things outside. I had kept my things in her house when I was leaving school. It was so embarrassing at that time. Two months after that, I got famous.

“Hakuwa anataka kucheza chini!” Willis Raburu talks about his crazy high school girlfriend (Video)

Willis Raburu is the latest guest to be featured on Jessy Junction where he opened up about his life from primary school to where he is now.

Being in the company of MC Jessy, a comedian; I bet this is one of the most interesting interviews we have come to see so far. After interviewing Maureen Waititu he then moved to the Bahati’s and now Willis Raburu who has left fans cracked up with his untold stories from Kisumu.

First girlfriend

So it turns out that Willis Raburu has always been a bad boy always getting into trouble thanks to his cheeky personality. Speaking to MC Jessy, the Citizen TV news anchor opened up for the first time revealing reason why he was once kicked out of school.

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Well, it was not because of stealing, bullying or using drugs but because of Grace. The first girlfriend he had in High school; and boy was Raburu swept off his feet by the lass.

Speaking to Jessy, Willis Raburu went on to reveal that despite having a strict father; he somehow turned out to be biggest joker in the family and unfortunately Grace made it worse.

Raburu who is known to speak out his mind confessed to having fallen in love with Grace; but for him this was all fun and games until his girl proved that she was ready to do anything their love – and this is how Willis got his first suspension.

Joey Muthengi with Willis Raburu

She was crazy!

Raburu went on to describe the ex as ‘crazy’ as he had never met a woman with such characters before.

According to Willis, despite having been warned by their principal his girlfriend Grace could not keep her hands off her. At some point the two were caught romancing in the classroom which later led the two to being suspended.

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Before the two weeks suspension, Raburu says the principal made it his business to embarrass him during parade time – and the shame he received on that day tormented him until he went back to being humble. Raburu went on to say;

Alikuwa kichwa ngumu, sampuli ya hii ya moses Kuria. It was really a case, we were supposed to! And they became serious about it and they (school teachers) even started weeding people out. Next time ukipatikana suspension.

Unluckily for them, they had to miss school for two weeks; yet their love probably did not last the whole term!

Can your girlfriend even? 6 times Natalie Tewa stepped out looking a million bucks

Natalie Tewa is the lady rumored to be rolling around with governor and Suna East MP, Junet Mohamed.

This is after KoT spotter her handbag sitting right in-front of MP Junet Mohamed! Although it is not clear whether the bag belongs to Natalie Tewa; social media especially Twitter don’t seem interested in anything more than linking her to the politicians.

Well, some will say ‘a girl got to it’ but hey these streets need a hustler to survive and I guess this is why the alleged lass could not turn down such an offer when it only comes once in a lifetime.

Apart from that as of now we understand that Joho and Junet Mohammed are in Dubai to see; former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga following his recent surgery.

Travel and lifestyle vlogger, Natalie Tewa

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Natalie Tewa’s hot photos

Away from that Ghafla has managed to secure a few photos from Natalie’s page showing how hot this young lady is.

Unlike most young women, Natalie has been blessing her fans with nothing but the best photos; not forgetting her flashy lifestyle that has often left many women jealous of her.

To prove this, we have compiled a few photos showing the type of life Natalie lives and if not wrong; this might remind you that type of people sliding into her DM!

Also looking at her photos, well….we can confirm that these beauties get hotter after breaking up! I’d hate to be her ex right now!

Miss Natalie Tewa
Natalie Tewa looking all glammed up
Natalie Tewa outdoor pose
Photo credits; Tewa Natalie
Joho’s alleged girlfriend Natalie Tewa

Baby on board! Corazon Kwamboka and Maureen Waititu’s baby daddy expecting their first child together!

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It are expecting their first child who will be here in less than 3 months!

This was confirmed and announced by a source close to the couple after disclosing the information to Nairobi News. According to the Corazon Kwamboka is in her 2nd trimester after confirming the pregnancy is now 6 months.

This comes as a big surprise since Frankie Just Gym It seems to have moved on quite fast; besides having had a family with hot Blogger Maureen Waititu – who also happens to be the mother of his his two boys.

Well if you thought Corazon and Frankie started their relationship just recently; then you might just have to do the math because these two seem ready to start celebrity family. The source close to the two went on to narrate;

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Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon is expecting and the baby daddy is Frankie Just Gym It. They are keeping it a secret. The information I got is that she is six months pregnant as we speak and if you may have noticed lately she hasn’t been posting full pictures of herself on Instagram

Corazon Kwamboka’s wealth

Having started her career as a socialite, Kwamboka made enough money to sustain not just herself but her businesses. The lady was said to have invested the money in several businesses and her education as we all know she graduated with a bachelors in Law.


Although Frankie moved on quite too fast – we cannot blame the guy as he appears to have fallen in love with the curvaceous socialite; who will soon be welcoming his 3rd child,

Maureen Waititu on the other hand has been focusing on her two boys; but fans on her end can’t help but hope she moves on with the right man soon. However question is, is she ready to let go of the man she built her world around?

Why Juliani quit the gospel music industry!

Singer Juliani has come out to tell his fans not to expect any new gospel music from him. This comes just a few weeks before he releases his fourth album as promised on his social media pages.

Having had a humble background, Juliani did not have it easy while growing up. He faced the rough side of life that inspired him to aim higher; and years later the singer is recognized as one of the most talented acts in the country.

Speaking recently during an interview, Juliani opened up revealing why he has not been releasing any new gospel music. Well according to him, this is because he has been focusing on social justice; a topic that many hustlers from the hood would relate with!


Juliani quits gospel music

He went on to add that he cannot pretend to be praising while people are dying of hunger; yet no one wants to address such matters. He went on to say;

I got saved in 2005 but sio ati mimi ni Mkirsto mzuri. I got involved with the community with Mau Mau and Kalamashaka then I started doing music.

Life in the hood

He went on to add that having grown up in the hood; he has enough issues which he can help address through his music. He went on to say;

I come from the hood and you can’t talk about what you don’t know. Even if I’m to sing gospel songs, I can’t sing praise and worship while I see people go hungry.


For him, what matters most is making changes in the society as he understands the issues most people in the ghetto go through. In conclusion the father of one adorable baby girl said;

You have to talk about what you are going through and your interpretation of life at that particular time. So it was easier for me that way.


Also, because of my background with Mau Mau and K-Shaka, I couldn’t just talk about one thing and not document what’s happening at that particular time in my life and the people around me.

Bahati bitter after Harmonize makes surprise move confirming friendship is over!

Bahati is ready to risk it all for a song or clout as seen on his social media pages! The controversial gospel artist recently shocked many with his detailed post dedicated to Harmonize.

In the post, Bahati went on to call out Harmonize for being selfish; and ungrateful towards his former boss, Simba aka Diamond Platnumz.

 I Believe your Boss is not a Perfect Man; Ata Mimi amenikosea, Aliwachana na Sister Wa Mine but Sahi Niko Kwa Maombi Warudiane. ???? BUT MY POINT IS.., his Mistakes Cannot be Compared with the Kind heart that pushed him to pick you Up from the Streets and Made You who You’re Today. God Used him to Introduce you to the World!

Harmonize hits hard with new jam Hainistui
Harmonize aka Tembo

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As seen on the post, Bahati did not hold back from pointing a finger at Harmonize; who is currently running his own music label dubbed, Konde Gang. In the post, the Kenyan singer went on remind harmonize the importance of humility adding the beef was unncessary. He went on to add saying;

As I Close My preaching I will Tell You… Go Humble, Apologize and Walk away with Your Blessings. Bro- Unajua Baba Ni Baba ata Awe Mchawiii… Hivyo Baba anauwezo Wakubariki na Kulahani…

Harmonize unfollows Baha

After coming across the post, Harmonize seems to have taken time before unfollowing Bahati. Altough their was no explanation, it’s evident to see that Harmonize did not want to engage in a back and forth with the controversial singer.

Bahati on the other hand felt hurt after being unfollowed; and as expected he went on to rant through a detailed post where he refered to Harmonize as  Nigga among other names. He wrote;

Bahati’s post

LOVE YOU TZ ???????? …. But I just Noticed Harmonize is a Coward!!! Nigga #UnFollowed Me Because he Can’t Just Swallow the Truth. Sidhani Naitaji Huyu Gatheeee… Mkimuona Mwambieni I’m the GHETTO PRESIDENT ???? Na Kuanzia Leo Nisiwahi Sikia Akijiita Tembo… Mimi Ndio #TEMBO ???????????? NA HOPE TANZANIA NA KENYA TUMEKUBALIANA KWA HILO????

Why Sailors’ Miracle Baby thinks Ex Ray from Boondocks is not man enough!

The last few days have not been easy for both team Sailors and Boondocks thanks to the ongoing beef between miracle baby and Exray.

It all started with a post from Exray who issued a warning to Miracle baby for being a snitch. As seen on the post, the Boondocks member went on to add; the only way to solve this was to either to meet face to face or in court.

In response Miracle baby decided to add more injury as he abused Exray for being a lazy man in bed. According to Miracle who proudly prides in being a village boy; Exray’s woman has apparently been getting help from other mwn to satisfy her needs.

Weak bedroom skills

In the post which was deleted just a few moments after posting, Miracle baby went on to write saying;

Sikatai mimi ni proudly waOcha atleast najua kulima…silimiwi dame

Miracle babyWith this post there are those who felt Miracle baby overstepped the boundary. However since they both have some serious beef, then all fans could do is watch from the sidelines.

Exray responds

Responding to the poor bedroom allegations, Exray also went on to share new information about Miracle baby. In several posts shared on his page; the singer accused his former friend of being gay. He went on to back this up using a video where Miracle baby is seen shaking his booty!

Miracle baby accused of being gay

Looking at the clip, one can see that this might have been a harmless dance; as Miracle is seen entertaining his friends. However a member from the Boondocks management confirmed that the ongoing beef is real. He went on to to add that things have not been looking so good for the boys however with time they will be solving this too.

With the current lockdown, fans were however expecting new projects and not drama from these two artists. At least now that everything is on standstill; they should manage their time getting creative. But all in all a little drama wouldnt hurt right?

Mama Dangote’s adorable step son celebrates 1st birthday in style! (Photos)

Uncle Shamte who is married to Mama Dangote is proud to be referred to as Diamond and Esma Khan’s father.

Since getting married to the singer’s mum; Shamte’s life has undeniably changed in ways he also can’t explain nor is he ready to change the situation.

With money coming in through the several businesses owned by Diamond Platnumz; Uncle Shamte has been on the forefront pushing for profits. Word has it that his love for the finer life could not be stopped even if it meant him never seeing his son, Ehsan ever again.

Shamte’s son

About a year ago, Shamte welcomed his first child with his girlfriend Iffah before walking out on her. According to reports, Shamte chose Mama Dangote over the lady he had been with for years; and as seen on some of Iffah’s posts, he chose the money and not love.

Uncle Shamte’s son

Since then, Shamte has been quite absent in his son’s life and he continues to live like everything is fine.

Son celebrates birthday

Well, the young boy celebrated his first birthday on 14th May marking his first year on planet earth.

Unfortunately as the boy celebrated his birthday, his other family was in mourning following the death of Shamte’s father that occured on 14th May 2020.

Iffah who is Uncle Shamte’s baby mama went on to mark her son’s birthday with special birthday message where she wrote;

Iffah with son, Ehsan

 Happy 1st birthday my only son ????????u grow very fast so as u make me surprise ????always I pray for you and I really love u my little hansham boy????????

In yet another post Iffah confirmed the passing of Mzee Shamte saying;

Hbd doctor wangu na pole sana kwa kuondokewa na wajina wako mzee shamte mungu amlaze mahali pema peponi amin????RIP MZEE SHAMTE ????

Uncle Shamte who is currently in mourning did not acknowledge his son’s birthday not just because of his father’s death; but to avoid issues with mama Diamond Patnumz.

Baby Ehsan

Anyway, sooner or later Shamte might just settle for a blended family; to ensure in future he does not get treated like Mzee Juma who continues to suffer despite having a son like Diamond Platnumz.

Ehsan with his mum

Rest in peace Mzee! Diamond Platnumz family in mourning

Diamond Platnumz and his entire family are in mourning after losing one of their beloved family members, Mzee Shamte! The news shared by Mama Dangote through her instagram page went on to mourn her father in law who passed on , 14th May morning.

As seen on her post, Mama Dangote indeed confirmed that her father in law was no more; however details about the cause of his death remain unknown to the public. Her husband, Uncle Shamte on the other had mourned his late dad in a short post where he wrote;



Although Uncle Shamte who is popularly known as Mama Dangote’s husband has not been in good terms with his family; the young man sometimes appreciated them through his social media pages as blood is thicker than water. Rumor however has it that Uncle Shamte’s sisters have been against his relationship with the old lady; and this is why he no longer gets along with any of them.


Legally married

According to rumors, Uncle Shamte dumped his young wife for Mama Dangote who at last ended up being his legal wife. To them age is nothing but a number and far as love is concerned, these two will not be parting ways anytime soon.

Mama Dangote in mourning

So far Shamte is not only recognized by Diamond Platnumz, but by the entire Dangote family including Mzee Juma who fathered Diamond Platnumz. While the public continues to bash him for choosing money over his son; uncle Shamte is never too shy to show off how perfect his life has since been after meeting Sandra!

Anyway, we shall update fans on what caused Baba Shamte’s death but as for now fans; and family continue to send messages of condolences as they mourn the loss of their father in law. According to the Islam customs, the late Baba Shamte will be laid to rest today before 4pm. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Is Tanasha Donna the sole provider for her son? Manager speaks

Tanasha Donna welcomed her first born baby NJ, at 23 years and being a first time mum she definitely had a hard time; but thanks to mama Dangote she learnt a few tricks here and there to help manage the stress.

After her break up with Diamond Platnumz, the Kenyan singer returned home; and rumor has it that she has been living in her old apartment before she moves to her new Runda home.  So far Tanasha Donna has been making headlines for the wrong reasons however I guess that is the price you pay for fame!

Anyway, as the world marked Mother’s Day on 10th May; African Castro who is Tanasha’s manager left tongues wagging with his special message dedicated to the young singer. As seen on the screenshot shared by Tanasha, Castro not only praised mama NJ for the job well done; but for ensuring her son doesn’t sleep hungry.

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Kenyan songbird, Tanasha Donna

Castro’s message

This was one of the messages Tanasha received as she marked her first year of being a mother. The words written by Castro were however filled with love and support for the young who is still learning different tactics of hacking motherhood.

He wrote on to write saying;

Good Morning ain’t it a blessing to wake up one morning from a young lady; to becoming a woman! Am proud of you, especially as a single mom. You have done what it takes to ensure your son never goes to bed without a meal and wake up to your love.

He went on to reveal that Tanasha has since matured into a fine young mum who understands the importance of motherhood. He concluded his message saying;

You are a wonder, special, super being I watched you learn how to be patient with yourself since nothing in nature blooms in a year. Phenomenal. Happy mother’s Day my G.

However there are those who feel that the message clearly wanted to point out that the young lass is the sole provider of her baby boy. Could it be that Diamond Platnumz is busy helping the poor but is neglecting his own?