Betty Kyalo rewarded with sweet Pokot name after interviewing West Pokot Governor Lonyangapuo

Betty Kyalo will be having West Pokot Governor, John Lonyangapuo, on her next show “Up Close With Betty’.

Taking to social media, Kyalo confirmed that was given a Pokot name after the candid interview with the popular county head.

“My new Pokot name Asis Sotin Cheporwala (Sun) given by the people and the good Governor John Lonyangapuo. Good morning,” she wrote on her social media.

Nice person

Betty also added that the governor has a very warm personality.

“For real, he is hilarious! Such an amazing leader. Enjoying the shoot. You guys will love it!” she said. 

As expected, Kenyans warned Betty not to marry the governor.

“We will be happy if you accept to be the second lady of our governor,” one user wrote.

“Betty I hope that’s not dowry being presented at the back,” said another. 

“Betty, you should get married now. The clock is really ticking. I am single and looking. That said, being a second wife is not a good idea. It’s like having a car spare tire.” 

‘What a shame. Desperate to sell copies by using my name’ Betty Kyalo calls out Steve Muendo and Pulse Magazine 

TV news anchor Betty Kyallo has called out Standard Newspaper’s Pulse Magazine for republishing an interview she did nearly seven months ago to make a story appear fresh.

Pulse Magazine published an article alleging to have spoken to Betty concerning her plans to settle down; seeking her comment on Dennis Okari’s wedding. The piece has been recycled now that the two ex-lovers have been opening up about their new relationships.

Betty took to social media to call out her former employers, saying that they are desperate to sell copies.

“What a shame Pulse Magazine. You used an interview I did 7 months ago just to make a story relevant now. How unprofessional and uncouth. Steve Muendo we did an interview August last year, but in this article you deliberately decided to make it sound like we did the interview recently which is misleading and a lie,. Even fabricated lies about what I said in the last one week just to make a connection to unrelated event. What a shame for a publication like yours. Desperate to sell copies by using my name.” reads part of Betty Kyallo.


Betty was also angry that some of the photos used were current and Pulse made up a quote that Betty claims never said.

“Some of the pictures You used Were from a recent event I attended, you referred to a trip and supposed relationship that I’ve never discussed with you. I just want to tell the public that I didn’t comment recently on any of the things in this article and that the writer Steve whom I actually considered a friend fabricated a lot of this article. The last time I spoke to the writer was in August 2018 during a previous recorded interview but he’s used that to fabricate a story relevant For now. Just unfortunate and disappointing!” wrote Betty Kyallo.

‘I’m a single parent’ Betty Kyallo talks about raising her daughter without Dennis Okari’s help

K24’s news anchor Betty Kyallo has revealed that her baby daddy Dennis Okari is not part of their daughter’s life. Apparently the young mum has been raising her daughter single handedly and from the look of things; she doesn’t mind this.

Betty Kyallo revealed this during a question and answer session on her Instagram page. This is however not the first time the lady is revealing that her baby daddy is absent in his daughter’s life.

What is more surprising is that apparently Dennis Okari refuses to see his own child. This comes after Betty Kyallo and Okari’s bitter breakup that saw them split just a few months after their glamorous wedding.

According to reports the two no longer see eye to eye – something that has now forced Betty Kyallo to raise her baby girl on her own.

Okari with his daughter

Dennis Okari remarries

In yet another post, Betty Kyallo reveals that she is indeed happy for Dennis Okari who now has a new wife. She goes on to add that she wishes him nothing but the best while answering the question below.