Betty Kyalo: “2019 I’m hiding my lover from social media. And No, i’m not pregnant.”

If you haven’t noticed, Betty Kyalo has added some weight this year and we at Ghafla have been preaching that it’s all because she’s in love.

The K24 news anchor recently opened up about her love life saying that she has a man now but is not going to post her on social media like Vera Sidika and all these other ladies.

Also, just because she’s in love doesn’t mean she’s going to settle down any time soon.

“Tulisema 2019 tunawaficha. I want to enjoy time with him silently. It’s better and sweeter. I’m not in a hurry to get married again. For now, mbele iko sawa,” kyallo said.


People have also been speculating that she might be pregnant considering her recent weight gain. Kyalo denied this adding that even her daughter is not yet ready for a sister/brother.

“Lol, pregnant! Aki mnapenda kupangia mtu maisha, you’ll scare my mum. No, I’m not. Maybe in a few years. For now, Ivanna (her daughter) can’t even stand another child getting my attention,” she said. 

K24 journalist, Betty Kyallo has no regrets ditching home for the wild

Popular TV journalist, Betty Kyallo might have exited her first home, KTN to the disappointment of many only to unleash a better version of the Lioness in her.

The day she dumped KTN, regardless of whichever station she was heading to, masses had a sure bet she would not thrive as much as she did while at KTN.

However, she proved the world wrong after stepping into K24 and changing the entire mindset Kenyans had about the Media Max-owned station.

Betty took up her anchoring role in K24 and has never looked back.

It has been interview after another, right from the entertainment world to the political world. It is just the who-is-who.

In an exclusive interview with ´Mpasho´ the TV siren shares:

Working at K24 has been so refreshing.

It was indeed the right choice especially after being at KTN for 8 years.

I´ve made new friends, new amazing content and new audiences.

I´m happy and completely settled. Pat on my back.

Further listing her favorite guests whom she has interviewed on her weekly segment, ¨Up Close with Betty¨.

My favorite was Wawira Njiru.

She´s only 26 and has made a huge difference in the life of school going kids.

She provides lunch for over 10,000 kids everyday and that´s just amazing.

She challenged and inspired me.


That´s just not it, with celebrated comedian-cum-MC, DJ Shiti having captured her spirit too.

DJ Shitti was so lovely because I laughed the entire day!

However all the episodes have been so great and I thank all my guests.

And it definitely goes without saying, that Betty is a brand that flourishes and blooms regardless of her surrounding.

Not forgetting she is ranked among the top influences in Kenya.

Betty Kyalo: Okari didn’t marry my bridesmaid. I don’t know that woman

News anchor Betty Kyalo has refuted claims that her ex-husband Dennis Okari’s new catch is one of her close friends.

Betty got married to Okari in October 2, 2015. The two however broke up just six months after their wedding.

Okari now has another wife Naomi Joy and Kenyans were quick to claim that the flower girl in his first wedding turned out to be his wife in the second wedding.

Kyalo, speaking to Jalang’o, completely denied this saying that she doesn’t know the lady who Kenyans claim is her friend.

“No no no I don’t know her (Naomi Joy) kabisa. The lady who was my best-maid back in the day was Rosy Ohon the gospel artiste, this is not the same girl,” said Betty Kyallo.


Okari married his sweetheart Naomi Joy in a low key wedding held on 15th January 2019 but Kenyans had to find away to drag her into the drama. Betty also confessed that she wasn’t jealous Okari has moved on.

‘What a shame. Desperate to sell copies by using my name’ Betty Kyalo calls out Steve Muendo and Pulse Magazine 

TV news anchor Betty Kyallo has called out Standard Newspaper’s Pulse Magazine for republishing an interview she did nearly seven months ago to make a story appear fresh.

Pulse Magazine published an article alleging to have spoken to Betty concerning her plans to settle down; seeking her comment on Dennis Okari’s wedding. The piece has been recycled now that the two ex-lovers have been opening up about their new relationships.

Betty took to social media to call out her former employers, saying that they are desperate to sell copies.

“What a shame Pulse Magazine. You used an interview I did 7 months ago just to make a story relevant now. How unprofessional and uncouth. Steve Muendo we did an interview August last year, but in this article you deliberately decided to make it sound like we did the interview recently which is misleading and a lie,. Even fabricated lies about what I said in the last one week just to make a connection to unrelated event. What a shame for a publication like yours. Desperate to sell copies by using my name.” reads part of Betty Kyallo.


Betty was also angry that some of the photos used were current and Pulse made up a quote that Betty claims never said.

“Some of the pictures You used Were from a recent event I attended, you referred to a trip and supposed relationship that I’ve never discussed with you. I just want to tell the public that I didn’t comment recently on any of the things in this article and that the writer Steve whom I actually considered a friend fabricated a lot of this article. The last time I spoke to the writer was in August 2018 during a previous recorded interview but he’s used that to fabricate a story relevant For now. Just unfortunate and disappointing!” wrote Betty Kyallo.

Kwani ni uhai? Betty Kyalo tired of Kenyans asking her to get married 

Former KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo divorced with fellow news anchor Dennis Okari almost three years ago after being married less than an year.

Since then, the popular news anchor has never really gotten another man who she can call “hers” and Kenyans are beginning to get impatient.

30 years

Kenyans have been pestering her with questions on when she’s getting married now that she’s 30 years old and Kyalo is tired.

“Please use this opportunity to enjoy your marriage please when you are still young,” a fan asked her pissing her off. 

Betty could not help but wonder why everyone was so keen on marriage like it was the only thing life was about.

“Surely is marriage the ultimate life goal?” she retorted.

K24 anchors welcome Betty Kyallo to her new workplace (Photos)

Betty Kyallo has not been seen on Kenyan television screens anchoring news since August 3rd 2018 when she officially left KTN.

The mother of one left KTN alongside other top journalists Dennis Onsarigo, Yvonne Okwara and Mashirima Kapombe who joined other stations.

Betty has joined K24, she is yet to start anchoring news on the TV station but she as been reporting to work at Mediamax to prepare for her big debut.


K24 family has warmly welcomed Betty to her new workplace, she was since rubbing shoulders with K24 anchors and including Eric Njoka, Anjlee Gadhvi, Mwanaisha Chidzuga.

Betty also hanged out with Milele FM presenters (Milele FM is a subsidiary of Mediamax) Jalang’o and Alex Mwakidau: