Misplaced priorities? Robert Alai blasts Maina Kageni for buying new 2020 BMW X6 on loan money!

Robert Alai has always been on Maina Kageni’s case since 2013; and this time around, Alai just needed to share his thoughts after learning that Maina Kageni spent Ksh 8M on new 2020 BMW X6.

According to reports the new 2020 BMW X6 is not like any other ordinary car. It is ranked as the most expensive SUV the German luxury brand has ever sold; and this is because of its performance while on the road.

Well, Maina Kageni happens to be the first person to allegedly own it in East Africa. And judging from his love of finer toys and life this is no surprise; but according to Robert Alai, this is a waste of money especially with the pandemic leaving many jobless.

Classic 105 presenter, Maina Kageni

Alai fires shots

As seen on a tweet shared on Alai’s page, he criticized Maina Kageni for allegedly taking up a loan to buy the car; adding that he would never pull such a move for luxury.

Asset finance. I am not having. Just saying!!! But one of the most useless assets.

Robert Alai attacks Maina Kageni

This is not the first time Alai is attacking Maina Kageni on social media. About 5 years ago he went on to reveal that Maina Kageni used connections to acquire his job at Classic 105.

According to Alai, Maina being termed as the best radio presenter was just unnecessary noise; since no tested all talents in Kenya to conclude that Maina’s voice was special.

Not quite sure why the blogger has strong dislike feelings towards Maina Kageni; but this time around he could be hating for the right reasons – that is if Maina indeed took up a loan to buy his new toy!

But will Maina Kageni respond to Alai’s allegations? Let us wait and see!

Blogger, Robert Alai marched to DCI headquarters after defying high orders against publishing gruesome photos

Controversial Kenyan blogger, Robert Alai arrested in Nairobi a day after police warning over his publishing of explicit content.


The police have forewarned the blogger against publishing photos of terror victims on social media.

An order Alai has gone against retweeting:

The issue here is not about posting those photos, for me it’s about the risks we’re putting our officers in terror prone zones

We spent millions on armored cars which turns out to be substandard given how they’re always blown up.

This is the real issue wacheni games.

Charles Owino´s argument is that if any of the officers´ family members are to come across such photos, it will be traumatizing for them.

On Monday, the National Commission on Integration Commission (NCIC) condemned Alai´s actions, accusing him of glorifying terrorism.

Whereas Mr Alai has the freedom of expression,

such publications can be interpreted as propaganda for war which is not protected under the Constitution of Kenya.

A crime that is punishable, according to the law as it risks harm to the country´s armed forces as well as their loved ones.


The blogger however soon after shares on social media:

I will continue to speak out for the poor police officers who are neglected, and their allowances taken by “wakubwa.”

We must give our men and women who die wearing uniform, respect, dignity and honor they deserve.

We shouldn’t treat our cops like dogs. I am angry!!

Shortly after backed by popular activist, Boniface Mwangi affirming:

It is immoral and criminal for the government to transport bodies of dead officers like trash.

There was no bodybags, not even bedsheets to cover their bodies.

The question is, where are the 30 armoured vehicles President Uhuru Kenyatta posed with in 2017?

However, Robert Alai has since then been picked and escorted to the DCI headquarters on Kiambu road.


The National Police Service on Monday picked on netizens who have been posting horrific photos of the Wajir attack.

Let this be a warning that such unpalatable acts shall not be tolerated.

Police spokesperson, Charles Owino told journalists that action will be taken, if anyone defies orders given.

This is in a statement addressing the press articulating:

As we mourn our fallen heroes,

posting of their pictures online by one blogger is very unfortunate, inhuman, glorifies terror & is tantamount to supporting terrorism.

This is indeed the lowest we can go.

We condemn this act in the strongest terms possible.

It is not only unpatriotic but is equally uncouth and unacceptable

Alai has reportedly posted bodies of the fallen Kenyan police officers whose vehicle ran over an Improvised Explosive Device during the weekend.


Roughly 12 officers died following the attack by Al-Shabaab militants in Wajir East.