Captain Otoyo’s father laid to rest (Photos)

Radio presenter Kazungu Matano popularly known as Captain Otoyo lost his dad on Wednesday, 22 September; and the posts shared on his page looks like Mzee Matano was later laid to rest a few hours later.

Captain Otoyo

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Although one would expect captain Otoyo to break down due to the loss; turns out that this was more of a celebratory event as their dad lived enough to see his children and grand children grow.

From Otoyo’s post, we understand that the old man died at 80 years; which would explain why Otoyo refereed to him as a Mugumo tree.

Mzee Matano laid to rest

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The Mugumo Tree has fallen. My Dad, mzee Mohammed Matano Masha has left us at 80. Laying Mzee off at 04.00PM at Our Mazeras – Kasemeni Home. I’m at peace with this. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

Burial Event

From the burial footage, it’s clear to see that the late Mzee was only buried by men; which is part of the Islam practice.

Anyway, details concerning what caused Mzee Matano’s death remain unknown to the public; but like we said – he lived well enough to see two of his generations grow.

Below are photos from the burial event.

Mzee Matano’s burial
Mzee Matano’s funeral


Radio presenter Captain Otoyo explains why he stepped out in full make up and stunning women’s outfit (Photos)

Captain Otoyo is full of jokes and fans cannot get enough of his especially whenever he is around, Jalang’o.

Back in the day, these two made the best duo but now that they are grown and are on busy  schedules – fans rarely get to see them together anymore.

Jalang’o and Otoyo

As you all know Jalang’o is currently doing fine at Kiss FM; while Captain Otoyo hosts  a show alongside, Presenter 001 at Milele FM. Judging from the reception ‘Deenaotoyo’ show gets from fans; we can assure you that this two have also been a success despite the many 2020 challenges everyone has been facing.

Apart from just being colleagues Otoyo and Presenter 001 also happen to be good friends. With all the fun and games these two have going on Otoyo recently found himself in women’s attire; after losing a bet to his cohost.

Captain Otoyo

Otoyo explains

While many are asking how and why the presenter choose to walk all day in a dera; Otoyo has finally explained his reasons and regrets. Turns out that he placed a bet on the wrong team ‘Arsenal’ which lost to Tottenham Hotspurs.

Through his Instagram page, he wrote;

So on Friday last week, I got into an agreement regarding the much awaited Arsenal Vs Tottenham Hotspurs debacle. We settled on Me wearing a Coastal Dera the whole day Monday if Arsenal lost AND @presenter001 was to wear a Moustache and a Kangol if Tottenham lost. Well, magasia zilishindwa!!!???? #neverbettingagain

Fans in the comment section went on to say;

ferrer3808; Haki unakaa mdaku na kusengenya watu kwa kijiji???????????????? lol otoyo

nyaberathegudone; Unakaa nyanya rukia????????????????????

jeddyjesca; Ngai kumbe Ni wewe ulikuwa????????????

0tieno.vincent; si unakaa mama mdaku

queen.befit; ????????????????????????magasia ????????????

Captain Otoyo with cohost, Presenter 001
Otoyo steps out in Dera

Captain Otoyo spills the beans on what killed Othuol Othuol (Video)

The truth behind Othuol Othuols sudden demise has come to light after fellow comedian Captain Otoyo walked fans through Othuol’s last days.

Speaking to Milele FM, Otoyo disclosed that Othuol’s long journey began roughly 2 years ago when he was diagnosed with TB and had to strictly take medication for a good 60 days.

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However, being an alcohol addict, Othuol reached a point where he turned to alcoholism, ditching his medication.

Othuol Othuol passes on

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The testament

This left Jalang’o, Sandra Dacha and Otoyo pissed off, warning Othuol that his life was at stake and only he could take care of it. So the three shopped for Othuol’s food and everything needed for his well-being and even raised funds for his medical expenses.

Comedian Othuol in hospital with Sandra Dacha

Unfortunately, as time went by, Othuol’s health greatly deteriorated with people having the assumption he had contracted HIV/AIDS.

What many did not know is, the deceased was not an employee at Churchill. Therefore did not earn a monthly salary, rather would only get paid for the shows he stages and that’s it. 

However, that did not mean Othuol would die on a hospital bed. Comedians in Kenya were open to help in any way.

Comedian Othuol in hospital

So whenever Othuol’s medical issues came up, they would all gladly raise funds to cater for his hospital bills. “We never neglected him,” affirmed Captain Otoyo.

Eventually, his health condition worsened, occasionally suffering serious migraines and was therefore rushed to KNH for an MRI and diagnosed with brain tumor. Othuol was attended to and once his condition had stabilized, allowed to return home.

Comedian Othuol (left) at KNH

He had been booked to return to hospital on a later date, as comedians continued to raise funds for his brain surgery.

Othuols last days

So on the due date, Othuol was rushed to KNH only to find doctors on strike. Forcing them to rush him to a local hospital at Athi River, next to his residence. But the medical staff did not have the resources.

Othuol had to wait for doctors at KNH to resume duty, where he was rushed to, but unfortunately, never even made it to surgery.

Sandra Dacha mourns the late Othuol Othuol

What pains Otoyo most, is how the public is quick to blame comedians and close friends for allegedly neglecting the ailing man when they were actually there for him.

Have a listen:

Comedian captain Otoyo quits Radio Maisha for Milele FM

Comedian Captain Otoyo is back to Milele FM 2 years after he quit the station to pave way for his friend, Jalang’o.

However now that his friend moved to Kiss FM; the comedian has announced his return to Milele FM where he will be hosting the Milele Drive show alongside Diana Tangut.

The excited comedian made the announcement through his social media pages where he went on to write;

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Tomorrow, Tuesday September 29th is my born day. What a brilliant pre-birthday present.???????? Back on Air @Milele FM, Milele Drive. I’ll call this TAKE TWO. God is kind. #DeeNaOtosMilele

Of course his followers could not hide their excitement; since Otoyo is known for good jokes that often entertain his audience, Not quite sure whether his fans from Radio Maisha will follow him to the new station; but chances are – they might just do that!

Jalang’o killing at Kiss FM

His friend Jalang’o on the other hand keeps on killing it on Kiss FM; despite fans claiming that his dry jokes were bad for business!

Jalang’o and Kamene Goro striking hot poses at Kiss 100 studios

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However looking at how both Jalang’o and Kamene interact and entertain their fans; I guess this is the part where Jalang’o can say…he who laughs last, laughs best.

Jalango’s move to replace Andrew Kibe at Kiss FM morning show may be his smartest career move yet

It’s a tall order trying to make an accurate assessment of Kenya’s entertainment scene without considerable tribute to a phenomenal entity, Felix Odiwuor variously known as Mzee Jalang’o or just plainly, as Jalas.

Well, here’s a seasoned jack to a lot of trades.

Jalango is an established stand-up comedian, event MC, influential radio presenter and an astute businessman running a thriving event-hosting company called Arena Media.

Jalang'o with presenter Alex Mwakideu at Milele FM studio (file image)
Jalang’o with presenter Alex Mwakideu at Milele FM studio (file image)

This is a shrewd man used to making headlines on entertainment sites, gutter blogs and mainstream media, but keen observation shows a performer aware of the secret to being a darling to the masses – remain relevant.

Until a few weeks ago, Jalas has been hosting an influential morning radio show at Milele FM, alongside popular co-host Alex Mwakideu. He sensationally quit, citing contractual disagreements and has since joined Kiss FM, replacing the iconic controversial presenter Andrew Kibe at the morning show.

It’s easy to get fooled by his trademark green suit and a well-used, leopard-print shirt. Well, this is his mark of trade on stage, and hosting events as an MC – corporate and otherwise.

Beyond that smoke screen is a determined, focused and ambitious man, with a realistic finger-touch feel of the region’s needs in terms of entertainment. And, the guts to gamble and take career risks to reposition himself to take advantage of the trends.

Felix Odiwuor has come a long way – from a roadside comic byline to a regional, influential public personality. It hasn’t been an easy ride.

As always, this success story is inspired by bleak, humble beginnings. The usual tagline starts with a struggling background. He had willing and loving parenting, but life being unapologetically what it is, he faced lots of grounding uphill in early schooling.

Jalang’o, like many other artists of repute, owes a pie to the Kenya National Theater halls, where he moonlighted as a fickle second-cast entry for a whopping three years. He’d join the travelling theatre making play of high school literature set books. Well, lady luck did smile on him.

As wheels of fate inevitably turn, a break happened out of the blues – Papa Shirandula Show on Citizen TV. Alongside colleague and friend, Captain Otoyo (aka Otos), they’d clinch and secure spots on the show that’d endear them to the viewership and catapult the show’s ratings to the top.

Jalang’o has never looked back.

On the current trend with Jalang’o replacing Andrew Kibe at Kiss FM, what many do not know is that Jalas also owes the station a significant piece of his success.

Kiss FM is the station that gave the comedian and presenter the doorway to greatness, ways back. At the time, Jalas was performing on the Papa Shirandula show, and a slot had opened at Kiss FM. Despite impossible odds, Jalas aced the interview without any academic papers – they wanted a ‘degree person’!

Since then, he’s worked with Radio Maisha, then Hot 96 alongside iconic Jeff Koinange before a move to Milele FM for a morning sting with presenter Alex Mwakideu.

The move to the Kiss FM morning show to pair up with outspoken lady presenter Kamene Goro may be Jalang’o’s best career move yet.

He’s come of age – he’s influential, established on the social scene shedding the hustler image to join the polished, perhaps corporate listenership section. It’s time Jalang’o sheds the comic, pea-brained clown persona to embrace a polished, urban, well informed analytic presenter.

Kiss FM commands a large section of the urban radio segment, and this is where the present-day Jalang’o really fits.

Captain Otoyo opens up about selling ‘changaa’ with his mum (Video)

Captain Otoyo who is a popular radio presenter and comedian did not have an easy life while growing up.

Just like most celebrities in the country, Mr Otoyo aka Kazungu Matano struggled not only with school fees; but food was also a problem for his family.

His mum however struggled to ensure they had a bare-able life: as she also wanted a bright future for her kids. For this reason she then decided to start selling illicit brew, which turned out to be a success – as they could not afford to buy food and other things.

Speaking during his recent interview with Churchill Show- The Journey; Otoyo opened up revealing that he was part of the management running his mum’s changaa business.

Young captain Otoyo

Watch guard

Although he performed quite well in his KCPE, Otoyo unfortunately had to stay home to help his mother since their was no school fee.

Narrating his story for the time, Otoyo went on to tell Churchill;

I was a fair student because I wanted a bright future. I was among the best pupils in class 8. I did not wait until the results were out.My mother sold illicit brew to put food on the table. Our job as the children was to make sure it was safe for our mum to prepare and sell.

According to Otoyo, people from his village did not fear APs as much as they feared the KANU youth wingers; who were also a threat to his mum’s business. He went on to narrate his experience with them saying;

We ate rats together with Otoyo when we were hungry – Jalang´o reveals

 APs were not scary, the scary guys were called KANU youth wingers, and when we saw them. We would whistle in a special way to alert the customers and our mum to hide the brew.

However despite it all, people from his village helped raise his school fee since he was more of a community child. He went on to add;

 I am a community child. People brought their chicken, maize and so on. That is when I experienced barter trade. People auctioned their property.

But after all the struggles life threw at him, Otoyo is how proud to be reaping the fruits of his sweat and hard work.

Comedian Captain Otoyo in mourning after losing his brother

Captain Otoyo who is well known and celebrated comedian is currently mourning the death of his brother in law, Benedict Safari Tuva.

Tbt: We ate rats together with Otoyo when we were hungry – Jalang´o reveals

The comedian shared the sad news on his Instagram page revealing that his eldest sister just lost her husband. Although his late bro was not known by the public (fans) Otoyo couldn’t help but admit that he would surely be missed and remembered! He wrote;

Captain Otoyo mourns his late brother in law

Rest on Bro, Benedict Safari Tuva…
You will be missed and remembered. My Elder Sister’s Husband.

Captian Otoyo joins celebrities who lost loved ones in 2020

This comes barely weeks after Papa Dennis passed on leaving fans, family and friends torn apart.

Pastor Robert Burale also went on lost reveal that he had lost his sister in a short post where he wrote.

Celebrity Pastor, Robert Burale

“As days draw closer to the burial…..the pain sometimes get too much to handle but we say ….IT IS WELL…. My sister Sarah …Words fail me …The phone .call from the doctor that you are no more hit me like a thunderbolt.This is hard….Really hard ..Rest well my sister…Dad and our two brothers had gone before you…Enter into the Heavens Triumphantly..You fought a good fight ….You ran a good race and have now finished your race. Rest well my sister Sarah ….”

Our heartfelt condolences are with the families mourning the death of their loved ones!