Chipukeezy to accomplish his childhood dream of building a proper school in his village (Photo)

Comedian Chipukeezy who doubles up as a member of the Board of Directors at the National Authority for the Campaign Against alcohol Drug Abuse ‘NACADA’; has been making big changes in his village and for his latest project, he shall be building a school.

The funny man announced this through his Instagram page where he went on to share a short clip showing where the school will be built. In his caption, Chipukeezy revealed that back when he did not attend a proper school back when he was young.

Chipukeezy’s mum

For this reason, he has decided to set up a new school that will not only help the current generation but even for those yet to be born. The comedian wrote;

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Nilisomeshwa vibaya juu ya lack of proper school in my village and I promised myself¬† when I grow up nitajengea watu wetu shule…so far so good… Karibu St Martin’s academy

Chipukeezy’s post

Chipukeezy venturing into politics?

Just like the young youths we have come across in the entertainment industry; it appears that Chipukeezy might be paving his way into politics.

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So far he has not only been reaching out to the youths living in slum areas; but has made it his business to inspire and help build themselves as future leaders.