Beef officially over! Chipukeezy announces return of his TV show featuring bestie – Kartelo

Alot has been said about Chipukeezy and Kartelo who were once popularly known for the Chipukeezy show that aired on both Ebru TV and TV 47. However in 2021 rumor had it that they were no longer friends and infact had unfollowed each other on social media something that left fans speculating the bromance was over.

Chipukeezy with Kartelo

Well speaking on their alleged fall out – the two comedians maintained their friendship still remains intact and just because they’re no longer seen together on social media doesn’t mean they don’t see each other in private. As friends…if I may add.

Speaking to Mungai Eve on his friendship with Kartelo, Chipukeezy said;

Sidhani nili-unfollow Kartelo. Sisi ni watu wa ghetto na tuko tu sawa. Hata wewe kwa Instagram yako unaweza pata ume-unfollow…so wacheni kuwa petty wasee. Kwani tunadate, ati sasa tuki-unfollow each other kuna noma. Wacheni Ujinga, Si pia nani aliunfollow mbona hiyo hamkuona.


Hata we have not unfollowed each other, hiyo propaganda wasee wanataka ku-spread ni [expletive]. Kartelo ako sawa na ni boy wangu.

Kartelo reunites with Chipukeezy after a year’s break

Kartelo on the other hand spoke to popular news outlet spilling a little tea on his failed friendship saying;

“We don’t talk nowadays, so I was not even aware when he came back from the US. We don’t talk or work together anymore. These things do happen. Ni issues tu za watu. But we are not on good terms, I will not go into the details.

But boys being boys – of course the beef was shortlived which now explains the return of Chipukeezy show. Announcing the return Chipukeezy wrote;

The return of Chipukeezy show…are you ready? @Kartelo_official

While Kartelo wrote;

Kwa mbulu mara inengi@Chipukeezy

Chipukeezy reveals the main reason he built a school back in his village

Comedian and a member of the board of directors at NACADA has revealed that he built a school back in his village a few years ago to help children who cannot afford school fees.

This is the very first time the fella has revealed this making many admire his efforts in trying to make the society a better place. In. A post shared on his Instagram page Chipukeezy wrote saying;

I have built a school in my village to encourage my people to take their kids to school kwa sababu masomo ni muhimu sana wale hawana school fees wanaleta watoto kwa hiyo shule yetu na tunawasomesha pia wewe unaweza try and do something to your community sio lazima ukue mdosi ama ukue unafanya ndio upewe kitu fanya tu my dream is to build an educational center hapa kwa hio kijiji tuweke library mpaka university


Chipukeezy quits K24

This comes shortly after launching his own TV station after walking out on K24 where he was airing his Chipukeezy show.

From a statement shared on his Instagram page the fella went on to say that he wouldn’t work with the TV station after they fired his cohost Kartelo.