“Ni pombe” Comedian Chipukeezy blames alcohol on body weight

Chipukeezy for sure has lost so much weight that it actually reflects on his face. Remember the baby face he used to have before becoming friends with former best friend Kartelo and crew?

Chipukeezy explains weight loss

Well, all that has faded away – which explains Chipukeezy absence on social media. Anyway, with everyone worried about his ‘new’ looks comedian Chipukeezy recently held a candid interview with popular news outlet; where he rubbished claims that he could be sick.

Speaking during the interview, Chipukeezy made it known that he is not HIV positive (like that’s the only reason a person can loose weight) saying;

Chipukeezy’s extreme skinny body

Sina Ukimwi [I don’t have Aids]

Blames weight gain on alcohol

According to Chipukeezy his old weight (that made him look healthy) was a result of drinking too much alcohol.

For your information, this is my body now

Wait, I hear beer and Nyama choma adds weight – but in Chipukeezy’s case – his alcohol must have been special since it did his skin some good. I’m just being sarcastic.

Chipukeezy blames weight gain on alcohol..how?

Anyway, explaining why he doesn’t look like his old self, Chipukeezy went on to insist that his skinny is his healthy body. Aki Chipukeezy Wewe but if he insist, why not?

The other one you have seen me was when I was drinking a lot.

Checkout Photos showing Chipukeezy’s dramatic weight loss that have left Netizens talking

Chipukeezy has always had a good body – not really the one with arbs or muscle; but just a good body that looks healthy.

Chipukeezy before weight loss

However thanks to his new photos, fans can’t help wonder whether Chipukeezy is sick, malnourished or is using/abusing something that is suppressing his appetite.

Well, from the photos it’s evident that Chipukeezy has lost so much weight to a point he actually looks sick; which explains why he recently defended himself saying that he is not sick and his weight loss was a result of not eating due to busy schedule.

Speaking to popular blog, Chipukeezy said;

 There are so many days I go without eating or sleeping. My dad usually picks a fight with me for not eating. I have lost weight and some people wonder whether I am sick

Chipukeezy’s projects

If not for the photos taken during his event – aimed at helping the development of St Martins School in Machakos County; fans wouldn’t have noticed since he has been keeping a low profile for months now.

But now that he recently got appointed as the new Vice Chairperson of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse; hopefully we will get to see more of Chipukeezy on social media. But again, what’s with the weight loss for sure?