Significant sacrifices mama mboga makes that keep us going, things would be different without her

In the midst of the frenetic chaos due to the marauding Coronavirus, I’ve had my heart heavy with guilt.

That rarely happens. A similar feeling befell me once in a matatu, to town. Am sitting on the first seat, next to the door. It’s a semi dark 14-seater van – as loud as they come. There’s a young lady sitting in front – passenger seat – next to the driver. She has a bare elbow on the open window frame.

It’s early, and as chilly as a witch’s tit. To add pepper to an already peppered sauce, chilly wind is blasting through at a hundred miles an hour, straight to my face. (Rongai matatus’ hardly follow the standard Michuki rules).

I lean forward and tap the young lady, on the shoulder. She has earphones on. I need that window wound up, lest my modest foundation is blown dry off my face. Or, Lord Almighty, chip my Rihanna lipstick.

Aside: Dear reader, how does someone use earphones in a matatu blasting thousands of decibels?

Anyways, she ignores my tap. I lean forward and shout in her ear: CLOSE THE WINDOW! She flinches like a girl does at the sight of a roach, but ignores.

I tap her again, on the alternate shoulder. She doesn’t look up – but thrusts a note in my direction, and holds. In the dim light, I can faintly see a crisp 500 shilling note. She had mistaken my tap on the shoulder as the Kenyan Conductor-Speak for ‘Pay up!’

I do three things in perfect sequence: Take the note. Settle back on the seat. Look around. Half the load is napping, or scrolling their phones. I beckon the conductor (who’s mostly hanging half-out of the vehicle) to make a stop. I alight.

Most people riding high on the moral ladder wouldn’t have taken the Kes.500 note. But in my case:

  1. I haven’t lately held a spot on the moral ladder higher than the height of my knee.
  2. This is Nairobi – and the streets are what they are. She’d have done the same, right?
  3. Karma had chosen me, a mere mortal, to serve justice. She was really mean.
  4. It was those Godforsaken dates, when we almost die of financial malnutrition. Mostly.

The guilt had almost killed me that week. I kept reminding myself just how mean the lady had been – I mean, she hadn’t cared if I went down with pneumonia.

Well, I’ve since taken a fairly huge slice of street charity to atone for it.

This week, though, I’ve been guilty for the indifferent manner I’ve been treating Mama Mboga. She deserves better. She’s been instrumental in my survival journey as I make do in this city.

Each morning at 5am, I pick hot Mandazi from her stand. Sometimes, I don’t even pay. Every other evening, I pick assorted boiled foods – Githeri, beans, Nduma – then grab some veggies. Sometimes, she’d be at her stand at 11pm, to feed our drunken bums.

She has aligned herself for the fight against Coronavirus. Other than scolding us to heaven-come to wash our hands at the stand, she declines cash. She prefers that we send money direct to her Co-op Bank account. She adds that it’s free!

I sent money from M-Pesa straight to her Co-op Bank account at NO CHARGE using the Paybill number 400200. I thought its empty talk, but, yes, its free! It’s then that I got to know her real name.

That’s the source of my guilt.

Mama Mboga is actually Rosemary. Just like my mum in the village. All these years, I haven’t known her real name! Ain’t that incredibly messed up?

Kidum raises awareness about COVID-19 in new jam ‘Corona’ (Video)

Kenyan-based Burundian singer Jean-Pierre Nimbona, alias Kidum, has released a song to make the public informed about the deadly corona virus pandemic that has left more than 104,000 people dead across the world.

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In the song titled Corona, Kidum talks about how the virus is spreading at a fast rate and  doesn’t care whether one is rich or poor.


He goes on to how corona virus has created problems across the world and affected human activities, adding that it is high time for people to join hands and fight it.

Kidum says that the only way to win the fight against corona virus is by following the rules that have been laid down by the government. They include; social distancing, regualry washing of hands and wearing mask.

Although Corona carries a very strong message , seeing as all human beings are at risk of contracting the virus, I still feel that it a beautiful composition.


If you have been a fan of the Nitafanya hitmaker as long as I have, then  I am sure you know that he has an amazing  voice, the kind the makes you want to attend all of his concerts.

He is also an instrumentalist so you can already tell that the blend of the vocals and instruments on this track will be fire even before listening to it.

Notably, Kidum of utilized voice in the best way to bring out the seriousness of corona virus and that is really good, I would share this song with my friends who are not listening to the government’s directives if I was you.

The video was also good. I totally loved it’s simplicity, it’s an effortless video but the execution was impeccable. The lighting, scene transitioning and styling were also dope.

Watch Corona below and tell us what you think.

Quarantine Manenos: This brand new jam from Mr Dutch will make you enjoy the Corona Virus Lockdown 

It’s currently day three on lockdown as Kenyans continue to work hard to fight the Corona Virus Pandemic which has forced many to stay indoors and work from.

Apparently, many have realized working from home isn’t as easy as they thought it would be while others are flat out bored because they don’t know what to do with their lives.

Being a Friday, we have picked for you one of the hottest songs that will keep you and your bae in a lovely mood all weekend. Singer Mr Dutch has just dropped his new song dubbed “Keys To My Heart” and it’s one hell of a love tune.

We all know how Mr Dutch is a master at ushering in the romantic mood with his songs, and with Keys to my heart, nothing changes. The song speaks about the journey of finding love and how it has so many ups and downs.

The song is from his album also dubbed Keys to my heart and was produced by Master Kraft

About the singer

Bright Ukpabi, commonly known by his stage name as Mr Dutch, is a Nigerian Businessman, Entrepreneur Reality Television Personality, Socialite, Record Producer and Singer-Songwriter.

He is the CEO of Dutch Dreams Records. He thereafter started a record label ‘ Dutch Dreams Record Label’ that has seen several Nigerian artists thrive through with their career.

Jimmy Gait drops new single ‘Corona’ (Video)

Award-winning gospel singer James Ngaita Ngigi, better known as Jimmy Gait and famed for songs such as; Kanisa, Ole, Huratete, Muhadhara and Makekes is back with a new track.

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The song titled Corona talks about the infectious disease that has people across the world scared stiff with more than 5,000 deaths reported.

Jimmy Gait

In the song, the gospel singer says how one of one his friends who is living abroad called him and informed him that her husband had died after contracting the deadly virus.

He goes on to say that people across the world will get through this difficult moment if they have faith in God, adding that things will be well.

Gait goes on to say to explain how you can prevent yourself from contracting Corona and that is; washing your hands with soap, not touching your face and covering your mouth when you are coughing.

Jimmy Gait

Although this song is opportunistic, I love the message that it carries, people need to know what they should do now that the first case of the virus was recently confirmed in the country. The beat is decent and so is the video.

Watch Corona below and tell us what you think.