“Niliambiwa nina sauti mbaya haiwezi imba” Kidum opens up about rejection that left his self esteem broken 

Singer Kidum has been through it all! Back before his career even began; Kidum says that he came across a Catholic music teacher who apparently told him that he wouldn’t sing.

The singer who swept East African’s away through his music 10 years ago; went on to reveal how the certain white Catholic man told him off about his husky voice.

According to the white man; Kidum had no potential in making music hence got kicked out of the choir for the same reasons. Speaking to Cate Rira, Kidum opened up about this saying;

Kidum with wife and child

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Niliwai kufukuzwanga kwa choir. Nilifukuzwa kwa sababu ilikuwa ni ya Catholic so huyu mzungu mwenye alikuwa anatufundisha aliniambiaga na ikaniaffect sana kuwa nina sauti mbaya. Ni kawaida niliambiwa nina sauti ina homa homa hivi.


Speaking to Cate Rira who recently called it quits at Nation FM; Kidum went on to add that in time, his confidence was once again rebuilt by his guitar teacher who stepped in.

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The teacher went on to encourage him by reminding Kidum that any voice can sing as long as it is properly trained. He went on to add;

Lakini niliwai pata mwalimu mwingine wa guitar ambaye aliweza kubuild ile confident. Akaniambia any voice can sing na mpaka leo natumiaga hiyo.

Watch the video below courtesy of Ms Rira.


Kidum raises awareness about COVID-19 in new jam ‘Corona’ (Video)

Kenyan-based Burundian singer Jean-Pierre Nimbona, alias Kidum, has released a song to make the public informed about the deadly corona virus pandemic that has left more than 104,000 people dead across the world.

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In the song titled Corona, Kidum talks about how the virus is spreading at a fast rate and  doesn’t care whether one is rich or poor.


He goes on to how corona virus has created problems across the world and affected human activities, adding that it is high time for people to join hands and fight it.

Kidum says that the only way to win the fight against corona virus is by following the rules that have been laid down by the government. They include; social distancing, regualry washing of hands and wearing mask.

Although Corona carries a very strong message , seeing as all human beings are at risk of contracting the virus, I still feel that it a beautiful composition.


If you have been a fan of the Nitafanya hitmaker as long as I have, then  I am sure you know that he has an amazing  voice, the kind the makes you want to attend all of his concerts.

He is also an instrumentalist so you can already tell that the blend of the vocals and instruments on this track will be fire even before listening to it.

Notably, Kidum of utilized voice in the best way to bring out the seriousness of corona virus and that is really good, I would share this song with my friends who are not listening to the government’s directives if I was you.

The video was also good. I totally loved it’s simplicity, it’s an effortless video but the execution was impeccable. The lighting, scene transitioning and styling were also dope.

Watch Corona below and tell us what you think.

Kidum serves fans hot with latest ballad ‘Nakupenda’ (Video)

Kenya-based Burundi singer Jean-Pierre Nimbona, better known as Kidum, has released a new track and we’re really feeling it ladies and gentlemen.

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The jam dubbed Nakupenda, which is a Swahili word that means I love you, has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and understandably so.

Basically, this track is about a couple that has fallen out for one reason or the other and the chap is trying to convince his partner to listen to ‘outside forces’ because they only want to destroy them.


Kidum goes on to reassure her that he still loves her, adding that he’s willing to do anything to get back to where they before people tried to divide them.

I absolutely love this jam. It’s such a beautiful composition and I know that you will agree with me after listening to it because it’s so infectious.

The other thing that I love about Nakupenda is of course Kidum’s melodious voice. The fact that it’s a bit hoarse with a hint of his Burundi accent is the icing on the cake.

The beat and instrumentation on this jam are impeccable. Perhaps they are the reason why I can’t stop listening to it because they blend perfectly with Kidum’s style and tempo.

The video is also on point because it has some dope shots. To add to that, the styling and scene transitioning was also really good.

Watch Nakupenda below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Kidum has teamed up with Marina on ‘Mbwira’ and it’s a hit (Video)

Kenya-based Burundi singer Jean-Pierre Nimbona, better known as Kidum, is back with a new jam and we really love it.

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The talented singer has teamed up with Rwandese singer Marina in the jam dubbed Mbwira which means tell me

Apparently, this song is all about two lovers who are promising each other that they stick together come what may.

The lyrics are in the Rwandese language but that doesn’t mean that  you won’t enjoy listening to this song.

It’s one of those songs that you can’t really understand but you still want to keep listening.


Marina, who is known for her sweet voice, didn’t disappoint in this song. Her vocals will make you hit the replay button so many times.

As expected, Kidum also aced this jam. There’s just something about his baritone that makes all his songs exceptional.

To be honest, this collabo took me back to the day he released a jam with Lady Jaydee dubbed Haturudi Nyuma.

The song was produced by MadeBeats and directed by Julien Mjizzo and in my opinion they both did a great job.

Listen to Mbwira below and tell us what you think.