Diamond Platnumz’ father finally to be flown to London by step sister after singer completely ignored him 

While an ailing Mzee Abdhul has been crying and begging for help from his sick bed, his son Diamond Platnumz has completely ignored him.

Mzee Abdhul has however finally managed to get some help and will be flying to London for treatment thanks to her daughter who lives in the UK.

“We are in the middle of the process. We are looking for a passport for him at the moment. Once we are done with that then I will call back and inform everyone about his flight,” she said. 

Not close

The lady, who is Diamond’s step sister, is currently in the country to check after her father who is sick and broke. Diamond in the past, has said that his father neglected him when he was young and are not close as he is with his mother, Sanura Kasimu that’s why he doesn’t bother with him.

“Hatujazoena hivyo, kwa pengine watu kuniona siko na yeye katika hadara wanaona kama Diamond ana vita na babake. Kuna baadhi ya watu wengine wamekuwan na mazoea mabya ya kwenda na Babangu getini Kwangu na kumpigisha pisha kisha waseme nimemfungia geti, sio fresh aisee. Sio kila mtoto ambaye haishi ma wazazi wake mambo yao sio fresh,” said Diamond. 

Too many babies to wish birthday? Diamond’s mother attacked for ignoring Hamisa’s son birthday 

Fans are not happy after Diamond Platnumz’ mother ignored sending a birthday message to Dee Dylan, Hamisa Mobetto’s child with Diamond.

Diamond sent a very warm message to Dylan on social media during his birthday yesterday.

“A Very Happy Birthday to the Next Platnumz…My Kitinda Mimba, Mswahili Mwenzangu, Maskini Mwenzangu…Mnyonge Mwenzangu…Mengi Uloyapitia Ukiwa mdogo, usiyejua hili wala lile yamenifanya nikupende sana na kuhakikisha nakulinda na kukutunza kwa hali yoyote ntayojaaliwa…Insha Allah Mwenyez Mungu akukuze vyema, akupe Akilu, Afya, Furaha na akubariki, Ukikua uwe Mwanamziki Kama mie baba ako, Uzidi kupendwa na ukifanikiwa uwainue Maskini wenzetu zaidi Mtaani….Happy Birthday My Handsome/ Young King / Young Lion / Young Simba / Young Dangote @deedaylan” wrote Diamond Platnmuz.


But fans waited for a message from his mother, Bi Sandra, till they couldn’t wait any more. Some were pissed she ignored him while wished her daughter a happy one.

Bi Sandra was quick to wish Tiffah, Diamond’s daughter with Zari, even sharing how she loved her in the message.


The expensive gifts Diamond gave his mother after returning home from recent US tour 

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been hustling hard in the U.S. for almost a month in his “A Boy From Tandale” album tour. The tour has seen him travel from city to city giving electrifying performances. On his way back home, he stopped to buy his dear mum a few gifts.


The popular singer took to Instagram to share gifts he had bought for his Mother Bi. Sandrah Dangote and they are truly something. He bought several designers hand bags that cost a fortune.

“Kwa ma surprise haya unaweza kuua mtu. Hivi ni wewe mwenyewe au kuna mtu kakusaidia kuchagua? Asante sana BABA YANGU #SIMBA #KICHWA@diamondplatnumz kwa zawadi zotee…..Nimefurahiiii sana kwa mivitu original” said her mum.

Watch the video below:

Diamond Platnumz’ young step father confesses love for his mother and it’s just too cute 

Diamond Platnumz’ young stepfather, Rally Jones, on Saturday came out to open his heart and share how he’s in love with Sandra Kassim.

Taking to social media, Jones penned a lovely message wishing her nothing but the best of luck in life.

“I feel so happy to have such a special woman by my side. Mungu akujalie uhai mrefuuuu inshaallah. Happy birthday my wife @mama_dangote nakupenda,” read his message.

Too young?

Diamond’s mother is older than Jones, a thing social media has always been against of.