Ezekiel Mutua: Diamond is very much welcomed to perform in Kenya 

Moral cop Ezekiel Mutua has no problem with Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny performing in Kenya despite their ban in Tanzania.

Mutua, speaking in a phone interview, said that Diamond might have angered Tanzanian authorities with his song “Mwnaza” but in Kenya, he hasn’t done anything and so he can perform.

“We are Kenyans, we are not Tanzanians but they have been banned to perform outside Tanzania so it is purely their decision. Have seen the board has written their statement, they have banned them from performing even outside Tanzania. Their statement says they will jail them for life if they fail to follow the order. I don’t think I have anything to say, we are not Tanzanians and they’ve been banned by Tanzanian government, if they perform its their own business, I cannot arrest them because they have been banned in Tanzania , I can only arrest them with the laws of Kenya. ” Mutua said. 

No offense

Mutua added that in case Diamond commits any offense while in the country, he’ll definitely get arrested.

”There is no issue, it is not me it is them But if they come here and commit crime in the event, we will deal with them with Kenyan law. It is not really our decision, we have nothing to do with it, whether they come or not, we are not involved in any way and can not stopped them from coming because of Tanzania. We can only ban them because of our laws here.” he added.

Diamond Platnumz robbed chains worth millions by rowdy crowd 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz was recently left speechless after his crowed ganged up on him and stole a bunch of expensive chains he was donning.

The incidence happened on Friday while he was promoting the much hyped Wasafi Festival 2018 which attracted thousands of people.


Diamond took to social media to thank his fans for showing up but lamented that they mobbed him and walked away with several valuables.

 “This is what they refer to as not believing what you see. If you look at me keenly just after being robbed I was deep in thought. I think I wanted to cry,” a puzzled Diamond opened up. 

Diamond Platnumz was also in the company of fellow Wasafi Records singer Harmonize. The two have promised to promote talent with their festival which will run till late December.


Yet another Kenyan woman comes out claiming Diamond Platnumz fathered her baby, wants support 

Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz has once again been accused of being a deadbeat dad just days after Father’s Day.

A Kenyan woman going by the name Gladys Butoto has come out to claim that the popular singer fathered her one-and-a-half year old daughter and has been neglecting her.

Speaking outside the Oysterbay police post in Dar es Salaam, Butoto claimed that she has been reaching out to Diamond for help, but the singer has dodged her constantly, making fake promises.

Mimi nisingefikia hatua hii kabisa, lakini nimeona Diamond ni mtu ambaye ananidharau na wakati ukweli anaujua, maana tungezungumza na tukakubaliana kuhusu matunzo ya huyu mtoto wala nisingekuwa na matatizo yoyote yale,” Gladys told Tanzanian newspaper, Uwazi.

“Mwanangu anaumwa lakini nimekuja naye hivyohivyo ili nijue hatma yangu na pia twende mbele ya sheria maana hata mama yake alishawahi kusema mimi ni chizi lakini siwezi kumsingizia mwanaye hata kidogo kuhusu hilo,” added Gladys as she showed her court papers against Diamond.


Zari has also complained that the singer is not there for his kids anymore. The Bongo heavy hitter was taken to court by video vixen Hamisa Mobetto over the same few years ago.

Lynn sheds off unwanted baby fat after she suffered a miscarriage with Diamond Platnumz child

Official Lynn who is Diamond Platnumz other woman is now back to her old self. This is after shedding off the unwanted baby fat she gained.

Towards the end of 2016 she announced to be expecting a baby and of course it was linked to Diamond Platnumz. She however suffered a miscarriage as revealed in one of the interviews she did.

Official Lynn pregnant

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The baby was Diamond Platnumz as suspected as she confirmed the rumors. This is however not surprising since most ladies who get pregnant for him end up losing the baby’s before birth.

Lynn snaps back!

Anyway even after having to work out for close to a whole year, Lynn seems to have regained her old figure. In the new photos shared on her gram the lady appears slimmer and hotter than before.