Video vixen insults Diamond Platnumz for protecting himself with ‘Fake’ WhatsApp screenshots

Official Lynn is not ready to sit down and watch Diamond Platnumz ruin her image. This come hours after Diamond Platnumz shared screenshots from an alleged conversation he had with Lynn.

According to Diamond Platnumz, Official Lynn has been forcing herself on him but he is not interested in her.

He went on to add that as for now he is in a serious relationship with his current ‘wife’ and will not be doing anything to risk his love for her.

Lynn responds

With the WhatsApp screenshots making rounds on social media, Lynn also decided to share her thoughts about the conversation.

She went on to challenge Diamond Platnumz to share the WhatsApp number in order to prove that the chats receipts were real.

At some point the video vixen cum singer added that she was willing to share a couple of videos of her with Diamond Platnumz; something that left fans over excited.

Anyway Unlike most people who fear Diamond Platnumz, Lynn couldn’t hold back from insulting him in open day light.


“Mwisho wake wanawake wanne kwani hajui!” Diamond Platnumz lovers continues to shade Tanasha Donna

If I am not wrong, Lynn has indeed confirmed that she has been seeing Diamond Platnumz on the side. Just a few days Lynn went on to share a selfie from Diamond Platnumz bedroom just to prove the singer was still in her life.

With the news making rounds on most tabloids, Tanasha Donna decided to address the issue through her Instagram page.

According to her post, Tanasha warned fans from believing everything being said on social media.

Fans pitty Tanasha

Seeing how Diamond Platnumz treated Zari when they were in a relationship; many believe that the Tanzanian singer is finally bored with his Kenyan girlfriend and now wants drama.

Most fans went on to warn the young NRG radio presenter telling her to leave him before he continues to embarrass her.

Four wives

Anyway in a new phone call interview, Lynn goes on to shade Tanasha saying Diamond Platnumz is allowed to have 4 wives; after being asked whether the bed she was sleeping on belonged to Baba Tee.

Young and rich! Diamond Platnumz rumored side chick provides titles to all her 5 cars, checkout the heavy machines she owns!

Diamond Platnumz side chick Irene aka official Lynn is said to be one of the most humble side chicks ever.

In fact, unlike most ladies the Bongo singer is said to have been romantically involved with; this young lady always denies him in public.

Just recently baba Tiffah was seen in bed with yet another new woman shortly after being linked to Lynn again. It’s not quite sure whether the two are in an open relationship or they get together just to give social media users a reason to talk.

Lynn’s relationship with an unknown person

Anyway just recently the lady came out to brush rumors linking her to Diamond Platnumz. According to her, she has never been romantically involved with the singer and just to be clear she has a serious man in her life.

So far the unknown fella is said to have bought her a mansion which is in her name and about 5 cars which she shared titles to prove they all belong to her. She owns a;

Lanes! Willy Paul features one of Diamond Platnumz side chicks in his latest video

So now it’s official that Willy Paul is following into Diamond Platnumz footsteps! Well, in his latest song set to drop soon, Willy Paul features Lynn; one of the ladies who had an affair with Diamond Platnumz.

From what we have heard is that Lynn also got pregnant for Diamond Platnumz but unfortunately she lost the pregnancy.

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Anyway this past weekend she jetted into the country to work with Willy Paul on his upcoming song. From the poster shared by two we understand that this will be another love song from the gospel singer and he couldn’t have done it better without the help of Official Lynn.

Willy Paul new studio

The new song dubbed Malingo has been recorded in Willy Paul’s studio to show that it is now in business.

After opening the studio, Diamond Platnumz was among the first people to congratulate him for the boss moves he has been making.

Lynn sheds off unwanted baby fat after she suffered a miscarriage with Diamond Platnumz child

Official Lynn who is Diamond Platnumz other woman is now back to her old self. This is after shedding off the unwanted baby fat she gained.

Towards the end of 2016 she announced to be expecting a baby and of course it was linked to Diamond Platnumz. She however suffered a miscarriage as revealed in one of the interviews she did.

Official Lynn pregnant

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The baby was Diamond Platnumz as suspected as she confirmed the rumors. This is however not surprising since most ladies who get pregnant for him end up losing the baby’s before birth.

Lynn snaps back!

Anyway even after having to work out for close to a whole year, Lynn seems to have regained her old figure. In the new photos shared on her gram the lady appears slimmer and hotter than before.

4 women who have been impregnated by Diamond Platnumz in the last 2 years,

Diamond Platnumz biggest problem is to keep it in his pants. It is not just him but very many other men out here. However, since Diamond Platnumz is famous we cannot help but highlight his sneaky ways.

All we know is that he has only publicly recognized Zari as his girfriend and the mother of his child but this does not stop him from sleeping around. Below is a short list of the women he has been intimate with and gotten pregnant.

4. Zari Hassan

For Zari Hassan I bet it’s allowed since she is in a relationship with the guy. So far they both have two kids together and might just add another one when they reconcile.

3. Hamisa Mobetto

Popular Salome video vixen about 3 months ago welcomed a son with Diamond Platnumz. This is after the singer cheated on his lady with her in their matrimonial home in Tanzania. Since she got pregnant it is also right to say that no ‘protection’ was involved during their session together.

Misa and Diamond Platnumz son

2. Official Lynn

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19 year old Lynn is not only known for her gorgeous skin tone but also for her role in one of Wasafi records music video. She was featured on Kwetu as the main video vixen and a few months later was rumored to be pregnant. In a recent interview she confirmed that the pregnancy was Diamond Platnumz but unfortunately she lost/aborted it.

Official Lynn pregnant

1. Tunda

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Tunda is not a new name in the Entertainment industry. This is because she has been around the block. A while back she shared photos rocking a baby bump and word had it that Diamond Platnumz was again responsible. Just like Lynn she also lost/aborted the baby and is now enjoying trips to various countries courtesy of baby daddy.

Popular 19 year old video vixen talks about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz and how she got pregnant for him

About 2 years ago video vixen Official Lynn who is known for her role on Kwetu revealed that she was pregnant.


The pregnancy was linked to Diamond Platnumz but no one had enough proof to support this. At around 4 months the lady got rid of the baby. Now we understand that things did not go so well between her and the baby daddy forcing her to abort.

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Lynn talks about her baby daddy

Speaking to popular news outlet, Dizzim Online, Lynn confirmed that she indeed was in a relationship with Diamond Platnumz. She goes on to add that the pregnancy was also his. But since he already had a family she could not keep it.


This has now confirmed that the expensive trips she took to abroad were sponsored by Diamond Platnumz.

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But why is she revealing this now?

Well after her best friend got a child for Rayvanny, things have not been so good between them. Word has it that the two ladies broke up after Lynn started being sidelined.