Maina Kageni spills Diamond Platnumz´ confessions on being a serial cheater

Popular Classic 105 radio host, Maina Kageni has come out to defend his close ally, Diamond Platnumz after his relationship with Tanasha went South.

During his morning show with King´ang´i on Wednesday, the 4th of March, Maina shed light on Diamond´s salacious behavior.

The radio host and the bongo singer have been close friends since way back and probably know each other inside-out.

Maina Kageni (right) with close ally, Diamond Platnumz (left)

Unfortunately, according to Maina, women who have fallen victim of Diamond´s crude ways should not blame him.

Maina revealed that Diamond has a kind heart and fights for his loved ones however, when it comes to women, things might change.

You know you guys don´t see the side of him that I see. He is kind, loyal and will fight for you. But when it comes to women, I don´t know.

Adding that no woman might ever change the Tanzanian crooner and women should just stop trying to change him.

Celebrities: Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz (center) and Maina Kageni, previously

Disclosing that he actually warned women about Diamond but they never seem to listen.

I keep telling these little girls around him, don´t think you can change him. Why do you think you will be the one to change him? I had an argument in the bank yesterday about Diamond.

The radio personality divulged that Diamond´s s*x drive is pretty high and constantly needs a woman beside him.

He told me he is a superstar with a high s*x drive and he even told Zari that she better move to Tanzania or else you know what will happen. That´s the kind of person he is.

Kenyan media personality, Maina Kageni with Diamond´s baby mama, Zari Hassan

However, Maina insisted that Naseeb does not attach feelings to intimacy and when these women start causing drama, he fails to understand why.

First of all, let me tell you all, that he doesn´t understand why you girls are always causing drama. He doesn´t attach any emotion to s*x and he can´t understand why women get angry, he doesn´t know.

¨Diamond will break up with Tanasha and move on to another one¨ Popular Bongo actor assures

Popular Tanzanian actor, Mwijaku has once more attacked bongo icon, Diamond Platnumz, claiming he will not marry Tanasha, anytime soon.

Speaking to Tanzanian media, the known controversial actor assured masses that Diamond marrying Tanasha would be a miracle.

He will definitely break up with Tanasha and another woman will come along. He will not marry his current girlfriend or even the one who comes after that and if he does, it will be a miracle.

Diamond will not marry his current girlfriend or even the one who comes after that – Mwijaku affirms

First, Diamond is young and second, he is not ready to settle down in marriage yet.

According to the actor and radio personality, Diamond will leave Tanasha and hop onto another woman…and on and on and on.., until he is content to settle.

This one will leave and there will come another woman, the other woman will also leave and another will follow suit.

Many question Diamond´s intention for baby mama, Tanasha

Mwijaku attested it all to the fact that it clocks more than a year now since Diamond and Tanasha´s wedding plans were on, but nothing has happened ever since.

Further stating that there is nothing wrong with the singer´s trends because it is his time to enjoy life´s abundance.

It is not a sin, he is still a young man and needs to enjoy his life.

Bongo actor, Mwijaku

The bongo actor gave Diamond a minimum of 5 years before he settles on a wife.


“I was lucky enough to walk away without an STI!” Diamond Platnumz reveals his cheating days are now over

Diamond Platnumz says he is lucky to have had his ‘playing’ days and still managed to walk away with no STI.

The Bongo singer revealed this while speaking with students at Musoma Utalii College in Tabora; now that he is an advocate for safe sex in a campaign between Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) and Tume ya Kudhibiti Ukimwi Tanzania (TACAIDS).

The singer goes on to admit that he has been reckless with the ladies but is one of the very few to have walked away without any STI or HIV. He went on to say;

“If I must be honest I played around. I played a lot but was lucky enough to escape without any consequences.”

Got lucky!

Now that he says Tanasha Donna is the right woman to settle down with; Diamond Platnumz can’t help but look back and count himself lucky and now that he see’s the risks of  unsafe sex….he will not be going back to that life!

“Mimi niliparamia mambo Mungu akaninusuru sana, niliparamia kweli kweli. Lakini nikapenya kwenye tundu la sindano na sitaki kurudi kule nilitoka kabisa. Nawaelimisha nyinyi na najielimisha na nafsi yangu. Kama nimeamua kutulia na Tanasha na basi ikawa hivyo,”