Mama Dangote urges Diamond to marry Tanasha and finally settle. Will he deliver?

Diamond´s mother has urged him to forget about other women, marry Tanasha and settle down already.

In a recent post, praising their recent video hit ´Gere´, Mama Dangote told Naseeb:

@diammondplatnumz @mama_dangote Kasema Mwali Umepataaa Utulieee Simbaaaaa????????????@diamondplatnumz Zile Chenga Vidanga Dana Vicheche Uvichuniee Simbaaa Ooh Uvichuniee Simbaaaaaa????????????….

Kasema Mwali Umepataaa Utulieee Simbaaaaa – Mama Dangote to Diamond

Pretty alert, the Bongo kingpin replied:

Nimeviacha mama????????

A dear Tanasha could not agree more with her mother-in-law´s sentiments.

Mother has spoken.

According to the aging granny, Tanasha is Diamond´s perfect mate and he should stop buying time – looking left, right and center – and instead declare to the world that Tanasha is ´The One.´

Simultaneously, showering their ¨Gere¨ jam but insisting to his son that he should let go of his philandering ways and make up his mind to settle down in life.

Sandra Sanurah urges son, Diamond to settle in life already

Chibu promised Tanasha a wedding come 2020 which is already underway. The pressure now surmounts on him, to deliver on his promises.

After all, he revealed Tanasha is all he ever looked for in an ideal woman/wife.

¨Diamond will break up with Tanasha and move on to another one¨ Popular Bongo actor assures

Popular Tanzanian actor, Mwijaku has once more attacked bongo icon, Diamond Platnumz, claiming he will not marry Tanasha, anytime soon.

Speaking to Tanzanian media, the known controversial actor assured masses that Diamond marrying Tanasha would be a miracle.

He will definitely break up with Tanasha and another woman will come along. He will not marry his current girlfriend or even the one who comes after that and if he does, it will be a miracle.

Diamond will not marry his current girlfriend or even the one who comes after that – Mwijaku affirms

First, Diamond is young and second, he is not ready to settle down in marriage yet.

According to the actor and radio personality, Diamond will leave Tanasha and hop onto another woman…and on and on and on.., until he is content to settle.

This one will leave and there will come another woman, the other woman will also leave and another will follow suit.

Many question Diamond´s intention for baby mama, Tanasha

Mwijaku attested it all to the fact that it clocks more than a year now since Diamond and Tanasha´s wedding plans were on, but nothing has happened ever since.

Further stating that there is nothing wrong with the singer´s trends because it is his time to enjoy life´s abundance.

It is not a sin, he is still a young man and needs to enjoy his life.

Bongo actor, Mwijaku

The bongo actor gave Diamond a minimum of 5 years before he settles on a wife.


Diamond Platnumz´s Valentine´s Rose post, raises speculations for a white wedding

East Africa´s acclaimed ´Father Abraham´, Diamond Platnumz caused online uproar after his Valentine´s red rose post that left many questioning his intentions for Tanasha.

We ought to remember that come the 14th of February 2020, Diamond and Zari will be commemorating their 2nd anniversary since parting ways.

Zari Hassan and Diamond commemorate 2 years anniversary since breakup on the 14th of February 2018

He tweeted:

14th February 2020, Valentine????

The same date is also the day, in 2019 when the music icon was set to wed his most recent baby mama, Tanasha Donna before plans flopped.

So now, what many are trying to figure out, is the meaning of Naseeb´s tweet. Whether their wedding goes down on that day, we are yet to find out.

Many question Diamond´s intention for baby mama, Tanasha

However, fans were quick to bash the Tanzanian crooner for taking too long to ask for Tanasha´s hand in marriage, based on fact that she already bore him an heir.

A different section of fans called Diamond out for always hopping from one to the other, every Valentines and for them, that might be what his tweet means.

Take a look at some of the mixed reactions below:

Unaoa Tanasha?


Vipi unaingizo jipya? Maana wewe kila valentine na demu mpya. Tunasubr tuone hiyo siku


Unaoa ama?


Black flowers tena?


Drop new hit Simbaaaa


Are you going to see Tiffah and Nee?


Fanya uoe kaka mda unaenda halafu vingi vyazaliwa kuwa namaamuzi kaka.


Funga ndoa kaka.

Tanasha reveals who she got a flat stomach less than a week after giving birth

NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna has revealed how she has managed to make a huge snapback just days after giving birth.

Taking to social media, the presenter shocked many after sharing a photo of her body just days after giving birth.

This left fans with a lot of questions on what she did to lose all the baby weight in such a few days.

“Babe what have you done to your stomach its flat girl please tell me the secret love you amor?” A fan asked. 

Not much

Tanasha said: Honestly speaking it all depends on each body type. everyone is different and people have different genes. Palmers stretch mark lotion helped prevent stretch marks I used it on a daily basis.

Here are the screenshots

Evil people! Tanasha reveals why she hasn’t shared her baby’s name yet on social media

NRG Radio presenter Tanasha Donna will not be sharing her baby’s name on social media any time soon.

Diamond Platnumz’s woman took to social media to reveal that sharing more about her almost popping baby won’t happen because she fears evil people who might harm her.

Not now

She didn’t explain how they’ll do it but told fans that revealing the name to the public might take a while even though they have the names of their baby boy.

”I am afraid that bad and evil people will harm him, we have already discussed about the name but we can not share it at the moment,” she said. 

Unlike most pregnant women, Tanasha Donna has been constantly working and judging from her latest moves….seems like she hasn’t yet taken maternity leave.

Anyway with the baby around the corner, let’s wait and see what she has in store for her fans.


Tanasha explains how she managed to hide her baby bump for so long

Tanasha is heavily pregnant with Diamond’s fourth child and everyone is predicting that the two will split as soon as that baby comes.

Natasha however, is going strong and is ready to be a mother regardless of what everyone might be saying. She recently shared how she managed to hide her pregnancy despite fans trying to investigate her life.

“Crazy how some dresses hide my bump while others show them, well that’s just from the front view lol (little trick i learned when I was trying to protect my unborn son from the cruel social media, front view pics all the way!! ) We couldnt hide anymore, but protecting my son I will do with my life. 7 months pregnant , 2 more to go and I must say this happened so fast and all so unexpectedly, at first I was convinced I wasnt ready, but as time goes I realize I couldn’t have received a better blessing from God.

“My handsome son, ( yes I know you’re handsome from those 3D ultrasound pics ???????? ) you are favoured, loved and blessed. God has a big purpose for you, you’re amongst God’s favoured. One day, your father and I will tell you why. ???? I cant wait to meet you and be your mom and I pray to God everyday to protect you from the evil eye. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. ????❤???? I love you son and I will protect you with my life. ❤❤❤ PS: (Body snapback season finna be real. I will do whatever it takes to get that yummy mommy body, oh just wait on it ????) DRESS : @prettylittlething” she said. 

Stop it

Tanasha also defended Diamond Platnumz for not marrying her saying that a wedding doesn’t keep a man.

“Idle minded people who expect others to get engaged according to their expectations. Can we get engaged when we feel we’re ready? People think that marriage is what keeps a man. Not in this day and age. Damn, can they ever go a week without mentioning my name? It’s starting to get a little creepy now.” she said. 


Diamond hints wedding to Tanasha is next month and will have an entrance fee of Ksh 200k 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has finally dropped a solid hint that he’s planning to hold a wedding next month.

The popular singer, while speaking to the press during the launch of Wasafi Festival at Hyaat Regency hotel in Dar Es Salaam, hinted that he might walk down the aisle with Tanasha Donna on July 7.

A journalist wanted to know when Diamond is planning to marry Tanasha after they postponed their wedding early this year.

Diamond did not really say his wedding will be on July 7, but left strong hints that it might on that date.

“There will be only ten tables for reservation. Five will go for KSh 200,000 each and the remaining five will go for KSh 80,000 each. Guys should reserve those table because you all will remember on July 7,” he said. 


Now that Tanasha is heavy with a baby, Diamond it seems is willing to keep his promise of marrying her before the baby comes.

Tanasha might be pregnant and this post from her is a strong indicator

Diamond Platnumz’s new catch Tanasha Donna might be pregnant.

A lot has been said about Tanasha’s recent weight gain and fans believe it’s happening because she’s carrying a life inside her belly.

On social media, the radio presenter shared a post that further fueled this while explaining why she’s adding weight.

“Double chin. This is what happens when your body starts changing and the weight is coming through,” she said. 

Still together

If that’s not enough hint that she might be paged, then I don’t know what is. Tanasha also recently had to defend her relationship with Diamond saying that the two haven’t broken up as many have been assuming.

Fans wanted to know why the two haven’t been posting photos together as much as they were before.