Lamba Lolo singers Ethic named best upcoming artists 

It has been a wild 2018 for four young kids who make up Ethic but it seems it was all worth it.

The group, which comprises of Swat, Reckless, Zila and Seska, have been named the best new artists in the industry by Mdundo since they have managed to maintain relevance with every song they have released since shooting to fame.

Mdundo, which has spread it wings to other African countries to offer streaming services, will be monitoring artists’ performance and popularity.

“Mdundo Download Awards has three categories of validity. Artists’ popularity growth is acknowledged by the number of music downloads they accumulate collectively on the Mdundo platform,” a statement by Mdundo read.


The group has been in all kinds of controversies including legal battles but they have maintained their momentum, dropping hit after hit.

They have worked with the Kansoul and have another collabo on the way with Nigeria’s Mr Eazy who said he’s a huge fan of them.

“Mdundo Download Awards has three categories of validity. Artists’ popularity growth is acknowledged by the number of music downloads they accumulate collectively on the Mdundo platform,” a statement by Mdundo read. 

Lamba lolo crew’s new dirty song “Instagram” deleted hours after being posted and getting 200K views 

The controversy surrounding music group Ethic keeps growing by day since the group was sued by their manager Mwakitele Kitawi AKA Teleh Mani.

The group, which consist of  SWAT, Zilla, Rekless and Seska, are now in another tough position after their new song “Instagram” was pulled down due to copyright issues.

Instagram was released on 1st January 2019 and had already pulled in 230,000 views. Its seems the two parties have fallen off yet again. 


The two parties have not addressed the issue on their social media platform.

Last year, Teleh Mani was forced to sue them after the group threatened and refused to pay him. All of Ethic’s music videos, among them their banger Lamba Lolo and Position featuring The Kansoul were pulled down from YouTube.

Teleh Mani said the songs were re-uploaded after a dispute between him and the group was resolved.

“The matter is headed to the courts as we have already drafted our papers so I am not in a position to say much about it until it comes to an end. But if they perform any of those songs at any concert then it would only further complicate the issue for them,” he told Edaily then.


48-year-old DJ Pinye angers fans after saying he can’t play “Lambo lolo” or “New Position” by Ethic

As much as controversial rap group Ethic has gone viral with their hit “Lamba Lolo”, not all music lovers are in support of them. At least not yet.

Veteran DJ Pinye recently revealed that he can’t play any of the kid’s songs because they are not yet up to bar. Ethic, which comprises of Swat, Seska, Reckless and Zila, have been enjoying a lot of airplay on local radios mainly because of their nasty lyrics.

Speaking during an interview on NRG Radio, the popular DJ, who has been in the industry for almost three decades now, longer than the four kids have been on this planet, said that artists have to prove themselves first before he plays their songs.

Khaligraph Jones

He told Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe who host the morning show that artists like Khaligraph Jones now enjoy airplay from him but that wasn’t the case a while ago.

“There are artists whose music I did not play back in the days including @KHALIGRAPH and DNA but their career has grown. I cannot play Lamba Lolo or New Position. Djs shouldn’t play mediocre music,” he said on NRG’s Breakfast Club.

Here’s how fans reacted:

Blake @TheeApolloh: @Djpinye1 is kinda right, the two songs are just breakthroughs but with zero moral content

Holy Grail @James_Nevricks: Imagine not playing Lamba Lolo because you think you are too mature. Tragic

DJ RëS@resresnation: If such music is what my audience want …I will play them.. I’m a Dj, my job is to make my audience happy…

Orb of discord @nyotttu: DJs ni entertainers…..not moral police

Edgar Ja Bay ®     @jamlekjakababa: Everyone is entitled to opinion but imagine sio amust saa zingine uonge. Such a reckless statement with a lot of irony in it. You can play international songs that are literally trash but local musicians who are busting their balls to make music cant get a playback from you. Smh

Nigerian singer Mr. Eazi explains why he used Lamba lolo phrase in his new song

The phrase Lamba Lolo has now become a household name and almost every one in Kenya, and the better part of East Africa is familiar with it thanks to four kids who call themselves Ethnic.

We have seen South African singer Nasty C use it on social media and now Nigerian singer Mr Eazi has come out to share how it made it in his new song.

Speaking to Nation, the singer said Kenyans encouraged him to use the popular phrase.

 “In Kenya people love my song “Keys to the City” because of the line that goes “Lamba lolo, lolo lamba”. I will not go into what it means in sheng but in the streets of Nigeria “lamba” mainly means “sweet stories”. One can say, “My friend is giving me lamba”; although its meaning can also change depending on the context of what you’re talking about.”

Support of upcoming artists

Mr Eazi, who is also known to support upcoming artists in Africa, shared of his experience with upcoming guys in Kenya.

“The emerging Kenyan artiste I’m now working with is Rosa (Rosalie Akinyi). She was one of those who responded to the Tweet I had put out. When I came for the Nairobi concert in April, she came with her producer to my hotel and we set up the studio. We worked together on a song, including the song-writing, and my producers worked with her too. I feel that her energy is a factor that could make her blow up,” he said. 

Ethic shut down former manager and rumours with just one Tweet, annoy fans

News of group Ethic parting ways with manager have been topping headlines for the better part of the week.

According to their former manager Telehmani, the group refused to pay him after he helped them and invested on them.

“A lot of industry guys told me to stay away from @ethicentmt and it was gonna be rough. Nothing repaired me for the fuckery today. I was wrong and I shoulda listened,” he said while complaining on Twitter. 


Fans took to Twitter to urge the group to address the issue because word had started spreading fast the group has become big headed and arrogant after getting a little fame.

On Twitter, Ethic responded with just one tweet that also annoyed others.

“Give your side ASAP, or Telehmani’s side will be considered to be the truth.” a fan asked. 

“We don’t feed or feed on drama but you’ll hear our side soon… for now feel free to believe whatever.” Ethic replied.

The reply angered some fans who went on to agree the group has become arrogant.

“This mentality is what I am talking about. Believe me, there were others before you,” said another fan. 



Lambo lolo crew shocks Kenyans with their new dirtier song with Madtraxx and Mejja

Four kids, Swat, Seska, Reckless, and Zilla who make up Ethic, have released their second video and the lyrics are just what moral Ezekiel Mutua hates. Too explicit.

The group has now teamed up with Mejja and Madtraxx for their new hit called “Shida” that has way dirtier lyrics than the first one. The video’s setting is just similar to Lamba Lolo which went viral after the explicit lyrics.

Man of the hour

The song has been produced by Madtraxx while the video has been directed by Ricky Becko. On the first song SWAT won Kenyans but on this one, Kenyans voted Seska as the man with the best verse.

Watch the song below:

Kenyans badly diss upcoming female artist after releasing an even dirtier remix of Lamb Lolo 

If men can do it, women can it better. That’s a phrase many have heard a lot and upcoming artist Livia Grasha wanted to prove it’s all true.

After a bunch of young, fresh-out-of-high-school kids released Lambo Lolo, a song that went viral because of it’s dirty lyrics, rapper Livia Grasha has now released an even dirtier version of the song.

Kenyans didn’t like this one though.

Pull it down

The upcoming rapper has been trashed and ridiculed for the song with many claiming it’s too dirty and a desperate plea for attention.

We all know how Kenyans loved Swat’s verse on the original Lamba Lolo mainly because it’s corniness and fetish bedroom advice, but for Grasha, her guts annoyed many.

“Hakuna cha kalongo longo hapa. Hakuna cha baba na mama. his round lazima muget the real thing. Hamta lamba lolo pekee, this round tunawapee yote kama ackage. Mtajua Aje?” she raps. 

The song has negative comments as Kenyans wanted it pulled down.

Watch it below:


Shock on artists as Lambo Lolo crew picked to curtain raise for international artist 

Just when we thought it was all a joke and that it was yet another bunch of idle kids looking for some social media fame, Ethic, the latest crew in town best known for their hit jam ‘Lamba Lolo’ are slowly taking over the scene.

The kids have been in several interviews lately as they continue to push their controversial song that left some mouth agape because of the lyrics.

Ethic in studio

In an interview with Kiss FM, the crew confessed that the song has been loved by directors and producers and have even been willing to assist them redo the track and the video. They also shared that artists like Kristoff are interested to have a collabo.

Major performance

But what surprised many is when the crew shared that they will be curtain raising for South African rapper Nasty C who will be in Kenya. They shared that it was the best news they’ve ever received as a crew.

Watch them speak in the video below: