Ethic’s statement after a member was beaten like a burukenge at Koroga Festival

It seems like Ethic Entertainment can’t just escape random beatings in their lives.

First it was SWAT who was given a thorough beating by Umoja residents several weeks ago after they confused him for a thief.

During the weekend, another assault at the Koroga Festival were they performed left four of their members; Dj, hypeman, Zilla and their driver, all hospitalized. The four got a beating from KK security company and some of the festival organizers after an altercation.

The group has now vowed to sue the security company following the attack.

“It’s with deep regret that we have to post this. Koroga festival called us and told us to perform as the headliners for the Koroga festival Saturday edition. We’d done one event with them previously and since we had no issues the last time and also because it is a huge platform, we obviously jumped at the opportunity to perform again. This time, However, the treatment we got from them was more than hostile. As we speak four of our members including our Dj, hypeman , Zilla and our driver are all in hospital, brutally injured by Guards from the K9 security company and other festival organizers. We want to state that we will be seeking legal redress as we need due compensation from Koroga and K9 security group for our medical bills et al.

“As we push Kenyan music to the world we hope that one day,Kenyan artists will one day be treated the same as artists from other countries. The Saturday event this time surpassed all expectations and is definitely going to surpass their Sunday one. You know why? Because we Kenyan artists have worked our asses off to finally get Kenyans to support their own. And this is an agenda we’re willing to push to the very end. To all our loyal fans we’re simply asking that you support our cause. #Justiceforethic#RespectKenyanartists” Ethic Entertainment wrote on their official Instagram page.


Several artists have come out to stand with them saying the Kenyan industry is usually biased depending on where you come from.


Has Ethic been dethroned?

Tomorrow marks a year since Ethic, a group whose members are Rekles, Swat, Zilla and Seska, debuted on the local entertainment scene with Lamba Lolo.

They introduced Kenyans carefree music and we loved them never mind the fact that their song was a bit vulgar. Wasn’t it?


Soon enough, Ethic released other songs; Position, Saba, Instagram, Pandana and before we knew it, they were household names. Yup, they became stars in one year!

Perhaps the icing on the cake for them was participating in Coke Studio 2018. Anyone musician will tell you for free that that’s an opportunity that they are ready to die for.

Ethic has empowered many young musicians in the last one year. They have shown them that making a hit song does not take much, that you don’t have to splurge.

They also gave them courage to sing about anything that comes to their minds, which is mostly raunchy stuff, but that’s a story for another day.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

In the last one year we’ve seen the emergence of new age musicians and groups and in my opinion they should all thank Ethic for leading the way for them.

The like of Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang, G-Rock, Gwaash etc. would be nowhere today were it not for Ethic. Deep down you also know that this is true.

Interestingly, though, I feel that some of the new-age musicians learned the ropes too fast and have since dethroned Ethic as Kenya’s best new-age musicians. What do you think?

Side note: A little bird told me that Ethic and Ochunglo Family have already done the remix for Pandana and it will be released anytime now. Get your eardrums ready!