Corazon Kwamboka comes clean about her soon to be baby daddy!

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka must be the happiest lady after getting pregnant; years after trying and seeking medical attention all over.

The retired socialite who also turns out to be a lawyer once opened up revealing her struggle with Endometriosis; a disorder that left her thinking that she would remain childless despite trying to get pregnant for years.

However her gynecologist came through giving her hope and barely a year after this; and Miss Corazon is now expecting her first child with her boyfriend.

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The lass opened up about her pregnancy journey speaking to blogger Edgar Obare. According to Corazon, the pregnancy was never planned for but happened; but either way this is a win for her as she had always dreamed of starting her own family.

Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie justgymit

Although Frankie seems to be attracting negative energy from bitter women on social media; Corazon spoke nothing but positive things about her man.

Well, having bonded with the fella on a personal level Corazon Kwamboka has since learnt one or two things about her man; and probably this is why she doesn’t seem bothered by the stories circulating about her soon to be baby father.

Corazon reveals baby daddy’s identity

Speaking to Edgar Obare on IG live, Corazon confirmed that the guy is indeed responsible for her pregnancy; and judging from how Frankie kept looking at her, it’s clear that Frankie is totally in love.

Maureen Waititu

Although Frankie’s ex remains silent on this topic; Corazon recently praised Frankie for being a good dad to his boys – adding that this was an assurance that he will love their unborn baby the same way!

Frankie Just Gym It with his two sons from Maureen Waititu

 If someone told me January last year that I’d be feeling you kick deep in my belly at the sound of your father’s voice, I’d most definitely think they were deranged! Endometriosis had crippled my dreams of birthing a child. But here we are. A pleasant and welcomed surprise. I can’t wait to meet you. Hold you and teach you EVERYTHING I know” “To the baby’s father; I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do this with. I see the good in you and how you raise your own and I know my child will be loved ETERNALLY,”

An item? Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It get cosy indoors during quarantine

Corazon Kwamboka and gym instructor, Frankie Just Gym It might be confirming reports of being an item after they were spotted together during quarantine.

The fitness duo had been speculated to be a pair after hawk-eyed fans unearthed photos of the two in the same location.

They were also photographed walking hand-in-hand couple of times and that only spiced it the more.

Fitness hotties, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka

All it takes is to piece one and another and you complete the puzzle.

However, it looks like after the photos went viral online, the two decided to parade it all in black and white after being spotted indoors together during the ongoing quarantine.

The advocate-cum-socialite flaunted her derriere while Frankie, who stood right behind, was seen thirsting over the lass’ heavy behind.

With a one-word caption:


Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie Just Gym It during quarantine

Both in that indoor look, pyjamas and some sweat pants, topping it up with slippers..well?


What conclusion did fans make?

Some admitted that it was time the pair came clean about their secret affair. Others acknowledged the signal had been sent early enough, all they needed was a confirmation.

What saddens masses most is that despite being a baby daddy and an ex to YouTuber, Maureen Waititu, the gym instructor had already moved on without much ado.

Ex-couple, Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It

Sadly, as Maureen continues to take in anti-depressant pills to prevent her from sinking into depression, Frankie is savoring moments with another woman.

A section had every reason to believe Frankie was cheating with Corazon while still with Maureen Waititu.

Well, fans just asked the duo to have fun but worried something might be left cooking in the oven soon as the quarantine period is done.

society_beast Frankie????????…..hatari kwa usalama


musingakevin We have understood the message beyond.???? Yeah guy, enjoy your meal.


ricobaby007 Corazon, I’m sure that man is going have a good time being in Quarantine with you!


albertchichi @ricobaby007 no doubt about that ????????


killahkof That’s your new man?


muluki huu mchezo hautaki hasira ????????????????


adikinyi6 When you are done to be a side chick ????????


nck81 She going to be Prego and post a baby a year from now lol


fanta_withno_ice He lurh that ????

Some caution:

empress_eunny Social distance please ????


Did the two move on already?

hassanovajuniortz Huyu msee anakula hii kitu


soniewilson @hassanovajuniortz lazima…. Maureen akiona haki


diannemody @soniewilson i thought they broke up? (Frankie and Maureen)


wynnmutuku@hassanovajuniortz aki si watu humove on haraka

Others called out Corazon’s ‘white dude’ trying to inquire about his whereabouts.

reubenzzz Where is the white dude ..has he been quarantined?


romskouams @reubenzzz real good question…where is white dude!!! ???????? …returned to motherland ????????


kaccie2017 @reubenzzz i was about to ask the same question. Mennnnnn…..!!!! This is why i fear relationship sometimes.


amiralcantara @reubenzzz am just happy she with a brother now????