Corazon Kwamboka replaces Frankie Just Gym with new man says ‘He is amazing’

I’m telling you things in Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka’s camp are just not okay. Just the other day, the fella was out here exposing his baby mamas for having daddy issues and yea yea – we could tell there was some bitterness somewhere.

Frankie exposed by baby mama, Corazon Kwamboka

However having proved that we should mind our business with their different breakup stunts; we waited to hear from Corazon Kwamboka who later responded to her baby daddy’s expose proving that this was no clout chasing stunt.

Well this is after she threatened to expose the information she had on the gym trainer but because of their kids….mmh Corazon Kwamboka backed out. Or did she?

Frankie Just Gym it out, on to the next!

Thanks to a new post shared by Corazon Kwamboka, we now understand that her relationship with Frankie Just Gym it hasn’t been as rosy as we’d believed earlier.

Women are so used to being traumatized by people around us. I mean do you draw the line? I’m pissed, I have been disrespected, tried, my best to co-parent and maintain an amicable relationship even with the disrespect I receive on daily for my kids.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It spending time with son Taiyari

My kids need a sane mother. I have told I did not have postpartum depression. Because I want not diagnosed. Postpartum kila siku. Were the statement said by a fellow woman. This is while my baby is less than 2 months. I was diagnosed with Clinical depression, I begged for help. I was told ‘Leta watoto tulee’ while you get your mental health right.

Actually with the post, we understand that Frankie and his family almost pulled the same stunt they pulled on Maureen Waititu; but having witnessed it first hand – Corazon says she did everything in her power to ensure she doesn’t suffer same fate.

I dusted myself, no one was going to make my kids. I rose like a Phoenix.

According to the lass, Frankie’s family tried taking the kids away from her but she couldn’t let that happen.

Again, did you know that Corazon Kwamboka already found a replacement for Frankie? And from the post – Corazon says she is one happy woman who’s currently seeing an amazing man. Alaaaaar, alaaaar….nikuoga na kurudi soko sio?

She wrote;

Finally, I’m doing better. I have healed/Healing. I have an amazing man. You decided this is the time to torment me, expose me. for what? What do you achieve?

Somebody tell Maureen Waititu the God of Karma is at work.

Corazon Kwamboka addresses claims linking her to Frankie Just Gym It & Maureen Waititu’s ugly breakup

Corazon Kwamboka saw a hard 2020 especially after she was linked to a romantic relationship with Frankie Just Gym It.

At the time corazon had just moved up the rank as the gymnast’s new girlfriend –  months way before he called it quits with first baby mama, Maureen Waititu.

Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Being media personalities handling a breakup on social media – of course both Maureen Waititu and Frankie put up a messy split; and rumor has it that their issues are yet to be resolved in order for them to coparent.

From what we know is that since the breakup Frankie no longer has access to his two older boys; but again fans believe that his stunt of having his ex and sons moved out from an apartment belonging to Frankie’s mum is what  made everything else worse.

Corazon on Frankie and Maureen Waititu’s breakup

As most breakup stories go – Frankie moved in with his new found love but barely 2 years into their relationship, socialite Corazon Kwamboka ended her romantic relationship with Frankie – who had previously left 2 kids and ex wife to start a new life.

However unlike Maureen Waititu – this time around he was the one getting dumped, which brings us to here.

Well, after hearing the many whispers claiming she caused Maureen’s unhappy ending with Frankie, Corazon finally responds.

As seen on a video shared by Corazon Kwamboka, which she captioned;

Corazon Kwamboka

  When you are being blamed for breaking a relationship”.

she goes on to lip sync saying;

I did not open the door I found it opened…I did not touch the door.

Well – from where I’m standing, I can say that this message was aimed at those who blamed her for Maureen’s and Frankie’s breakup.

To her, the man did not belong to anyone at the time she had bagged him for herself. Not quite sure why she feels the need to address this right now….it’s been 2 years mehn.



Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym it giving obvious hints about unborn baby’s gender (Photos)

Socialites Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka are currently expecting their second baby; and we have reason to believe that the father of 3 boys may now be expecting a baby girl.

Having fathered 2 boys with ex fiancé, Frankie moved on to Corazon Kwamboka who gave birth to baby boy about a year ago; and now the couple has another baby in the oven about to drop anytime from now.

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Frankie Just Gym IT with his two sons with Maureen Waititu

Unlike their first pregnancy with baby Taiyari, this time around the couple is giving obvious hints about their unborn baby’s gender; as they stepped out wearing lilac outfit for their latest photoshoot – making us assume they could be expecting a baby girl.

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Frankie Just Gym it with newborn, Taiyari

Frankie to finally have a princess?

If the colors of their outfits have anything to do with their baby’s gender then this means that Frankie finally has a best friend on the way.

And having seen how celebrity dads like Brown Mauzo and others are gushing over their daughters; I bet he will also step up his game when baby girl is here. But remember, we have not confirmed about their unborn baby’s gender but due to their photoshoot theme – chances are that issa girl!

Corazon Kwamboka with hubby, Frankie Just Gym It
Corazon Kwamboka turning heads with new photoshoot
Ms Corazon

They grow up so fast! Corazon Kwamboka flaunts adorable 3 month old son (Photo)

Corazon Kwaboka and baby daddy Frankie Just Gy It welcomed their first child together in August and since then; all fans can do is wait to finally meet the adorable Taiyari who remains hidden by his parents.

At 1 month the baby boy had already started taking vacations with his family; and for a minute, Instagram mums were ready to call out Corazon for exposing her baby at such a young age. But hey, didn’t he turn out just fine?

Away from that Corazon has once again given fans a reason to talk after unveiling a never seen before photo of her baby boy. From the photo shared by the new mum in town, we can confirm that Frankie indeed has strong genes!

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This is because even at the age of 3 months, baby Taiyari is already taking after his daddy in terms of physical appearance.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It spending time with son Taiyari

Baby Taiyari serving body goals

Anyway although we don’t get to see Taiyari’s face for now, i feel like Corazon is hiding it yet we all know he will turn out like his brothers, Lexxie and Kai.

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However as for now, all we get to see are the yummy thighs and beautiful caramel skin tone he got from his daddy. And hopefully the next time we get to see the boy he will be in the company of his brothers; I mean, whether the parents beef or not – it’s time the boys got to know each other.

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Who knows, they might end up loving each other when their parents are busy holding on to old grudges! Meet the lovely Taiyari below.

Corazon and Frankie’s son, Taiyari

Worry after Corazon Kwamboka runs out of breast milk (Video)

Being a first time mom, Corazon Kamboka is having her fair share of challenges but luckily, her baby daddy, Frankie might have seen it all with Maureen Waititu, therefore acts as an efficient support system.

A month after welcoming baby boy Taiyari, the couple has had it a bit taxing having to switch roles as Kwamboka juggles motherhood without a nanny.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It spend day out with their weeks-old son, Taiyari

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So recently, the yummy mummy had to go for formula to feed her little baby after her milk supply run pretty low. As seen on her gram, Frankie is spotted feeding their son as Corazon wonders aloud what might have gone wrong asking: “moms, any tips on how to improve the supply?”

Further giving us a glimpse of what it was like, struggling with milk production, Corazon showed a baby bottle that had been almost an eighth filled with breast milk, revealing that that is all she could get for the day.

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She giggled a bit, before admitting that her situation was getting pretty serious, not sure what to do.

The pair welcomed their baby boy on August 3, after Corazon’s blood pressure shot up, putting at risk their unborn boy, and the doctor felt she needed to deliver in order to save both their lives.

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Corazon underwent a Caesarean section (CS) and has since kept it indoors until their recent staycation to Nanyuki, Mayan Villas, that stands as the couple’s first vacay with their little one.

Corazon with baby Taiyari

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka’s heated argument raises eyebrows (Video)

Frankie and Corazon are a sweet couple, each with their own flaw, own career space but brought together by a love spark that bore baby Taiyari.

The pair have since been creating waves on social media, after Frankie pushed his beauty to a corner to chop off her bulky African hair for a change and a different look. Challenge she duly accepted and now, turning heads online.

Corazon Kwamboka’s post-baby look month after welcoming newborn

But that is before Corazon, who now has a month-old baby to tend to, realized she might get played if she doesn’t make her demands.

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The welcome of a newborn had separated the pair from their lovey-dovey sessions and mama Taiyari was already feeling the heat and as her little one kept her mind and hands ever-engaged, a dear Frankie had found solace in PS games.

Frankie Just Gym It finds solace in PS games after baby mama, Corazon welcomed baby boy

Worried she was eventually going to get replaced by the gadget, the curvy lass confronted her baby daddy asking him to choose between keeping her hands on her or on the machine. In a short funny video, Frankie was like;

Baby I just don’t get it, do you enjoy being hurt or..?

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His question just hit the wrong spot on Corazon and the kind of eyes she gave him, well, I’m not good at predicting aftermaths but I’m not sure it ended well.

A female fan however warned Corazon to tread carefully with the kind of questions she throws at her man.

Corazon’s new look

Corazon decided to have her hair chopped off over the weekend, after much convincing from Frankie and the new look is driving her fans crazy. According to the damsel, it was going to spare her time from the salon and allow her more bonding time with her little one.

Corazon Kwamboka flaunts flat tummy weeks after welcoming baby boy, Taiyari

Frankie who was so in support of her new look, did not just realize what he was getting himself into. A dear Corazon actually looks sexxier, younger and more adorable, with her face lit up and fans just can’t have enough. Have a look at the comment section;

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka drop major hints on unborn baby’s gender (Video)

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It are about to deliver the newborn judging from Corazon’s heavy baby bump and it’s just about time we got to know who exactly we are expecting on board.

The two went public about their affair barely last month, after everything had gone down, talk their meet, their courting to their love spark that bore them a child.

Fitness hotties, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka

After confirming they were an item, the next big question has been: Is it boy or girl? A question the two have been dodging every time it pops up, but it has eventually exploded.

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During his recent vlog episode, Frankie could not help but snitch on their baby’s gender secret after showing off their indoor life with major hints on several occasions that spilled the beans.

Disclaimer: You need a pretty good eye to spot the hints. So first hint, was his insistent on a blue line on his video while editing.

Second was a blue cloth partially hidden in the background at the sink area while he was showing off baby gifts they got from a pal back in South Africa.

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A car seat, a stroller and a bassinet and that’s where it all went down.

Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

Thirdly, was during his daddy-son moments with Kai, playing around with some number blocks which were only in green and blue.

Well, by now you can already conclude the gender: It’s a boy. That marks Corazon’s first and only boy as Frankie tops up his list of two boys from Maureen Waititu with a third addition.

We can only wish the two a successful delivery and parenting! Cheers!

Frankie Just Gym It takes Corazon Kwamboka for first public date (Video)

YouTube couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka were forced to hide from the public eye, back when they started dating for fear of giving fans all sorts of conclusions.

The duo was however not able to crack the puzzle with Internet DCIs taking over and patching together photos of the two in the same location and there were no more secrets.

Fitness hotties, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie and Corazon decided to go full-scale on it by going public about their secret affair that has left them expectant of a child.

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So now, Frankie is finally able to treat his girl out in public without any reservations because there is nothing more to hide.

Lovebirds, Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka

Sharing this on his Vlog, the fitness coach revealed he was taking the curvy lass out on their first-ever date.

I’m taking Corazon for her first date because since we met, we had to like put everything under wraps because we don’t want people to like interpret things their own things. But now that we’re out in the public, I can finally take her for lunch and all that. I know it’s definitely gonna be a nice one, relaxed and free.

Gym instructor, Frankie Just Gym IT

The Date

True to it, the date seemed like quite some fun, apart from the loneliness due to the current Covid-19 restrictions but either way, the lovebirds had the place all to themselves.

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The couple shared some pasta with some chilled drinks as Corazon struggled to use the chopsticks admitting she is “a village girl”.

Lawyer-turned-socialite, Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie was there to help out, as the two laughed the afternoon away but either way, these two had a great time.

Fans eager to see more of such vibes from the expectant couple, urged them on to keep treating them with tasty vlogs and keeping it real.

“No one ever cared for me like Corazon Kwamboka did,” Frankie Just Gym It confesses (Video)

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka is a merger none of us saw coming but one that was actually grounded on true love and genuine care for each other.

This the gym instructor revealed on his recent vlog admitting that Corazon was a blessing who came just when his life got dark and forced him into depression.

Answering to a Q&A session with fans, Frankie confessed that he has never been any happier in life than he has with Corazon by his side.

I am the happiest I have ever been in a very, very long time. People don´t actually know where Corazon has taken me from. She took me from a very, very, very dark time in my life, when I would experience panic attacks in the middle of the night thinking that this pain was never going away.

Lovers, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka

Unfortunately, when he needed people the most, to genuinely care for him, no one did until he met Corazon and found solace in her heart.

I did not see this coming at all. At that time, there was no one who was caring about what was happening to me. No one! Until I met her [Corazon] and she took care of me all the way through.

In Corazon, he felt alive, he felt cared for, genuinely loved and for that, he forever holds the socialite dear to his heart.

And she dragged me out of this place of depression and she literally pulled me out of it. This is just the truth.

Wenye wivu watajinyonga! Never before seen photo of Frankie with his pregnant girlfriend, Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie Just Gym It must really proud to have another son on the way! And this time around he will be having the baby with new girlfriend, Corazon Kwamboka!

The two are said to have been dating for close to a year now; and after denying rumors linking them to a romantic relationship – both Frankie and Corazon confirmed this during an interview with Edgar Obare!

With the secret out Frankie no longer wants to keep his relationship on the low and for this reason; the young father of 2 went on to unveil a new photo with his pregnant girlfriend.

frankie just gym it
Gymnast Frankie Just Gym it

Couple goals

The photo showing a happy Corazon and Frankie laughing proves that all is well with the two; and unlike their former relationships, the couple might just be meant for each other.

This is the first time Frankie has publicly confirmed that he is in a relationship with the lady; and although the two prefer keeping their relationship on the low, Mr Frankie on the other hand seems quite excited and ready to publicize it more!

Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka

Dead beat?

Although the couple might just be the next big thing; Maureen Waititu recently went on to hint that Frankie is not what many think he is!

This is after her interview with Mpasho that left her confessing that Frankie ‘tries’ to be present for their boys!

So does this mean that she chases him to communicate with the kids now that they are coparenting; or could this be another case of a hurt woman living in denial?

Well, we cannot confirm this for now but all we know is that Corazon Kwamboka looks happier than ever; and this is all because of the baby she will soon be having with her new boyfriend, Frankie!

Corazon Kwamboka reveals her unborn baby’s gender!

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie just gym it are expecting their first child together after dating for just a few months now.

The couple who have been making headlines for days now recently held an interview with blogger Edgar Obare; revealing unknown details about their relationship.

Of course many continue to believe that Corazon is the main reason Frankie walked out on Maureen Waititu; however during the interview the father of 2 made it known that he had already parted ways with his baby mama.

Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

Reveals gender

Well, even with the negative publicity the two have been getting; it appears that both Corzazon and Frankie prefer focusing on their private lives – ignoring what the media says.

While on the interview, a few fans got to learn the baby’s gender as Corazon ended up revealing this unknowingly. Apparently during the interview Corazon Kwamboka went on to say;

we want our kids to group up as brothers

A clear indication that the two will soon be welcoming a baby boy into their new home.

Corazon Kwamboka reveals her baby’s gender

Frankie a dead beat dad?

Anyway after Corazon Kwamboka mentioned that Frankie was good with his boys; her statement left him looking like the perfect daddy until Maureen’s interview with mpasho surfaced on social media.

When asked about her current state; Maureen Waititu opened up saying…

Ms Waititu

I’m a single parent and the father tried to be there for the kids.

This comes as a surprise since Frankie has not only been portraying himself as a good father; but with the red flags Maureen dropped during the interview leaves many worried for Corazon Kwamboka.

Speaking about parenthood as a single mum; Maureen said,

It has been the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I love them to death. There my life, give me strength and hope. It’s been bliss, amazing!

Frankie finally shares his side of the story after break up with baby mama, Maureen Waititu

Relationships are hard. Matter of fact, very hard and if you think otherwise then I can assure you that you have not fully invested your heart and time in your partner.

Anyway Frankie Just gym It who was popularly known for his ‘goals’ family shoots; with Maureen Waititu and their boys has opened up sharing his side of the story while on an interview with Edgar Obare.

Well, all we know is that the power couple broke up without any explanation; leaving fans depressed while others concluded that Frankie was the bad guy.

In December last year, Corazon was accused of having a hand in the break up; but thanks to Frankie, we now understand that Corazon had nothing to do with that.

Exes Maureen Waititu and Frankie

We met last year in July and we were going through tough times. We were from relationships and it was a sensitive time. We started talking and one day I sent her gym clothes from my brand ‘GYMIT’ so that she could try out…we had so much in common that things just like catapulted into something else.

Frankie’s side of the story

Speaking about his break up with Ms Waititu; Frankie went on to shield Corazon saying she had nothing to do with whatever happened between him and ex wife. According to the fella most fans saw what they (Frankie and Maureen) wanted them to see.

However behind closed doors things were totally out of hand. He went on to reveal that both him and Maureen agreed to the break up for the sake of the mental health for their boys.

Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie Just Gym It

We met after I and Maureen broke up and had nothing to with it. It’s just something we never planned we just fell into it. We had our differences and it’s something we tried to fix through our whole relationship. We were not happy and we figured it was best for us to go separate ways and the general public doesn’t see that.

well there you have it!

Corazon Kwamboka comes clean about her soon to be baby daddy!

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka must be the happiest lady after getting pregnant; years after trying and seeking medical attention all over.

The retired socialite who also turns out to be a lawyer once opened up revealing her struggle with Endometriosis; a disorder that left her thinking that she would remain childless despite trying to get pregnant for years.

However her gynecologist came through giving her hope and barely a year after this; and Miss Corazon is now expecting her first child with her boyfriend.

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The lass opened up about her pregnancy journey speaking to blogger Edgar Obare. According to Corazon, the pregnancy was never planned for but happened; but either way this is a win for her as she had always dreamed of starting her own family.

Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie justgymit

Although Frankie seems to be attracting negative energy from bitter women on social media; Corazon spoke nothing but positive things about her man.

Well, having bonded with the fella on a personal level Corazon Kwamboka has since learnt one or two things about her man; and probably this is why she doesn’t seem bothered by the stories circulating about her soon to be baby father.

Corazon reveals baby daddy’s identity

Speaking to Edgar Obare on IG live, Corazon confirmed that the guy is indeed responsible for her pregnancy; and judging from how Frankie kept looking at her, it’s clear that Frankie is totally in love.

Maureen Waititu

Although Frankie’s ex remains silent on this topic; Corazon recently praised Frankie for being a good dad to his boys – adding that this was an assurance that he will love their unborn baby the same way!

Frankie Just Gym It with his two sons from Maureen Waititu

 If someone told me January last year that I’d be feeling you kick deep in my belly at the sound of your father’s voice, I’d most definitely think they were deranged! Endometriosis had crippled my dreams of birthing a child. But here we are. A pleasant and welcomed surprise. I can’t wait to meet you. Hold you and teach you EVERYTHING I know” “To the baby’s father; I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do this with. I see the good in you and how you raise your own and I know my child will be loved ETERNALLY,”

Dating Frankie Just Gym It? Corazon Kwamboka coyly responds

Internet sensational couple, Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It have kept it low with their speculated relationship that they keep dodging.

The duo hit the headlines after fans unearthed photos of the two together, on several occasions.

Then followed a photo upload by the bootyful lass, while indoors with the gym instructor drooling over her laden bottoms during quarantine.

Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie Just Gym It during quarantine

Well, that had just affirmed to fans that the fitness hotties had decided to go public about their secret affair.

But despite the trolls, none of the two came out to confirm neither deny the reports.

Yes or No?

In a recent Q&A session with fans online, Corazon was compelled to clarify on her relationship with the fitness trainer, only to give coy answers.

One fan posed:

Is you and Frankie dating

She only replied with an emoji. But another persistent:

Is you and Frankie in love?

Feeling the heat, the lawyer cum socialite gasped:


Fitness hotties, Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It

Ignorant of her hesitance to accurately respond to the question, another Instagram user came in?

Are you and Frankie dating?

This time she cunningly responded:

We’re chilling.

This was not getting off her back, with another fan saying it as it was:

Rumour has it that you &Frankie are it true?

In a Nigerian tone, she replied:

Na wa o!

Well, eventually, one user sought to find out whether she was dating or not but for her ‘she was living’.

Fans prove that Maureen Waititu´s ex, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka are an item

The ´bro-code cum sister-code´ doesn´t seem to bear much meaning today after word doing the rounds implied that Maureen Waititu´s ex, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka are an item.

With the Internet age, all one needs is relevant sources with evidence and that´s it! Fans have pointed out that the two fitness hotties have been hanging out and probably getting cosy together.

The two have not only been spotted hanging out as a pair but also getting cosy around each other.

Once photographed at Freedom Heights in Lang´ata, hands locked.

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka hand-in-hand

Online detectives then unearthed and shared the photos with controversial blogger, Edgar Obare, to do what he does best – spill it all.

On Edgar´s Insta stories, a fan commented that the Kenyan socialite has been heard on a couple of occasions calling the fitness trainer ´babe´ while together.

Fitness hotties, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka

Well, online trolls are super good at what they do, you´d think there is a course or training for ´trolling´ expertise.

So, putting together photos of the two at the same venue, in different occasions, fans cracked the puzzle.

Fitness hotties, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka

So accurate, a section wondered how the worlds of these two even collided.

Probably we can attest it to the fact that both are in the fitness sector – something that bonded them the more.

Corazon ´ditched´ her Law degree, to venture into the fitness space, even owning her own sportswear line, Genio Sport. Frankie is a popular gym instructor.

Fitness hotties, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka



Frankie and Maureen Waititu savored a 5-year relationship that saw they bear 2 boys who are growing up pretty fast.

The couple even came up with a thriving YouTube channel ´Alphabeta´ that saw masses refer to them as the YouTuber couple.

Speaking on the breakup, Frankie said they had differences that saw them split. Adding that having known and loved Maureen for 6 solid years, the love might never fade.

Ex-social media sensational couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu

However, their main focus is now the kids and creating a conducive environment for their healthy growth.