The Gengetone wave has faded, what next?

After ruling the airwaves for two years or so, it seems the hype about Gengetone music has finally faded. If you asked me to name one Gengetone hit which was released this year, I would have a hard time.

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This leaves me wondering what next for Gengetone artists. The likes of Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang, Sailors, Ethic Entertainment, Rico Gang, 34 GVNG and others who rode on the wave to popularize their brands.

Ochunglo Family keeps setting the pace for Gengetone artists
Ochunglo Family

You know, the truth is that these artists knew that a day would come when Kenyans would get fed up of these songs that just glorify sex because let’s be honest, even porn gets boring if you watch too much of it.

Time and time again, Gengetone artists were told to gravitate towards clean content because they had already gotten fans but I guess none of them wanted to heard that so they kept making lewd music.

COVID-19 also made matters worse because the clubs – which played a big role in popularizing Gengetone music – were shut down by the government to curb the spread of the virus.

So, here we are. Many Gengetone artists have been left wondering what to do next. They are wondering whether it is too late to act.

The truth is that it might be. Kenyans forget about things fast and it won’t take long before they find another sound that can vibe to.


To make matters worse artists who had been in the music scene before the Gengetone wave also decided to up their game and reclaim their fans. The likes of; Femi One, Otile Brown, Arrow Bwoy just to name a few.

It’s very hard to find a unique sound that pill appeal to any Kenyans. As such, Gengetone artists need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what they did wrong and what they could have done better.

In my opinion, Gengetone might never rule the airwaves again because like I said, Kenyans move on very fast. The sooner Gengetone artists come up with something to revive their careers, the better for them. Enough said!

The second wave of Gengetone is here and it’s unstoppable

I don’t know about you but I strongly feel like Gengetone is making a comeback and to be honest the second wave is perhaps stronger than the first one.

I know you think I’m saying this because pubs and bars, which largely propelled the first wave, are now open after President Uhuru’s announcement on September 28 but that is not it.

Mbogi Genje

Although to be honest, it has something to do with it because COVID-19 almost killed Gengetone but there are many other reasons.

I feel at the moment Kenyans are vibing to a different kind of Gengetone and that is why referred to it as the second wave.

Initially, most Gengetone artists were just glorifying sex and talking about women’s genitals but if you are keen I am sure you have noticed that it has changed so much.

For instance, Mbogi Genje – the group that is made up of Guzman Teddy, Smady Tings and Miltan – chose a different path from the very beginning.

They chose not to talk about risque things but use difficult Sheng words that most of us did not understand and that is what set them apart.

They are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of the COVID-19 period because as their counterparts received a lot of backlash and suffered the effects of the pandemic, they grew in popularity.

Mbogi Genje, the Gengetone group that has everyone talking
Mbogi Genje

So now, they are the face of the second face of the Gengetone wave so much so that other artists are trying to use the unique style of using hard Sheng words to impress Kenyans but they can’t.

The Gengetone artists who ruled the airwaves like Boondocks Gang, Rico Gang, Ethic, Ochunglo Family, Wakali Wao etc. have also had to move away from dirty songs which is what gave them fans.

Although everyone else looks overshadowed by Mbogi Genje I am sure it’s only a matter of time before they figure it out. Anyway, Ill leave you with this, guslin tispu ni ya kibla, kanairo govana ni mjamo.

The new Kenyan sound might not last for so long

Sometimes, I’m worried that the new Kenyan sound is just a wave i.e. it will not last for a long time, say 5 or 10 years. I can bet on this.

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You see, Kenyans are very peculiar people. The might really be into something today but won’t want to hear about it tomorrow. Put simply, we live in the moment.

The way I see it, it’s only a matter of time before we outgrow the kind of music that’s popular in the country right now.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

Truth is, what the new crop of Kenyan musicians are singing about is not any different from what Nonini was doing in the early 2000s but is he relevant today?

Now that they have everyone’s attention, new-age musicians sit down and should look for ways of sustaining the hype because let’s be honest, it will eventually die.

Look at it like this, if someone shouts “Wamlambez” next year will you reply or stare at them as if they are crazy? I think the latter is right.

Better still, will you still be listening to the likes of Lamba Lolo, Pekejeng, Rieng etc.?

Established artists who were phased out by the new age musicians are also not sitting pretty, I’m sure they are also looking for ways of reclaiming their fan bases.

Boondocks Gang
Boondocks Gang

I’m not saying that new-age musicians should make more sensible music, far from it. All I know is that they need to act quick! Enough said.

Gwaash is back this time it is ‘Twende sana’

Gwaash is back this time it is ‘Twende sana’. This guy does not cease to amaze his fans. Twende sana is a song that he describes of appreciating the Gengetone culture to the world. Twende sana are swahili words that means we move on.

Actually, twende sana is actually sheng’. Fatboy Gwaash does his music in sheng’. He is part of new upcoming Kenyan artists and has been consistent in his work.

Production of Twende Sana

Twende sana has been produced by Lemario and the video directed by Dennis Goods. In addition, Gwaash has featured Dj Slim B.

Dj Slim B; Featured in twende sana by Gwaash

The collaboration is a great deal. It is a simple video though quality has been considered.  Also, the beats and the audio are in sync.

The choice of costumes and the vixens was good. They have given the jam life.

Lyrical Presentation

The choice of words Gwaash uses are out of this world. They are vulgar and no sugar coating. If this is what we call Kenyan music, then we have no option but to play them in clubs.

He is fond of using rhyme in his work and this song is not an exception. Although the song may sound vulgar, it is sweet from the style used to deliver it.

In addition to his style, Gwaash has a way of capturing his fans attention. There are lines in the song that you wouldn’t want to miss; ‘mtoto akitaka mjulus weka mara mbili’. A line like this one, I leave you to get the meaning.

Have you thought of what ‘Chora saba twende sana means’? Only the young generation can relate.

This is a banger that would only come out if played in a club. This boy Gwaash needs to heed to his fans demands and look for Bobby Mapesa.

The banger get’s a rating of 6/10.

Click on the link below to watch the video.