King Kaka responds after Pastor Ng’ang’a claims he is dating the rappers mother

After coming across King Kaka’s new hit song Wajinga nyinyi; controversial pastor has decided to hit back saying that he was dating the rappers mother!

Although many find the video hilarious, there are those who have come out to bash the pastor for behaving like a small child; not forgetting to remind him that his ministry is not legit despite having a following.

In the video making rounds on social media, the pastor is hard calling out the rapper for mentioning him in the song and since nothing positive was said about his ministry; Pastor Ng’ang’a decided to involve King Kaka’s mother in his come back where he publicly said ‘your mother is my girlfriend.

King Kaka responds

In a new post seen by Ghafla, King Kaka goes on to tell the pastor that he had received the message loud and clear – but also used the video of an example to prove that the message in his new song is true just incase there were people still in doubt. He wrote;

Kim Kaka sahii Kan Kaka. Anyway The Message is Home. Congregation Ya Pastor Ng’ang’a is the True definition of Kenyans. Mnatukanwa, Mnaibiwa, Mnaambiwa uwongo na bado mmetulia kuskiza na mnapiga makofi zaidi. #WajingaNyinyi

Akothee’s manager Nelly Oaks finally reveals why the singer fainted while in stage

Nelly Oaks who is singer Akothee’s manager has finally come out to talk about the singer’s health and why she passed out while performing during the Luo Festival in Kisumu.

Akothee faints while on stage

According to Nelly Oaks, singer Akothee had not rested much after leaving Karen hospital where she had been hospitalized about two weeks ago.

Why Akothee passed out

Apparently Akothee went straight into rehearsals since she did not want to disappoint her fans during the Luo festival show. He went on to open up saying;

“She is in Kisumu still resting at the Acacia Hotel and trying to recover because she went into heavy activity just after checking out of the hospital and went straight into rehearsals she didn’t want to disappoint her fans,”

Manager Nelly Oaks with singer Akothee

He went on to add that moving up and down during her performance left her exhausted and this is how she lost her breath and passed out.

“She had actually run her set for 45 minutes and it was during the last 30 seconds of the last song that the unfortunate incident happened. She had lost lots of breath because of the up and down activity. So that’s what forced her to faint but the good news is we got her to the car and we didn’t have to go all the way to the hospital because she recovered slowly and we gave her vitamins and juice and she was back to normal,”

As for now Akothee will continue with her bed rest until her doctors confirm she is ready to perform again.

She has been recommended bed rest and she is headed to her home in Rongo where she is going to rest for at least two weeks

Willis Raburu and wife expecting their first baby together?

Word making rounds on social media is that Willis Raburu and his wife, Marya Prude are expecting their first baby!

The story was sparked by a new photo shared by Marya Prude who is seen rocking a baggy red hoody and what looks like a baby bump.

The Raburu’s

From the caption she used on the photo, we can all agree that these two seem to fall in love with each other like new lovers. She wrote saying;

Raburu’s wife pregnant?

“I have never met a man that I wanted to be his wife
And then he came along, it’s so natural to make a life
‘Cause he’s a perfect compliment, ’cause I’m a boss in my world
But when we’re together, he just makes me feel like his girl
He’s givin’ me love, so steady
He touches my heart, now I’m ready
He touches my soul and my spirit
He’s givin’ me love, so steady (love me so steady)”

Marya Prude pregnant?

Although the couple has not confirmed nor denied the allegations, we now wait and see whether the baby bump will soon start showing.

Anyway the couple has now been together for 2 years and adding a baby to their family might just be the perfect thing to do!

“We are our own colonizers and enemies!” Pastor tells off politicians after throwing out Kwale Woman Representative and her 5 month old out of parliament

On 7th August Kwale Woman Representative Zulekha Hassan brought the House business to a stand still after walking into the National Assembly with her five-month-old baby, Mwana Baraka.

From the stories making rounds on social media, we understand that the house was inactive for 20 minutes as National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale immediately drew attention towards the baby as he told the Deputy Speaker Chris Omulele that there was  “presence of a stranger” in the House.

This forced the lady and her baby to be thrown out of parliament something that left most Kenyans including Pastor Godfrey Migwi angry.

Godfrey condemns politicians!

In a new post shared by outspoken city pastor Godfrey Migwi; he came out bashing the politicians who couldn’t handle the presence of a baby in parliament.

According to the pastor we continue to act like our own colonizers if something like a baby being carried to parliament can cause a stir.

He went on to give examples of whites who carried their toddlers to parliament and were allowed to have them present and even breastfed them. Through his Facebook page he wrote saying;