King Kaka Builds Classy House For His Mother As He Encourages Fans To Pursue Their Dreams

Kenyan artiste King Kaka has built two houses for his mother in the village, where she had previously faced challenges finding accommodation.

The musician, who is currently on a break in the countryside, shared photos of the houses on social media and reflected on the journey from humble beginnings.

“I never thought I would build such a big house for my mother,” he said. “But she always dreamed of having a place of her own, and I’m glad I could make that dream come true.”

King Kaka’s mother used to stay at the neighbours’ houses when she visited the village, and she would often sleep on a sofa. This was during a time when King Kaka was becoming famous in the music industry, and he said it was difficult to see his mother struggling.

“I wanted to give her a place where she could feel safe and comfortable,” he said. “A place where she could come and relax and be herself.”

King Kaka’s story is an inspiration to many, and he urged his fans to never give up on their dreams.

“If I can do it, anyone can,” he said. “Just believe in yourself and work hard.”

King Kaka’s message is a reminder that dreams can indeed come true, no matter how humble your beginnings. If you have a dream, don’t give up on it. Work hard and never give up, and you will eventually achieve your goals.

Nana Owiti celebrates 12 years of marriage to King Kaka!

In honor of their 12th anniversary as a couple, King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti stunned fans by recounting their first date with the Grammy-winning musician.

The TV program host, social media influencer, and developer of digital content uploaded a few old pictures of herself and her partner before gushing over the artist and their evolving love story.

Nana continued by saying that when she first met King Kaka on this date (23 May), 12 years ago, she made jokes about what would have happened if she had played hard and declined to give the musician her number at the time.

“I met you a day like this 12yrs ago and we exchanged numbers. Ningekunyima number aje sasa?

On our first date, we went for a movie(We had a bet and the condition was that should either of us lose the bet then the ‘loser’ would take the other party for a movie and pay for not only the movie but also the snacks)

I saw how competitive you were but you had found your match,” added the mother of 2.

She went on to reveal that she lost however implying that she did it on purpose.

“But on this day I paid for everything… but we both know who lost the bet. Wueh! That was the first time I ever set foot in a theatre, wueh watu wa Nairobi mko na raha, I thought to myself” added Nana Owiti before following it up with;

 “Anyway, I remember what we both wore. Lumbutuku unapiganga mtoto. That will remain one of the best days of my life…

“Our book started here. I’m so glad God allowed our paths to cross even though we were both oblivious to His plans. You are an amazing partner, friend, confidant, and a great dad. I love you. #Hadi tukunje mgongo (till we grow old) #Hii imeenda,”

King Kaka blamed for allegedly ruining his baby mama, Sage Chemutai’s music career – Netizens react

For those who are not aware, King Kaka’s eldest daughter is from an ex girlfriend, Sage Chemutai – a woman with angelic vocals and back in 2011 to 2013 she was the star giving female artists with her music.

However in 2014, everything changed for her after she welcomed her first child with the rapper and just before this could sink in….King Kaka’s wife also had a daughter a few weeks later. Sema kanairo.

For a minute we understand it got ugly for Sage after king Kaka chose his wife over her and as the story always goes…. there was bitterness, rejection, humiliation and exposing each other on social media.

Absent dad?

In 2018 Sage Chemutai for the first time let it slip that King Kaka was an absent dad to their daughter…4 years after they had her. Speaking to a popular news outlet, Sage said;

King kakas baby mama Sage and daughter, Ayanna

Raising a child as a single mum is the most challenging things I have faced so far. I had a constant fear of wondering how I’m gonna deal with when she goes to school, and she will be asking herself, How comes I am not living with my dad? And that was the biggest worry. I have learnt that God is in control of everything.


You know I am alone, other parents are paying fees together, they can handle that together. In the beginning, I was freaking out, but after her first term in school, I was able to pay her school fees and even to ensure she goes to school on time, and get everything she needed, including her snacks. It is learning how to let go and leaving God.

Sage on depression

Although they seem to have resolved the matter and are now coparenting in peace, one thing Sage cant seem to forget is the experience she faced after her baby was born.

According to Sage Chemutai’s interview with Hotlist, she says she went through postpartum depression which eventually became depression and that is how she almost lost herself as a person and her career.

A­fter I had my baby, I suffered from post-partum depression which turned into depression. I didn’t want to leave the house, I had a lot of anxiety and even shut everyone out. I was scared to release my song because I didn’t know if people would like it. I doubted myself to the point I just wanted to be alone. I had writer’s block but early last year, I started to write songs and recorded a lot of it but still, I was still scared. I only released two songs.

With this, a member of KoT reacted to the news blaming King Kaka for ruining his baby career saying;


BUT like you’ve always heard….mambo ya watu wawili wamezaa pamoja, huwezi toboa; something most seem to understand expect for Thirsty Kidspiration.

Responding to his accusations against Kaka, one fan wrote;

 There are slim to zero chances for married men to leave their families for their side chicks. That one she should have known. Getting pregnant for a married man is risky because that won’t keep him, atakuwacha. But I feel sorry for her though

While another wrote;

Sage was aware King had a family, she was a grown woman, knew what she is getting herself into. Its sad her career ended but she had an option.


Meet Nana Owiti’s house manager, mother of young boy who shares uncanny resemblance with King Kaka’s youngest son

King Kaka recently responded to rumors claiming he fathered his house girl’s son, simply because his son, Prince Iroma shares uncanny resemblance with the nanny’s son, Royal.

Speaking about this, King Kaka denied the stories as he blamed bloggers and a few of his fans for coming up with such lies. In his own words he said,

Alaaar! King Kaka forced to explain uncanny resemblance between his son and house girl’s son

King Kaka’s family

People are just stupid online, they are trying to push stories that don’t exist.

When asked why the boys share striking resemblance the rapper went on to add;

I don’t know why they resemble so much. They have stayed together for long. We dress them the same.

Meet Nana’s house manager who became family

However, looking at some of the comments left by fans – most believe King Kaka and wife, Nana Owiti aren’t being transparent about the nanny and her son, Royal.

Nana Owiti with son, prince Iroma and Nanny’s son, Royal

There are those convinced that the rapper fathered the boy after an affair, while others are wondering whether she posed as a surrogate… but this is something fans will never know until we hear it from the horses mouth.
But sofar, King Kaka has distanced himself from the rumors.

Away from that, Ghafla recently came across a few photos of Kakas family where they also featured their nanny and her son. Judging from how Nana described her in one of the photos, it’s clear that this lady is not just a house manager but is part of the family.

It’s us again. Good morning ???? Here to wish you a very happy day.


Side note: Treat your domestic manager as family, she will treat your family as her family

Nana’s family

This is because she’s been with them for over 8 years, helped out with Nana’s first born, Gweth and is still there to date.

Check out their family portraits below courtesy of Nana Owiti.

Well, if you ask me – I don’t think Nana Owiti would be flaunting her house manager if they were low key co-wives, right?

Alaaar! King Kaka forced to explain uncanny resemblance between his son and house girl’s son

Rapper King Kaka has some few questions to answer following the surprising resemblance between his biological son and that of his house manager/help’s son. Okay I know what you’re thinking…thought about it too but unfortunately no. That’s not it.

So, a few days ago King Kaka and wife Nana Owiti released photos from their latest photoshoot and as always – they came up with a brilliant South African theme, leaving fans impressed.

Tbt: King Kaka with wife, Nana Owiti and kids

Also read:

Just like heir other previous photo shoots, the King Kaka’s family did not forget to to feature their house manager’s son. Strange but also cute in a way since they consider him family and also live with him.

With the boy appearing in most family photos, fans noticed and couldn’t help but question whether King Kaka is responsible for house manager’s son – cause damn that boy looks abit too much like him.

King Kaka explains

Anyway with some fans convinced the rapper could have fathered both boys, King Kaka has finally addressed this issue – just to put the rumors to rest, cause social media never forgets.

So according to King Kaka, he can’t really tell why the boys look alike so much. But all he knows is that they’ve lived together for long hence adapting to the same things.

“I don’t know why they resemble so much. They have stayed together for long. We dress them the same”

Tbt: The King Kaka family photoshoot

Unlike what you’ve read and heard – King Kaka denied fathering the boy adding bloggers are now creating such stories just to remain relevant.

People are just stupid online, they are trying to push stories that don’t exist.

So far we know he has three kids, two with wife Nana Owiti and a daughter with Sage Chemutai. Anyway below are the family photos, you be the judge.

King Kaka’s family

King Kaka shares moving testimony 4 months after doctors gave him 30 days to live

King Kaka understands and clearly knows the value of life. Maybe at first, life was just another adventure of learning new things, having a family career and you know – making sure he has enough money in the bank and businesses are running well.

King Kaka

However health is one of those things he may have expected the universe to take care. I mean, he doesn’t smoke nor does he drink and as far as food is concerned I’m pretty sure his wife Nana always prepared organic and healthy foods.

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But, believe it or not – one day his life was turned upside down after a short illness that left doctors diagnosing him with the wrong illness; and top to it off, the medication worsened his situation.

King Kaka reveals what doctors diagnosed him with

For a minute the rapper did not disclose what he was diagnosed with – until recently when he opened up to reveal why he feels blessed to be alive today.

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Well, according to King Kaka his X-ray results proved that he had cavity on both his lungs and from the ‘damage’ doctors gave him approximately 30 days to live. Yes…30 days but that was 4 months ago. Sharing his testimony, the rapper said;

Tbt: King Kaka

Xray showing niko na cavity kwa my 2 lungs Bado Walinipa 30days niishi that was 4 months ago

Today, his life is not only going back to normal but has gained a new meaning and more value as he understands why health should be man’s number one concern.

King Kaka Releases Song To Summarize His Gruesome Moments In Hospital (Video)

Rapper King Kaka’s latest song dubbed Manifest featuring Nviiri the storyteller exhibits his most horrifying moments when he was admitted in hospital over 3 months ago. The award winning rapper had been sick for a period of over 3 months and he tremendously lost weight during this period.

A few details had been disclosed by both him and his wife immediately after he started showing good recovery progress. His wife disclosed how she was haunted by sleepless nights for being worried about him. Shortly afterwards, Kaka showered her with praises on how immensely she helped him in recovering.

King Kaka Reminisces Laying In Hospital Bed.

King Kaka has now included more details in the lyrics and video of his ‘Manifest’ song. In a long Instagram post, he posted a picture while he was laying in his hospital bed and captioned;

King Kaka in his hospital bed-Google

”That’s me, still can’t believe it. 2days after I was admitted and they had just finished drilling on my hip bone for a bone marrow sample. I was in between worlds fighting to see my family once more. I would force my last smile when Nana & Moms visited but truth is the nights got darker and I would be back in the ring with life.
It’s a feeling and place you can’t put in words
Nights when the devil threw in a few suggestions but the light got stronger for me to listen.
Not yet out of the woods but I’ve just realized that waking up is a Blessing , are you able to eat? that’s a blessing. You have a support system? That’s a blessing….
One day I will tell the full story but as of now I have summarized it in a song. I know we have different struggles, I hope that this song revamps the little hope and light left in you. You have a destiny and God has a plan for you.”

Watch King Kaka’s video below;

King Kaka opens up misdiagnosed illness that has left him 33kgs lighter

King Kaka says he weighs 33kgs less from his initial weight; and I’m guessing he couldn’t have been more than 70kgs meaning the artists is currently around 40 something Kgs.

However his weight loss was not something he had planned for; but is a result of being misdiagnosed at the hospital after he had fallen ill a while back.

The celebrated singer revealed this in a post shared on his page where King Kaka opened up saying;

King Kaka on weight loss

Dear Fans , it’s only right that I share this with you. I have been sick for 3 months 8 days now. I was misdiagnosed. Lost 33kgs and in the process we started hospital visits , did all the tests and they were Negative.

Although the exprience or losing weight all of sudden must have been scary for King Kaka; he still finds a reason to be happy as he went on to add;

King Kaka new body weight showing in photos

funny thing is I feel no pain and we are still hopeful that we will get the solution soon , my waist was 36 now it’s 33 Ata sina nguo, was consuming only uji and kidogo fruits, started eating food 3 weeks ago pole pole ntazoea and no taste for 2 months .

New spiritual journey

Well just like most people who face nearly death experiences; seems like King Kaka’s Faith has now become stronger since he has made it alive despite the 3 months he was in and out of hospital.

I have a new respect for God and life , the closest friends that knew Asante for always checking up . The doctor said instead of just sitting around I try doing what makes me happy. Thankfully I had recorded my EP and didn’t have a name for it but now I have every reason to call it Happy , ‘Happy Hour’. While I am in my final recovery stages I will show you some of the stories and how I got. I miss my kids, my wife @nanaowiti has been a great pillar through the 3 months and my mom.What I need from you is just prayers nothing more.


And in conclusion he said;

I was born a winner , I just hope that I am alive for it. ????(To those who have my number I may not pick at this moment but I am ok)

King Kaka In Rage After His Song Featuring Otile Is Removed From YouTube Due To Copyright Issues.

Kenyan rapper Kennedy Ombima, better known by his stage name King Kaka has taken to Instagram to call out upcoming artists for making copyright claims falsely just to chase clout. The 34 year old musician has not only called them out, but has also stressed that his song featuring Otile Brown was made purely from scratch.

DOWNLOAD MP3: King Kaka x Otile Brown - Fight, Video | Lite9ja

Clout Chasers

The song dubbed ‘Fight’ had already gathered over half a million views on YouTube; but has since been lifted due to copyright claims. Filled with rage, King Kaka wrote on his Instagram;

”izi Copyright Claim zimekuwa mingi. People should stop clout chasing and just make music.
A product that we made from scratch with @otilebrown in a studio tena iko na kesi.”

The claims come just days after Krispah’s song dubbed ‘Ndovu Ni Kuu’ featuring Khaligraph Jones and Boutross was removed from YouTube due the copyright issues. An artist by the name Dexter claimed that the song had sampled his music beat. On the contrary, Krispah stated otherwise, saying that Dexter, who reported the song, was among the Kenyatta University’s staff who were up in arms to pull the song down.

The track had over 3.5 Million views on YouTube before it was removed from the platform. However, Krispah took the necessary action and made sure the song was brought back.

Do you think upcoming artists are using the copyright stunt as a means to be popular?

‘I Thank God For Your Love’ King Kaka Pens Passionate Message To Wife Nana Owiti As They Mark 10 Years Of Love

King Kaka and his wife Nana Owiti’s love seems to be growing each and every day. Their love story is even more interesting; including how they met. Like any other couple, they’ve had their challenges in marriage, which they’ve strived to overcome.

Living with a celebrity was not an easy fete for Nana, as she was insecure a couple of times; until King Kaka helped her adjust.

Wedding bells! King Kaka proposes to long time girlfriend Nana Owiti
King Kaka’s Family-Google

King Kaka’s Message

Celebrating their 10 years of love, King Kaka wrote to the love of his life on Instagram saying;

”Niliwacha kuwa inspired na wao , sikuhizi Niko inspired na family kwa hao”
Today marks 10yrs of Love with my bestfriend @nanaowiti Woooow Ata sijui nianze wapi?
We’ve had our fair share of fights and disagreements but the summary is You. The light that God put in you has shown me the way enough times when the tunnel had no clear guide.

We encourage each other, our long talks could change the world . Sometimes I stare at you and think ‘God is too amazing to have created such a being for me’ Thankyou for holding me down always , Thankyou for the lessons , Thankyou for the beautiful family, I Thank God for your heart and Love. Hadi tukunje mgongo. I love you @nanaowiti

‘You Are My Sunshine’ Nana Owiti Pens Loving Message To Hubby King Kaka On His Birthday

Kennedy Ombima, better known by his stage name King Kaka, is celebrating his birthday today. The celebrated rapper is turning 34 years today, May 7th. Most celebrities including Femi One have showered him with birthday wished. Her exquisite wife Nana Owiti hasn’t been left out either.

Nana’s Passionate Message;

I walked with dead fetus for 5 weeks-King Kaka's wife, Nana reveals
King Kaka with his Family-Google

Nana posted a video with her hubby and gushed over him saying;

”Behind every man____??? Well,He dropped me to work yesterday,he’s dropped me to work everyday last month. I have arguably the best friend EVER. We fight,we make up,we laugh but above it all we learn and do better.
You know my flaws,couldn’t hide my brokenness,you know my weaknesses but you still find me completely AMAZING ????
A very happy birthday to my biggest support system..You are my sunshine and my rain.. Basically you make me hot and wet ???? ????
I gatchu back always and literally!!! I love you babe @thekingkaka

Like any other couple, the two sweethearts have had their fair share of challenges in marriage; but are still holding on. Earlier this year, Nana revealed he dumped King Kaka after she learnt he had cheated on her.

She also disclosed she was the one who made her move on King Kaka; and now they’re happily together.

Ladies, it’s high time you picked yourself up and start shooting your shot on the man you want. Anyway, happy birthday to you King Kaka.


King Kaka Reveals Why He Featured Fat Women In Latest Music Video

After the release of ‘Utanipata’ song featuring King Kaka and Kristoff, it seems like most netizens reacted negatively about the women featured in the music video. Rapper Kennedy Ombima, better known by his stage names King Kaka and Rabbit, has revealed that the plus sized ladies featured in the song have been trolled afterwards.

Posting on his social media, Rabbit has strongly rebuked any kind of trolls against the women. He also adds that plus sized women are part of our society and we all go through different challenges in life. He wrote,

”Let me be honest this morning. I chose to put plus size women in the ‘Utanipata’ video because they are part of our society, they are our friends , our sisters ,our girlfriends , our mothers. So why shouldn’t they be in a music video ?? Why??? Tuwache ujinga. I have seen some characters attack them for their weight, Ati why are they there? The moment we realize that we are all equal and humans then everything will make sense. You might never know what someone is going through and what the effects might be.
Link on Bio. Stop body shaming , Tuwache siasa na Ujinga.”

It’s not the first time we’ve heard about body shaming on social media. Nevertheless, King Kaka’s ‘Utanipata’ song has attained over 80K views on YouTube since it’s release 3 days ago.

It’s a shame we are still body-shaming our own instead of supporting our music. This should totally stop. Below is the music video:

Khaligraph’s brother Lamaz Span is Kenya’s next biggest rapper

I listen to Kenyan music a lot, not for any other reason but because it drives my adrenaline up. Imagine going about your day as you listen to Dundaing by King Kaka, Kristoff and Magix Enga.

A whole mood right?

Apart from the aforementioned artists, you’ll also find me listening to Naiboi, Khaligraph, Mayonde, Sage, Mbithi, Wangeci, Fena and Lamaz Span.

If you are a fan of local music, you must be familiar with all these artist except one; Lamaz Span.

Make sure you remember that name because the new kid on the block has not come to play.

Well I don’t think he’s thaaaaaat (sic) new, I’m the one who discovered his music recently on Khaligraph’s timeline.

Minutes later, I was on YouTube jamming to his latest single Stories. Ladies and gentlemen, his punchlines are so smooth and effortless.

In the song, Lamaz Span narrates his childhood experiences, the odd jobs that he had to do to put before he finally got his big break. I really love how he packaged it.

I will soon interview him so that we can all get to know more about him and what he is all about.

Meanwhile, watch Stories by Lamaz Span ft Magix Enga below tell me what you think in the comment section below.

King Kaka responds to female fan who publicly professed his love for him in leaked DM

Celebrity Kenyan rapper King Kaka born Kennedy Ombima is sure a darling to the ladies and this time round, a daring female fan told him that to his face.

The rap legend found himself at a tight spot after a fan tried enticing him into infidelity, without even blinking.

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The DM

King Kaka leaked a screenshot of private chats with a frank secret admirer who could not help but drool over his deceiving looks.

Rapper King Kaka

The unknown user screenshots a recent photo of King Kaka clad in a sharp black suit with that serious face on that he captioned;

“Sura ya kazi yaani business face…”

To which the female fan confesses;

“Si unakuanga mali safi….yaani ile design unakuanga umenikunywa wacha tu…”

Kenyan rapper King Kaka

But that is not it, that is where her love letter to the father of 3 begins;

“You are my dream man, yaani wewe huwezi cheat ata siku moja tu hivi,” she poses.

Going further to try and lure the rapper to slip a bit once in a while instead of tying himself up so much.

“Mwanaume lazima a-cheat kidogo..usikue mgumu ivo,” the conversation concludes.

King Kaka responds

A chat the Wajinga Nyinyi hitmaker has been left seriously pondering over as he informed fans;

“Nimeambiwa nisikuwe mgumu.”

A conversation his wife, Nana Owiti is however yet to respond to.

Some left in shock, others urging him to follow his heart.

What caught the eye of many was controversial city Pastor Ngangas advice to him;

King Kaka sets the record straight after viral family photo stirs controversy

King Kakas family photo with his wife, their house manager and the kids has been praised for its humility and wholesomeness but not until one fan notice something that stood out in the photo.

A beautiful family of 6, that stepped out for a photoshoot, in simple kitenge designs but a photo that tells of a unique family story.

Also read: King Kaka’s baby mama shares unknown details about her struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts

The couple warmly let in their house manager in the family photo that they labelled ‘complete’. Something very uncommon in majority of households especially of a certain class.

“We Thank God for the gift of family,” he adorably captions.

The King Kaka family photo

Also read: King Kaka’s wife makes comeback in tight slim-fit dress days after getting trolled for looking like an old granny (Photo)

The Twist

It was all fun and games until one question popped up setting off the conversation in a totally different direction.

“The boys look like brothers,” a curious fan posed.

Indirectly implying that the rapper is the father to their house manager’s son, Roy, who has a striking resemblance to King Kaka and his actual son, Prince Iroma.

The King Kaka family photoshoot

Though not brave enough to put it as it is, the comment raised an alarm among fans who eagerly waited for the answer.

Another actually admitting that the two boys look like twins.

This kept the fire burning, others suggesting King Kaka and the house manager must be related.

And after the long guesswork, the ill rapper and his irritated wife finally responded;

“I was tempted to throw a few insults at you, but it is the beginning of the week so I wish you a productive week. Heshima ni kitu muhimu.”

From her end, Nana unapologetically hit back at the troll: “Take your nonsense elsewhere.”

That is where the debate ended.

King Kaka’s baby mama shares unknown details about her struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts

Rapper King Kaka and ex lover cum baby mama Sage Chemutai did date for long back in  2013/2014. Word has it that the two had already parted ways by the time their daughter  was born.

Sage Chemutai who at the time had been dropping hits thanks to her sultry voice disappeared from social media; but little did we know what she was battling with in silence.

Turns out that the break up hit her hard to a point where she went into depression. Apart from the sudden weight loss; the lass tried and succeeded to keep her dark thoughts hidden.

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Sage speaks

However on September 10, Sage talked about her attempts to commit suicide for the first time. In a detailed post shared on her social media pages, the lass went on to write;

Sage Chemutai

This photo of me was taken a couple of days after I wrote a suicide note. I was still highly suicidal (for the first time in more than a decade). The guy who took the photo had no idea. We had just had a wonderful breakfast and catch up.

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Details of the suicidal note

Well, if you thought depression is a joke, then sages story might just change your mind. According to the lady, she had already drafted a suicidal note; which was to reveal her main reason for choosing to take her own life.

Luckily for her, she did not manage to end her life; but about the note, the mother of 1 wrote;

The details of the suicide note and attempted suicide , I’ll share another time.

12 times Nana Owiti rocked short classy dresses that left her looking younger than her age

King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owiti knows her style, what trends best suit her and what fashion she needs to keep off. However, the curvy babe has never shied away from going the extra mile to try out all sorts of outfits that ended up a big plus for her.

Fortunately enough, the Kamba doll has a body that allows her an almost flat tummy that then allows enough room for her hippy edges just enough, not too much, not too little definitely.

Switch TV show co-host, Nana Owiti

The lass started it off like a joke, initially covering up her short dresses with translucent chiffon and times having it all long to the bottom before she soon cracked the puzzle and discovered her place.

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Knee-length and eventually slightly above the knee became her routine. Let’s run down the list.

1. There was this maroon leather two-piece whose pose hinted of a teenager a bit shy to make that move.

Nana Owiti

2. Then came this outdoor look that had her all covered up apart from the glaring juicy thighs.

Nana Owiti

Also read: King Kaka’s wife makes comeback in tight slim-fit dress days after getting trolled for looking like an old granny (Photo)

3. She soon after went a bit extra with her little floral dress, pretty short and her lean against the table only pronounced her edges against her flat tummy. Pascal Tokodi was in the background to confirm the statement.

Nana Owiti

4. Her tomboy sense of fashion recently saw her get a mix of ladies’ and boy-ish wear, a bit of each but not too much of either. One half was best suited for a classroom outfit, the other half saw her labelled a ‘cowgirl’ for the wild boots.

Nana Owiti

5. Next was this hot look that would have made her easily mistaken for an air hostess.

Nana Owiti

6. With the sun out and the babe finally grabbing that little black dress, Nana looked like a young campus babe who had just started experiencing the ‘good life’.

Nana Owiti

7. The tight dresses were coming in a bit too loud and this particular one spared no one her natural curves and edges.

Nana Owiti

8. It would only be fair to admit that Nana might not have only one ‘little black dress’ but a couple suited for every occasion. This particular one is way more flattering with just enough skin to show.

Nana Owiti

9. Nana decided to give fans a bit of a 3D look with a pose that suggested she was the Queen in reign with her beaded, pointed grey heels to confirm the statement.

Nana Owiti

10. Finally, she let it a bit free with this trendy shirt dress and a nude pair of heels.

Nana Owiti

11. This one a bit more formal and would easily get her mistaken for a bridesmaid.

Nana Owiti

12. It would be an honor to crown her long list of little black dresses with this particular one that sure speaks for itself.

Nana Owiti

Weuh utawezana! Fan leaves King Kaka speechless with thirsty comment that will make his wife have sleepless nights!

King Kaka has undeniably swept many women with his latest single dubbed Nakulove! This project comes weeks after his last bit that educated Kenyans on the importance of electing serious politicians and not greedy ones after money!

The song which seems to be receiving massive airplay and also social media love has left a lady identified as MJ asking for more than she should be; especially since King Kaka also happens to be somebody’s husband (but when has that ever stopped these Instagram queens from snatching married men?)

Looking at the first comment she left on the post one could tell that this lady was a big fan as she wrote;

Hey @RabbitTheKing vile uko fly can you be my larva???? lakini usikuwe na pupa mimi si fally

Mnaona nikipewa?

To which King Kaka politely responded asking the lady to hit the studio; probably just to hype her for being a fan.

King Kaka

Fan asks for Cassava

However seeing that the rapper now had her attention, Ms MJ went on to shoot her shot in the comment section; where she made it known that the studio is not what she wanted, but what is underneath his boxers! MJ comfortably wrote;

Nataka kuingia kwa boxer yako si studio


King Kaka and fan

Well, clearly no one saw this coming and now we understand why the singer doesn’t follow his wife on social media.

Although King Kaka’s talent remains untouchable and unreachable – one can imagine the kind of pressure Nana Owiti has to put up with especially with a husband who doubles up as a rapper.

Anyway in a recent statemtn shared by Nana Owiti while hosting Dropzone on Switch TV; she revealed why they both don’t follow each other on social media saying;

When we started the relationship, we were friends on Facebook for a couple of days, and then we would always be like ‘hako kanakucommentia ni kanani hako?’ We were like, ‘you know what by the way si ufollowiana ya? By the way ujue naku-unfriend leo’…so I told him that and he said ‘sawa basi.

There you have it!

Vile inafaa! Why King Kaka and wife don’t follow each other on social media

Switch TV’s Nana Owiti recently left fans asking questions after revealing that she does not follow her rapper husband, King Kaka on social media.

The lady who is currently known for her Chill Spot show on the renowned TV station went on to reveal that following her husband has never been a big deal. Although she is a fan of his poetic music, Ms Owiti went on to reveal what led to both her and King Kaka not following each other on social media.

According the gorgeous mother of two, they have never really followed each other on Instagram; however during the beginning of their relationship they had been friends on Facebook but this did not last for long!

Nana went on to add that ‘commenting’ on other peoples post brought by unnecessary questioning; and for some reason they decided to end it by unfriending each other. The lady went on to say;

Nana Owiti with hubby, King Kaka

When we started the relationship, we were friends on Facebook for a couple of days, and then we would always be like ‘hako kanakucommentia ni kanani hako?’ We were like, ‘you know what by the way si ufollowiana ya? By the way ujue naku-unfriend leo’…so I told him that and he said ‘sawa basi

Less drama

Although this has never been a topic of discussion at their home; Nana also went on to reveal that she has less drama to deal with incase they broke up! I mean she wouldn’t have to unfollow him on social media making fans realize they have an issue at home… thinking! She went on to add;

King Kaka with his family
King Kaka with his family

And it has been like that… I have never followed King, he has never followed me, we don’t follow each other on Instagram… It’s not even a conversation at home. Ile siku tutapigana you guys will never know.

King Kaka’s YouTube channel hacked!

If you are subscribed to King Kaka’s YouTube channel you might have noticed that he was live streaming a Space X and NASA event earlier today.

While most people thought that it was an intentional move so as to get more subscribers, it turns out that his account has been hacked. The worst part is that all of his songs have either been deleted or hidden by the hackers.

There is a YouTube scam that is going around where hackers take control of a channel and ask people to send them bitcoin, promising to return twice as much.

King Kaka

The scammers use a recent interview of Space X CEO Elon Musk to pull in people and keep them ‘entertained’ while their main goal is to swindle them.

King Kaka is not the first Kenyan to fall prey to these hackers. If you are keen, I am sure you noticed that they took control of Khaligraph’s account earlier today, the only difference is that he was able to regain control of it.

A screengrab of King Kaka’s YouTube account.

We really need Phy back on the music scene

If there is an artist that I have missed on the Kenyan music scene it’s one beautiful lass known as Phyllis Ng’etich. You might know her from that Taabu song or the song that she did with Khaligraph and King Kaka dubbed Ruka.

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The first time most of us heard about her was when she was a contestant on Maisha Superstar. To this very day I still remember her rendition of Nameless’ Sinzia. It was magical to say the least.


Phy is such a great vocalist and I would even dare say that she is one of the greatest female vocalists in Kenya, you might think otherwise and it’s totally okay.

When you listen to her, you just get life instantly. If you were having a bad day, her songs just cheer you up and I am not exaggerating any of this. Ask any die-hard fan of hers.

And it is partly the reason why I would love to see her back on the music scene. Other than the fact that she is such a great singer, I think she is also too young to take a backseat. I believe she is 26 or so.


Understandably, she became a mother and that is one of the challenges that comes with being a female artist but I believe her child is now all grown and she should now make a comeback.

To be honest, her fans like myself, really miss her and if she released a new song today, we would listen to it for the rest of the year. If we can, we will even make it the national anthem. No kidding.

It is really sad seeing such a talented artist just fade away. Phy, if you’re reading this then it’s about time you made a comeback on the local music scene. Enough said.

Kenyans don’t give their musicians enough support

Local music rarely transcends borders and to be honest, it’s partly our fault as Kenyans. We don’t appreciate our artists enough. Maybe things would be different if we did, who knows?

Stella Mwangi

Artists from Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other African countries have been making headways in the international music scene because of the support that they enjoy from their country mates.

This support motivates them to set bigger goals and pursue them. Perhaps this explains why their music industries are way ahead of Kenya and from the look of things it will take us time to catch up.

You could argue that local musicians are not doing enough and that they are not making music which can be played outside Kenya. That notion is wrong and the complete opposite of what is really happening.

If you are keen enough, you’ll notice that the likes of Sauti Sol, Khaligraph, King Kaka, MDQ, Victoria Kimani, Octopizzo, Stella Mwangi, Blinky Bill, have been working hard to show the world that Kenya has so much to offer.

Billy Bill

However, their efforts neither here nor there because we don’t support or encourage them. It’s almost as if they are making music for the sake of it. This should not be the case.

At any given point in time, the biggest song in Kenya is always from Tanzania, Nigeria or some other African country. It’s rarely our own music. We are consuming foreign music at the expense of local music and this is wrong.

If you look at the biggest Kenyan concerts the last few years, you’ll realize that the main performer was either an international act or from Nigeria, Tanzania and the likes. Why is this so?

By giving local artists a chance to be the headline acts of such big concerts, we’ll show them that we have a lot of faith in them. This way, they will be have the confidence to chase even bigger goals.

Another way we could support them is by buying their music and merchandise, showing up for their concerts, sharing their new music releases and encouraging them every chance we get. What would it cost you to send a tweet to your favourite artist telling them to keep pushing? Absolutely nothing!

Watch Khaligraph’s latest single Superman below.

Mnachoma! King Kaka addresses artists insulting Bahati and his young family in diss tracks!

King Kaka has every reason to speak about artists like Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul; and others who have proven to have zero content in terms of creativity.

Most are have proved to depend on picking and dissing singer Bahati – just to stay relevant in the industry.

King Kaka’s daughter, Gweth

Just a few days ago rapper Khaligraph Jones announced he would be dropping yet another banger and to tease his online fans; Khali released just a short clip leaving his fans excited.

However it’s is quite sad that the part Khaligraph chose to share online – was him referring to Bahati as mtoto was Diana. As much as freedom to express creativity in the entertainment scene is encouraged; many have come out to say enough is enough when it comes to attacking families in diss tracks!

In his song Khaligraph Jones goes on to talk about Bahati saying;

Mtoto wa Diana

Kuwa celebrity ni garama juu wakishakujua ni lawama, Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama sahii twitter amegeuziwa yeye ni mtoto wa Diana hakuna huruma siri ni kulenga tu

King Kaka: Enough is enough

Having come across the diss track, King Kaka who is not only an artist but a husband and father of 3 could not keep his mouth shut.

As seen on his latest post where he addressed artists dissing and dragging Bahati’s family in their music; King Kaka discourages such moves which will one day affect the gospel singer’s kids or push him into depression at such a young age!

Bahati with his wife

Through his social media pages, King Kaka wrote saying;

I understand we are having fun on social media but I think we are crossing the line when we touch families. What is happening to @BahatiKenya and the wife should stop!

King Kaka

Khaligraph Jones new diss track

Although Hao happens to carry some positive messages encouraging people to overlook petty judgement ask haters; it’s also contradicting in its own way since a whole father would attack another man’s family just to get clicks or stay relevant in the music scene!

Khaligraph Jones with his wife and their daughter

What will happen when tables turn?

Nadia Mukami has potential to make it big outside Kenya

In most countries, the male artists dominate over their female counterparts. Even in Kenya the discussion is always about Khaligraph, King Kaka, Sauti Sol, Willy Paul, Bahati or the Gengetone artists – who are mostly male.

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But somehow, there’s a female artist who has managed to break that ‘curse’ and that’s none other than the gorgeous Nadia Mukami – the lass who is behind hits such as; Si Rahisi, Yule Yule, Radio Love, Jipe, just to name a few.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

In three years or so, she has gone from an upcoming artist to one of the most of the sought-after artists in the region and if you ask me, that is a commendable feat because it takes most artists a long time to get their names out there.

The truth is that Nadia Mukami is a hard worker and this is evidenced by the number of tracks that she has released since most of us came to know her.

To add to that, I think she has a good team behind her, they are always doing their best to ensure that she’s not only the best artist in Kenya but in the continent like Angelique Kidjo, Lira or Yemi Alade.

Nadia Mukami

Also there is the fact that she is beautiful, has a bubbly personality and her angelic voice makes you want to listen to her songs over and over. She sounds very pleasant to the ears.

Although it’s tough being a female artist, bearing in mind all the challenges that come with it, I think Nadia Mukami has the potential. I she continues at the same pace, then maybe, just maybe, she might bag a Grammy someday.

Watch her latest track with Tanzania’s Marioo dubbed Jipe below.

Femi One is great but we don’t say it enough

Kenyan femcee Wanjiku Kimani, known to you and I as Femi One Shiko, has always been a great artist and I do not know why many people are only starting to see it now after she teamed up with Mejja on Utawezana.

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If you have always been a fan of hers or local music for that matter I m sure you vividly remember how she aced her verse on King Kaka’s Ligi Soo Remix.

She even outdid some of the men who were featured on that song and then she kind of disappeared only to reappear in 2016 and start beefing with the likes of Njeri, Kyki and Noti Flow.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars
Femi One

I don’t really know why she has been so inconsistent but the one thing I am sure about is that she’s a dope rapper so much so that she can go up against someone like Khaligraph Jones and put up a good fight.

The truth is that the Kenyan music industry is a tough place, especially if you are a lady and faint-hearted. Some of the things that happen can make you quit without even blinking an eye. It’s just what it is.

So you can understand why an artist who is as great as Femi One has not had a hit in so many years but I’m kind of happy that she has gotten her groove back.

Femi One

She is such a natural. She is one rapper that you’ll hear flowing and you just start smiling because her rhymes and punchlines are so sick but effortless. I don’t know if you know what I mean when I say that.

I hope now that she is back to making hits, she can keep up because people who are huge fans of her music like me had really missed this side of her and we are more than excited that she is back to her former self.

Watch Utawezana below and tell us what you think.

King Kaka serves fans new jam tagged ‘Zarika’ (Video)

Rapper Kennedy Ombima, popularly known as King Kaka, has dropped a new jam and we are really feeling it ladies and gentlemen. It’s a masterpiece.

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The track titled Zarika, while kind of hails legendary boxer Fatuma Zarika, is off  King Kaka’s mixtape The Servant & The King which I must say is a brilliant piece of work.

King Kaka

In this song, the 32-year-old singer encourages his fans to be as tough as Zarika so that when life becomes tough, you give it strong punches and emerge victorious. Basically, it’s a motivational song.

I totally love this jam. Other than the powerful message that it carries, it’s also a beautiful composition. What did you expect? It’s King Kaka.

This guy has a sick flow. To add to that, the Jam Nakam hitmaker is such a storyteller that you can picture what he is narrating as he goes about his business.

King Kaka

There is also the obvious fact that has a unique and amazing voice – the kind you just want to listen to over and over, gender notwithstanding.

The producer, Kevin Provoke, did a good job on the beat and instrumentation. Other than the fact that they are very catchy, they also blend well with the artist’s flow and voice.

I love the simplicity of the video. Like I mentioned earlier, King Kaka is a good storyteller and he keeps you hooked to him lyricism that you even forget about the video.

Watch Zarika below and tell us what you think.