Tokodi and Ekirapa: celebrity dating done right

Pascal Tokodi and his wife Grace Ekirapa are an example of romance done right that should be upheld by all young Kenyans but more importantly, by their celebrity peers who cannot seem to keep their own relationships running longer than an episode of Selina.

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While alot of young celebrity couples seem to invariably opt to make their relationship public, these two made a conscious decision to keep theirs private and hidden from the public until they had finally exchanged their vows.

Grace Ekirapa
Pascal Tokodi sweetly adores Grace Ekirapa in what many suspect was their wedding photo

We weren’t allowed to look in on their relationship so we knew nothing about the fights they doubtless had. As a result, they were free to navigate the situation without any untoward pressure.

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And when things were going well, they got to relish in those memories. It was just the two of them enjoying those moments, bonding and giving their relationship enough room to take-off.

Grace Ekirapa
Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa continue to fuel marriage speculations in juicy photo

The couple literally surprised their fanbase by not really mentioning that they are dating, only to surprise us all when it was finally revealed they had gotten married. And you would really have to struggle to find any other celebrity couple that executed things as smoothly as Tokodi and Ekirapa.

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And there are a lot of lessons that Kenyan celebrities can learn from them. I would highlight the likes o Bahati and DJ Mo who have made their marriages an open house concept which we get to watch unfold. That is why when DJ Mo cheated, us internet in-laws got involved. Every time Diana Marua says something messed up about her past that would humiliate any other man with a spine, we react.

Pascal Tokodi
Film star, Pascal Tokodi

Contrast this to Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa. It just doesn’t play out like that. So when Pascal does something that we might not all agree with, such as when he happened to run into the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta and he asked him to watch his show Selina, his wife did not get brought up or mentioned. The accolades and anger were exclusively focussed on him. The same cannot be said if it were Kabi wa Jesus in his shoes.

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We really can’t argue that the best approach to modern relationships is to keep things private until they are permanent. At that point, you’re already home-free.

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TV host Grace Ekirapa speaks on being in an ugly one-sided relationship: He was the man of my dreams but I wasn’t his 

Popular TV host for Cross Over 101 Grace Ekirapa has opened up how being in love with the wrong guy consumed her before leaving her with a heartbreak.

The popular host, who works alongside DJ Mo, shared that she had fallen for a man who wasn’t so much into her.

“It was so crazy that I would look forward to just being around him even if he did not speak to me,” she said. 



In the long Facebook post, the singer shared that having the man was one of the post painful period she has ever undergone. She also compared the man with God saying that God can never reject you once you give Him unconditional love.

Here’s the post:

“Loving Unconditionally. Have you ever been in a relationship but clearly you are in it alone?? Well, for the longest time I was in a relationship with the man of my dreams, then. I truly thought it was a fairy tale. The only thing i forgot to see was that he was the man of my dreams but i wasn’t his. I loved him and respected him as well as i knew how.

“I didnt care whether he reciprocated and this was because i fell in love with him more than anything else. It was so crazy that i would look forward to just being around him even if he did not speak to me. I spoke about him to everybody who knew me and i’m sure they thought I was crazy. The relationship was one sided and only worked on his terms but i was too blind to see because i was in love. I communicated so often but he only responded when he had nothing to do.

“I bought the best gifts, and with the only money i had, sometimes. but to him, i was just another girl in love and i would get over it. He came first to me but for him i was never first.

“Today i look at this and i reflect on our relationship with God. He is the one on the relationship that loves us unconditionally. We dictate how the relationship runs and only talk to Him when we have nothing else to do. We spend time with Him when we have run out of plots. We give to Him what we don’t even treasure.

“We don’t speak about him to everybody. I don’t know who you are out Thea but I know the pain of loving somebody who does not love you back nor appreciate. i’m not saying God will cry or leave like I did but what i’m saying is, work on your relationship now. Don’t miss out on the chance to love God back now while you still can. This is the time to adore Him even if your heart is heavy because He will lift the heaviness. God bless you as you reflect on the Unconditional Love.”


Why Crossover101 host Grace Ekirapa hasn’t been on TV lately

Crossover101 host Grace Ekirapa has been missing in action for a while now.

The popular host who works alongside DJ Mo has been down with an illness though she didn’t mention what exactly but took the time to thank everyone who checked up on her.


Grace said she has been going through a tough time in terms of her health but the love she has gotten from her family has kept her going.

“This past week has not been easy. I have been at my lowest but because of Love, I still held on and hoped for a better day. Waking up to Love from #mineand then kids who cheer you up at every gesture is the greatest thing that has happened and I am blessed to have them around me. I thank God for every message and call that came in this week. Your prayers have gone a mighty long way. I love you all and God bless you for being family. I am stronger,”