Huddah shares jaw dropping bikini photos leaving fans with wild thoughts

First of all, I’d like you to forget Huddah’s old bikini photos shared back in the day. This is because this lady keeps aging like fine wine; and uuuh let’s just say God has been taking extra time to redesign her.

Huddah entertaining fans on Instagram

Looking at Huddah’s photos, I’m thinking we’re basically the same size (6) and are probably eating both healthy and junk food. But, problem is no matter what I eat, my food ends up you know in the toilet.

However Huddah’s body fat seems to be targeted at the right places; which explains her drop dead gorgeous figure.

Unlike her old self, Huddah lately seems to have added a little fat for her bubble booty; and her thighs – waah her fine legs look strong enough to carry her upper body!

New thirst traps from Huddah

Thirst traps

Well, since Huddah can’t offer much to her social media fans – now that she is stuck in Dubai; after allegedly being linked to Hushpuppi’s case – I guess bikini photos might entertain fans for now.

And yes, Huddah was definitely right to give her fans something to drool over; after unveiling the latest bikini photos that left many male fans taking screenshots for future use!

From the new pics, Huddah looks something close to a goddess – that is judging from her golden skin tone and physical appearance. But again with such good qualified doctors around her, what do you expect?

Anyway let’s just say Sunday was a good day on Instagram thanks to Huddah; especially now that Vera Sidika keeps yapping about her pregnancy!