Huddah explains why she will never meet and mingle with Kenyans living in Dubai

Socialite Huddah must either be full of herself or is just repellent when it comes to making friends.

It’s no secret that she only keeps a small circle around her; and this is after her relationship with the likes of Huddah and others ended badly.

Star Gal Huddah Monroe

From what I know is that the lass walks around with one of her cousins who happens to be her photographer too; and judging from how she travels with the male cousins, we can tell that they are pretty close.

With him around, Huddah doesn’t need the company of friends (to avoid betrayal) and if anything; this is one of the greatest lessons we can learn from the petite socialite.

Responds to Kenyans asking to hangout

Anyway, now that it is no secret that Huddah will not be coming home anytime soon; a few Kenyans living in Dubai have been asking her out – but unfortunately the lass is not about this life.


Through her gram Huddah made it known that she is not in Dubai to mingle nor meet up with Kenyans in UAE. In fact, she hopes that will never happen since familiarizing herself with other people may lead to disrespect or worse create drama.

People ask me why I don’t meet with people from my country and hang out etc. but I didn’t come to Dubai to mingle. And also too much familiarity creates fake rumors and disrespect. The few that have met me know that I am legit a loving person and very down to earth.

On the same post Huddah went on to write;

I know y’all out here. I see y’all hustle and I respect that. Love from a distance ???? stay blessed.