Ouch? Huddah on why she sells cheap and affordable make up products

Huddah is back and just like her old self – the former socialite is yet to work on how she addresses fans and online followers. Could be that her words are true and harmless at times – but how she puts them is the problem.

Being a girl who grew up in the ghetto and luckily managed to make a good life for herself; it’s funny how she sometimes looks down on people – not just once and clearly not twice either with her demeaning words.

Huddah advertising her lippie

So far Huddah has bashed some of her followers for being poor, uneducated not forgetting fat shaming them; but either way we all know how it ends – as she always catches feelings when trolled for her own actions.

Just the other day Huddah was forced to apologize to blogger/product analyst Yummy Mummy following a fat shaming comment she made a few years back.

Huddah marketing her products

Huddah on affordable products

Well, barely 2 weeks after the apology Huddah is back to making yet another funny comment concerning customers who buy her beauty products.

In a post shared on her page, Huddah went on to reveal why most of her products are cheap saying;

Always create with your fans in mind. Just coz I can afford luxury doesn’t mean my brand should be luxury.

People say my products are affordable but that’s what I want them to be: Great QUALITY and affordability is key for me and Esp @huddahcosmetics. We helping you save your coins sis. And bro’s.

Then went on to add;

If you know you’re rich you know where to go.

Just like Yummy mummy said, Huddah cosmetic may have the best products but it’s CEO is just something else.