“I could’ve died but I’m well now” Huddah talks about the cosmetic surgery that almost cost her life

Seems that the only thing that can scare Huddah is a cosmetic surgery gone wrong as revealed in her latest post shared on Instagram. Well, this is not something to joke with and many ladies can tell you this especially if you have watched botched before.

Anyway, the lady who is currently in Beverly Hills for once has admitted that she could have died after one of her silicone implants had some complications. Though she looked happy and partied like a rockstar, Huddah is the only one who understands the pain her faux boob was causing her. This was however the main reason she decided to jet off to Carlifonia where she met professionals who fixed her breasts.

Knowing how expensive the surgery is, I can’t help but wonder whether this is why she had to sell her Range Rover to afford the surgery? Anyway, through her Instagram page Huddah wrote to say,

Got complications from a previous cosmetic Surgery I had (story for another day) and I am pleased with my Doctors who have done incredible job on me….. I can’t be more thankful! I could’ve died but I’m well now ?.?????????? Cc @drjlayke @drpay of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery group for making me feel amazing and confident once again! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Huddah's original post
Huddah’s original post