Former IEBC Commissioner Irene Masit Flees Country After Death Threats

A former Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) commissioner, Irene Masit, has fled the country after receiving death threats.

Masit, who was one of four commissioners who challenged the election of William Ruto as president, left the country on Tuesday.

The threats against Masit began after she was fired from the IEBC by a tribunal. The tribunal found that she had committed gross misconduct by attending meetings with top allies of President Uhuru Kenyatta in which they allegedly asked her to alter the election results.

Masit has denied the allegations, but she says that she has been receiving death threats from people who believe that she is responsible for Ruto’s loss.

“I have been receiving unending and chilling death threats,” Masit said in a statement. “I am afraid for my life and the lives of my family.”

Masit’s lawyer, Donald Kipkorir, said that she has reported the threats to the police, but that no action has been taken.

“We have reported the threats to the police, but they have not taken any action,” Kipkorir said. “We are now considering taking legal action against the people who are threatening her.”

Masit’s destination is unknown, but she is reportedly seeking asylum in a foreign country.

She is the second high-profile IEBC official to flee the country in less than six years. In 2017, Roselyn Akombe also fled the country after receiving death threats.

Akombe’s case is similar to Masit’s in that she was also fired from the IEBC by a tribunal and then received death threats.

Akombe has since said that she believes that the threats against her were politically motivated.

The threats against Masit and Akombe are a reminder of the dangers that IEBC officials face when they challenge the results of an election.

It is also a reminder of the need for the government to take seriously the threats against IEBC officials and to ensure their safety.

Baba Chungwa who was run over by a car during anti-IEBC demo abandoned at Kenyatta Hospital

Baba Chungwa is crying for help because he has been abandoned at Kenyatta hospital. The Nasa diehard supporter was among people who were run over by a Prado during anti-IEBC demos in Nairobi on October 9th.

Nicholas Owino (Baba Chungwa) is a famous ODM supporter. He always put on ODM attire and carries oranges on his head when he attends political rallies.

Nicholas Owino aka Baba Chungwa

Baba Chungwa suffered multiple fractures when he was run over by the Prado. The SUV, which was being used by the police, mowed down Nasa protestors on Kenyatta Street.

Nicholas was taken to the hospital by Esther Passaris who only paid Kes 1,500. A handful of politicians including Simba Arati and Otiende Amolo visited him but none paid his bills.

Baba Chungwa needs specialized treatment

Nicholas now needs more than 1.5 million to undergo special surgeries. He needs to go under the knife to correct the deformities which are developing after the accident.

Nicholas Owino at the hospital

Baba Chungwa can’t manage to pay the bills on his own. He’s now appealing to Kenyans to help him raise money to cater for his treatment.



Man stripes naked to bewitch some IEBC officials

There has been a lot happening in the country especially with the protests and police engaging with Nasa protestors for the past few weeks.

From what many protesters say is that they are ready to come into an agreement only if some few IEBC officials are shown the door since most Nasa supporters believe that this people had a hand in rigging the general elections that went down on 8th August, 2017.

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However, their pleas have not been met and this is why most have been running to the streets protesting about the elections that are to take place on 26th October. This has seen many Kenyans lose their lives as the police have been engaging with both tear gas and bullets as seen in most photos making rounds on social media.

Police engaging with protesters
Police engaging with protesters

Anyway, one man decided to strip naked in Kisumu as he believes this is the only way he can curse the IEBC officials causing Kenyans sleepless nights. We are however not sure why he opted for this move…but I hear when a grown up stripes naked when mad, then that is a direct curse!

Man stripes naked in Kisumu (Photo courtesy, SDE)
Man stripes naked in Kisumu (Photo courtesy, SDE)
Man stripes naked in Kisumu (Photo courtesy)
Man stripes naked in Kisumu (Photo courtesy, SDE)

Eza Chiloba peeps through the window as police teargas Nasa supporters demonstrating against him (Video)

Ezra Chiloba, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Kenya (IEBC) was at his office at Anniversary Towers when Nasa protestors tried storming into the premise in a bid to oust him.

Chiloba is accused of being the architect of August 8th rigged election and Nasa has vowed not to participate in repeat presidential election if the IEBC CEO is still in office.

Nasa has vowed to hold protests to force Ezra Chiloba and other top officials to resign for allegedly bungling the August vote. They also accused IEBC of failing to adequately address the concerns it had raised as irreducible minimum, protesting that the commission was proceeding with business as usual without any accountability.

Nasa Protestors have today poured out in the streets to demonstrate against Chiloba, the protestors attempted to access IEBC headquarters at Anniversary Towers but police dispersed them using teargas.

Chiloba was keenly following the whole drama through the window at his office. Watch the video below:




IEBC deputy presiding found brutally murdered was sexually assaulted – private parts badly mutilated

Some really evil people brutally murdered IEBC deputy presiding officer Caroline Odinga in the same manner IEBC ICT manger Chris Msando was killed.

Caroline was found dead a few meters from her home on Saturday August 19th 2017 at around 10am. The deceased left her home for school on Friday at around 5pm to get some books for his son never to return alive.

Caroline was a teacher at Ugenya High School, she served as an IEBC deputy presiding officer at Miyare Primary School in Siaya county.

Caroline Odinga

Some relatives who were interviewed by NTV disclosed that Caroline met some IEBC officials at Sega Polytechnic in the morning hours of that fateful Friday August 18th. Apparently the IEBC officials interrogated her over the recent election.

“I had previously overheard a conversation between her and another female presiding officer complaining about massive interrogation during their meeting with IEBC officials on Friday, August 18. That was the last time I saw her. Her phone was switched off and no other relative had heard from her. I believe she was abducted and killed but they dumped her near our home,” said Caroline’s husband Mathias Otieno.

The body of the 39 year old slain teacher had deep cuts to the face, neck and thighs. Siaya County Police Commander Sarah Duncan while briefing the media said preliminary investigation conducted on the body suggested that the deceased was sexually assaulted since her private parts were badly mutilated.

Watch the NTV clip below:

5 important roles of MP that you should know before you vote for your candidate of choice

The position of Member of Parliament (MP) is one of the most important elective posts that voters should be keen on while voting for candidates.

Do you know MPs have the power to impeach a sitting president? It is important for voters to assess the candidates vying for the position of MP before they make the choice about who they will vote for tomorrow August 8th.

Below are the roles of MPs that should guide you when voting for your next MP:

1.MP represents the people of the constituencies and special groups

2.MP deliberates on and resolves issues of concern to the people

3.MP makes National Laws in parliament

4.MP decides on the allocation of national revenue between the levels of Government and other National State organs

5.MP reviews the conduct of President, Deputy President and other state officers and may initiate the process of removing them from office

4 important things to know about the roles of MCAs before you go to vote on Tuesday August 8th

There are only 2 days left before Kenyans choose their next leaders. Every position being contested for by politicians is vital to the Kenyan people because they serve different purposes.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has carried out massive voter sensitization campaign in a bid to make sure the electorates understand the roles politicians will play once elected to respective offices.

So what roles do MCAs perform?

1.MCA maintains close contact with the electorate and consult them on issues before or under discussion in county assembly

2.Presents views, opinions and proposals of the electorate to the county assembly

3.Attends sessions of the county assembly and its committees

4.Extends professional knowledge, experience or specialized knowledge to any issue for discussion in county assembly

4 important things to know the roles of Kenya’s 47 County Governors #IEBC

There are only 3 days left before eligible Kenyans cast their votes to choose leaders who will lead them for the next five years. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has carried out massive voter sensitization campaign in a bid to make sure the electorates understand the roles that the people they will vote for on August 8th will play once they get into office.

Do you really know the roles and mandate of County governors? Take a look below:

1.A Governor is in charge of proving leadership to the County executive committee and administration based on the County policies and plans

2.Governor promotes democracy, good governance, unity and cohesion within the County

3.Governor promotes peace and order with the County

4.Governor promotes the competitiveness of the County

Know your leaders! 8 things to know about the roles the person you are electing as President will play #IEBC

Do you really know what roles the people you will be voting will play once they are elected to office? The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has carried out massive voter sensitization campaign in a bid to make sure the electorates understand the roles that the people they will vote for on August 8th will play once they get into office.

First off is the President, the highest authority in Kenya. What role does a president play?

1.The president is the head of state and national government

2.The president is the commander-in-chief of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF)

3.The president is the chairperson of the National Security Council

4.The president is a symbol of national unity

5.The president safeguards the sovereignty of the Republic

6.The president promotes and enhances the unity of the Nation

7.The president is tasked with promoting the respect for the diversity of the people and communities of Kenya

8.The president ensures the protection of human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law

No more long queues at the polling stations! This is the simple method IEBC will use to ease congestion on August 8th #IEBC

The previous general election in 2013 witnessed long queues stretching for hundreds of meters on the roads outside the polling stations.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has made sure this won’t be the case come August 8th 2017.

To avoid long queues, IEBC increased the number of polling stations to 40,883 across the country. This means that every polling station has a maximum of 700 voters only. And the result is that there won’t be long queues as witnessed in previous elections.

Another strategy IEBC will use to make the voting process to be fast and to avoid long queues at the polling stations is the ‘alphabetic queuing’; voters will be directed by IEBC queuing clerks to queue according to the first name that appears on their ID or valid Kenyan passport.

The polling stations will also be subdivided into zones which will have larger queues that feed into the polling stations’ queues, there will be clear signage for this on August 8th.

Below is a video illustration of how voters will queue on August 8th:

5 simple voting rules that all Kenyans MUST adhere to come August 8th 2017 #IEBC

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) insists that Kenyans must follow certain guidelines when they go to vote on August 8th 2017.

The rules are very simple yet if not followed properly could have serious ramifications. Below are the rules:

  1. All voters are required to be at the polling stations between 6:00am and 5:00pm.
  2. All voters are required to produce their original national identity card or a valid Kenyan passport for identification. You won’t be allowed to vote if you don’t have either of these.
  3. At the polling station you will be given 6 stamped ballot papers each of a distinct color; President, Member of National Assembly, Member of County Assembly, Senator, County Women Member of National Assembly and Governor. To mark the ballot paper, place one mark inside the box next to the photo of the candidate of your choice. If you mark the same ballot paper twice your vote will be considered as a spoilt vote and won’t count. If you need any assistance in marking the ballot papers the presiding officer or someone of your choice can assist you.
  4. IEBC officials will mark voters’ small finger with indelible ink to prove they have already voted. You are only allowed to vote once, if you try to vote twice or multiple times you will be arrested and prosecuted.
  5. Once you have completed the process of voting you are required to leave the polling station. IEBC won’t allow voters who have already cast their votes to idle at the polling stations.

Watch the video below for clarification on how you will vote come August 8th:

10 days to Election Day… This is what will happen at the polling station on August 8th #IEBC

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has highlighted key things to be noted by voters as they go to cast their votes on 8th August 2017.

IEBC has carried out massive voter sensitization campaign in a bid to make sure the electorates know what they are required to do come August 8th.

First things first, voters are required to be at the polling stations between 6:00am and 5:00pm. At the polling station, IEBC clerks will require you to produce your original national identity card or a valid Kenyan passport for identification.

You will then be required to place your finger on the KIEM kits for biometric identification. Once verified you will then be issued with 6 stamped ballot papers.

You will then walk into the polling booth to correctly mark the six ballot papers – one for presidential candidates, one for governorship candidates, one for senatorial candidates, one for MP candidates, one for Women Representative candidates and one for MCA candidates.

You will then cast each ballot paper into the right ballot boxes that represent the six elective positions politicians are vying for.

An IEBC official will then mark your small finger with indelible ink to prove you have already voted. Once you have completed the process you are required to leave the polling station.

Watch the video below for visual explanation on how you required to vote on August 8th:


Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Gidi Gidi give Dennis Itumbi a dressing-down over shocking IEBC voter registration anomaly

IEBC announced that voters could verify their registration details by sending their ID number to 70000. Kenyans tried sending random numbers like 0, 3 etc and they were shocked to find that those numbers had been registered.

There was uproar on social media on Thursday June 29th after netizens discovered shocking anomalies in IEBC voter registration. Kenyans shared screenshots of the results they got after sending random single or two digit numbers to 70000.

IEBC rectified the anomaly as claims of rigging started amounting on social media. Jubilee blogger Dennis Itumbi sent random number to 70000 later after IEBC had rectified the error, his intention was to discredit the anomaly ever existed.

“Checking basic Facts and calling out the liars. Just sent 0 to the IEBC Verification portal. ..the response attached,” Dennis Itumbi posted on IG.

His post drew criticisms from IG users who blasted him for blind loyalty and defending what had been proved to be true. K24 anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Radio Jambo presenter Gidi Gidi also gave Itumbi a dressing-down.

“No Itumbi they just brought it down I myself thought it was a hoax then sent the sms with 0 then 66 then 11 and got the sms with voters names polling station etc I can forward them to u..So kindly we are not just lying or spreading rumours as u claim bt geniune concerns.IEBC and the government should now address the issues raised by kenyans to avoid doubt or politicians using this as ammunition to discredit the whole process..Good PR also includes accepting there was a challenge but plans or processes are underway to sort it out.Dont take. Dont take the trust and faith that Kenyans have for granted one day itaisha so pls can IEBC clean the register as promised retain their credibility and trust of Kenyans that they can deliver fair elections Its nt abt Jubilee or Nasa or independent issues this is abt KENYA and whoever wins the election let it be seen by all Kenyans that he won fairly…” Mwanaisha Chidzuga wrote.

“It doesn’t help to lie Itumbi let IEBC accept the mistakes n correct it. We all love this country and it doesn’t argue well when u or jubilee as one of the players in the elections is always seen as the only side supporting IEBC even when they do something wrong,” wrote Gidi Gidi.